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Letting my son have his way with his sister

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In our family, we were very incestious and brought back the tradition household style. My husband worked hard to make a good living for our family and I stayed home and was a good housewife.

From birth, this is how our kids were raised, they saw as their father, my husband, had the power in the relationship and how I was their sweet caretaker in a way. We have one son who is 14 now and a daughter who just turned 10. While we were incestious and even abusive at times, our kids were still loved and raised somewhat normally, gifts every holiday and birthday, private – school, friends.

But, we had our secret behind closed doors. My son has been fucking me for a very long time, and has started to learn how to be more dominate as a man, which he should be. Every morning I usually give him a blowjob or boobjob, whatever he wants, and then he gets up and ready for the day. For my daughter, she eats my pussy every morning after I take care of her brother. This shows her she gives pleasure, and only receives if she is good.

Since my daughter just turned 10, we are now going to allow our son to do anything he wants with her. Its good training for both of them.

The very first time they fucked, my son brutally raped her. I tied her up for him so that she was spread like a starfish and laying on her back. She couldn’t move an inch. I sucked my sons dick to get it nice and wet before he raped her. My daughter was crying and saying she didn’t want it. I told my son to slap her and shut her up. “Shut up you whinny bitch!” He yelled and slapped her across the face. That made her shut up and he continued.

I helped him line his cock up with her cunt and i whispered in his ear, “Fuck your sissy hard.” He thrusted in fast, and while she had been fucked by her father and I, she still felt a lot of pain.

She start thrashing around a little bit but my son hit her and made her stop, so she just laid there and cried and took it like a good sister.

All of the sudden I heard the door open, I jumped and turned around but it was just my lovely husband. “Well son, looks like you’re having a good time,” he said as he walked in. “I am dad thanks” our son replied.

I dropped down in front of my husband and helped him take his clothes off from work. Then i stroked his hard cock and gave him a blowjob while he watched his daughter be raped by his son. “Good job honey, its good for her to learn her place,” he said to me as he used my face like it was a pussy.

I looked up at him and just kept licking and sucking his dick like a good wife. Soon enough, our son came deep inside his little sister. “That was great!” He said and got off of her. My daughter looked relieved as if she was done but my husband had other ideas. “Honey get on top of her in doggy position,” he said to me.

I did immediately and knew what he was thinking. He got behind me and lined his big cock up with my pussy. He thrusted in and started fucking me rough, making my tits jiggle on top of our daughter’s face. Her wet tears made my nipples hard as a rock. “Suck my tits baby,” I said to her. She did with silent cries like a little baby. “Good girl honey, you are learning how to be a good little slut,” I whispered to her.

My husband was relentless with his thrusts, fucking me with all the stress from his work. “Son, I want you to hit your sister as hard as you can,” my husband said. Our son came right up to us again and started punching his sister on the side of her stomach or on her legs, anywhere really.

While she was sucking on my tits, our daughter cried and squealed trying to get away from the pain. “Stop! Feel the pain,” I said to her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, but slowly stopped being a little bitch about it and took it.

My husband came deep inside me while spanking my ass. I moaned as I came around his dick at the same time.

Once we were all cleaned up, we untied our daughter and told her what a good girl she was. Our son kissed her and put lotion all over her body while grabbing at her tits and ass.

My husband and I watched, cuddled up together. This is how every family should be.

Thanks for reading! This story is fake but email me at – [email protected] if you want to talk!!

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  • Reply Jason ID:1cry7ek9a2f0

    Good she learned. When did daddy take her?

  • Reply PO469 ID:b8k7041

    Liked it except for the punching.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    10yo girls are so wonderful…..ENJOY!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

    rape her ass full of cum!

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Little grls need to learn sex at a young age, maybe not soe much hiting but they always need a good fucking

    • Sctz ID:1dsnq9ds4b4u

      I agree. Hitting is optional of course. But fucking should be done as early as possible.

    • Holly ID:plampgrwb7w

      Schools should have oen door policy so anyone feeling horny can go in pick one and fuck right there in vlass

    • N ID:3zxjp0lg499

      Holly what’s your email

  • Reply Big daddy ID:2v2ygunv9a

    Mmmm great story and thats how it should be girls now a days need to learn there place my sister was also 10 i was 16 it was almost the same just mine was a virgin she was mine to teach when it came to a mans dominos over a woman

    • Sctz ID:1dsnq9ds4b4u

      Thats so amazing you got to teach her! I hope to have a family like this one day.