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Jim slim the cuck watches and gets off as christina his wife gets fucked in an adult movie theater

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Slim 56 the cuck watches and gets himself off watching his wife Christina getting raped and sodomized in an adult xxx movie theater .

My name is Christina Slim and I’m 57 years old , I’m 5’2 with C cup tits and shoulder length brown hair that looks similar to Cindy Williams in the sitcom Lavern and Shirly. I have a very attractive figure for my age , from working out and yoga twice a week . I’m also married to a wonderful man , his name is John Slim . We have been having marriage problems in the past couple of years because my husband likes to watch me having sex with other men so he can get himself off , but I don’t like other men fucking me and putting their seed into my pussy. So we had sex therapy counseling and now I think I’m ready to try having sex with a stranger to keep my marriage together with John even thou I’m scared to try it .

John and I were at a nightclub and as I was sitting at the bar wearing my sexy red mini skirt and white turtleneck sweater with red lace panties and black tights and 5 inch stiletto’s, drinking a vodka and tonic while john was looking for a guy to fuck me .After an hour he found no guy suitable for me because most of the patrons were young college girls and what guys that were in there, were there with their boyfriends , so we headed out and got into our car and left.

After driving a few miles we came into the run down section of the city with sex shops up and down the main avenue and numerous adult rated xxx theaters on every side street .

Suddenly John with a big evil looking grin on his face turns into this parking lot for this seedy looking adult xxx movie theater named the (Pink Pussy) .

“Why are we stopping here John”? “We have plenty of porn videos at home”!! I said .

We got out of the car, and I’m behind following him to the front entrance of the theater as my 5 inch heels are making that click clack come fuck me sound and my nylon tights are also making that swishing sound as I’m walking and following him into the movie theater .

John went to the counter and as I waited for him, the place was filled with guys , they were staring and checking me out as I got really nervous and scared .John comes over and gives me a ticket for the other side the theater and said , “Go on in there honey”! “I’ll be in in a little bit”!!

So I walked in and I’m the only girl in there. So I went and sat down, when this guy sits down next to me and he put his hand on my black nylon covered leg . I got scared ,so I got up and he got up right behind me as I’m walking away he reaches out and grabs my arm and pulls me back into the dark area of the theater that’s hidden by a half-wall divider.

The movie screen dimly Lights the area , he pulls me, and as I resist from the corner of my eye .I see two men get up and follow me and I considered screaming for help but for some reason I felt kind of turned on and I noticed my pussy is unusually wet.

I’m frantically looking for my husband John Slim. I tried to call out for him in the theater, but the stranger quickly put his hand over my mouth and the only sounds that came from me was ,

“MMmmmmph”!!! “MMMmmmmmphh”!!!!! “MMmmmmmphh”!!! “MMMmmmmpphh”!!!!

I was quickly brought into a small furnished room with a chair , the stranger forces me towards a cabinet on the wall, then he turns me around and pushes me back up against the counter.
I have no idea who this guy is , he’s looking at me in the dim light and I felt his hand move up and under my skirt and roughly feel me up between my black nylon covered thighs.

Instinctively I squeezed my black tights wearing legs together, to fight and not make it easy for him.
He’s much stronger than me as the other two men moved in closer to watch .I glanced down and saw a huge bulge in his pants . I continued to struggle with him and he looks around and I hear him say in a loud whisper , “Come over here and help me hold her”!!!

These two guys came over on both sides of me , each holding an arm . The stranger moves forward and positions himself between my legs .I’m really scared but aroused , the guy reaches forward and rips my blouse and all the buttons pop off into the darkness .My red lace brassier is now in full view.

He grunts at seeing it and tears on it as I gasped out , “OH”!!!!! until it gives away , exposing my 32 C cup tits as my puckered and erect nipples are standing out .

I heard a voice growl out , “Those nipples need clamps on them”!!!

I felt the strange guy raising up my skirt and exposing my wet red lace panties as he gave a hard yank that I heard and felt my panties rip away from my body as I shrieked , “OOH GOD NO”!!!!

Now completely exposing my nylon black tights, that are now the only fabric that is covering and protecting my mature 57 year old married pussy from these violent deviant sexual perverts .

They are now staring at me like I’m the little fawn in the mist of hungry lions, When I heard a growling voice say , “The sexy old bitch’s pussy looks shaved through her nylons”!!!!!!!!!!!

“Well there’s only one way to find out”!!!! some other guy says as he lifts me up onto the counter.

I started to panic ! when I realized what he was going to do as I heard him unzipping his pants.

Two other guys came forward and each guy took hold of each of my black nylon covered legs, so I couldn’t kick them with my 5 inch heels . They looked at my pussy through the black nylon fabric as one of the guys puts his fingers on my covered pussy and presses it in as I moaned and yelped ,

“OHH GOD”!!!! “PLEASE NO”!!!!!

Then he says , “Oh”!!! “she’s fucking wet as hell”!!!!!! “She’s ready for you boys”!!!!!

I’m looking at this large intimidating guy thinking , “just an hour ago, I was with my husband John at a nightclub looking to swing with other couples and now I ended up in this run down nasty adult xxx movie theater about to be gang raped by a bunch of dangerous sex perverts and my loving husband is nowhere to be found to save me”

Then the guy says to me , “I’m going to split and stretch your little pussy wide open with my uncut 8 inch long, thick cock and slam fuck you bitch”!!!!!

Just as quick as he ripped my red panties off , he grabbed the front of my black tights and gave a swift tug and they split open at the crotch seam , now exposing my very wet pink bare pussy for his taking .

“OH GOD”!!! “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME”!!!! “I’M A MARRIED WOMAN”!!!!! I cried out as he quickly

rammed his fully erect 8 inch cock all the way into me, and started fucking me as the guys holding my legs and arms encouraged him to fuck me harder and faster as I squealed and yelped out ,

“OH GOD”! “OH MY GOD”!! “NO”! “OHHH”!! “OHHHH”!! “OH”! “OH”! “OHH MY”!! “OH JESUS HELP ME”!!

He’s thrust fucking me really hard with his big thick cock that’s stretching my pussy apart beyond its limits as I’m crying and whimpering out , “OH GOD IT HURTS”! ” IT FEELS LIKE YOUR TEARING ME”!


He’s fucking me very hard and pumping my pussy in a primitive rhythm as my eyes are rolling up in my head and I’m heavily panting that I could hardly catch my breath .

A bunch of guys with their cocks out are crowded around me, and are stroking their cocks towards me
when my rapist suddenly speeds up his rhythm as I can feel his big cock twitch inside me . I knew he’s close to cumming in me, when I heard one of the onlookers say , “PUMP HER MAN”!! “PUMP HER”!!!


My rapist is watching my face and eyes as he pushes harder and faster building up to cum in me, as the guys holding my black nylon covered legs are having a hard time holding them still, with me trying to kick and struggle free, and also the hard impact fuck that I’m getting from my large rapist that’s also causing them to rock up and down .

With out any warning, he let out a loud grunt at the same time my pussy climaxed and orgasmed all over his big thick uncut cock. I couldn’t contain myself anymore and screamed and squealed ,




I felt his cock shoot out streams of hot baby making cum deep inside my cervix as his cock and balls pumped and pulsated all his sperm deep inside my fertile pussy and womb .

Being satisfied, he pulls out of me with a sinister looking grin as another guy steps up to fuck and mate with me.

My eyes widened in fear, when I saw that he was a large black guy with an enormous 11 inch black cock that he’s holding about 1 inch from my swollen, sperm leaking pussy . I desperately tried to scoot away from him but it was useless. With two men holding my arms and two holding my black nylon encased legs opened wide. I can’t move at all as I tried to squirm and buck , he approached me from behind, stroking his huge black 11 inch black cock back and fourth with his hand ,as I desperately tried to turn my head backwards with my eyes wide opened with fear, staring at his one eyed monster cock, dripping his precum on my black nylon encased ass .

He’s now pressing his wide dome shaped black cockhead into my pussy as I’m shaking my head back and fourth screaming out , “NO”!! “OH GOD”!! “PLEASE DON’T STICK THAT BLACK THING IN ME”!!!

With one powerful thrust, his cock slid all the way inside me as my pussy stretched and tore . I screamed and squirmed while, the guys are having a hard time holding me. He took his hands and grabbed onto my waist and held them tight as he’s giving me a hard doggy thrusting fuck .

All I did was whimper and squeal from his punishing hard thrusting fuck . I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lip from crying out , I can hear his large low hanging black ball sack, slapping loudly against my black nylon covered ass cheeks causing red welt marks underneath my nylons, as the slapping sound is echoing through out the theater room .He made an animal like grunt and blew his fertile African seed deep into me as I cried out , “OH GOD”!!! “NO NOT AGAIN”!!! He gave me one more hard thrust and as he pulled his big cock out of my pussy, there was this suction pop sound indicating a very tight seal that his cock made as the walls of my pussy tightly constricted around his black cock.

As his cock is now out of me, dripping his sperm and the other guys sperm, mixed with my pussy cum and blood from my torn pussy as I’m talking incoherently from my multiple orgasms and vicious rape poundings from these guys .

Another guy quickly steps out of the crowd and says she’s mine now , as I’m now way to weak to fight and struggle , so I just let him have me .I just whimpered and cried wondering where my husband John is and why hasn’t he looked for me .

The third guy bent me over the counter and gave me six very hard open hand slaps on my black nylon covered ass that made me yelp out , “OWW”! “OH OWW”! “ARRGH”!! “OHHH”!!


With one hand, he grabs and pulls back my hair and his other hand ripping more of my tights to gain access to my virgin ass and cupping the roundness of my ass, and spreading my ass cheeks wide
open as another guy quickly straps a ball gag tightly around my head, preventing me from screaming out in pain as this guy is ready to rape and sodomize my virgin ass. “Oh my god”!!!!!! he loudly moans out . “Her ass feels so warm and tight boys”!!!!!!!!!!

His hips are slamming hard against my ass in a frenzied rhythm, as he sank his cock deep into my ass and I can’t scream or make any sound at all, except from my heavy breathing through the red ball breathing hole , while my eyes rolled up into my head from the brutal ass fucking pain that I’m enduring .

Suddenly he pulls out of my ass and jams his cock into my pussy and blows his entire sperm load deep into me , as I now feel like I’m a cum dump .

Another guy came up and fucked me from behind , and another, until there was only one guy left .
I looked up at him with the ball gag still attached around my head , while all my make -up has run down my face , he whispers in my ear , “Oh Christina honey”!!! “Watching all these sexual perverts rape and sodomize you made me cum so many times that I fell asleep 1 row over from you.

As I’m laying bent over still with sperm from 10 guys leaking out of me, and blood from my torn ass and pussy. I raised my head and looked into my husband John Slim’s eyes, with my ball gag in my mouth . I gave him the middle finger.

John took off the ball gag and cleaned me up the best that he could do, and said , “Happy birthday honey”!! “Did you like your fantasy fuck that you always talked about having, as I watch you getting fucked by a gang of guys in a adult xxx theater”!!!

I looked at my loving man and just hugged and kissed him and saying , “Oh thank you sweetie”!!!!!

“I just loved it, but it was a bit to rough for an 57 year old mature lady such as myself “!!!

As we walked out of there with my black tights in tatters, and my brassier and panties ripped apart. I was having a hard time walking as I was limping in my 5 inch heels from my ass and pussy being drilled and split in two most of the night , we made it into our car ,and as my swollen pussy leaked sperm all on my seat. I told my husband that he should get me an E.P.T. kit !!! He agreed and I haven’t gone through the change of life yet, so he got me one just incase I’m impregnated at 57 years old . Our sex life now is on the mend .


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  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    Slim56 I enjoyed every minute of it. I would be so wet walking into this theater knowing I was going to be fucked by a stranger or two. Hubby would never watch but he would get the ball rolling. My raincoat had a zipper and when he found a man hubby would unzip my coat. I was completely naked underneath. These strangers would immediately start to play with my 34dds. Some would use their fingers on me and some would ask me to ride their cocks. When we got home I would take a shower and go to our bedroom. Hubby would be waiting for me with a huge hard on. He would fuck me silly as I gave him details of what happened. I have a lot of great memories of being shared with other men.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    By the way Britney I almost forgot a Big happy Easter to you 🌹🌹love Emma from Australia.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    God I love reading your stories Brit 🌹🌹, I wake up about 4am and start reading these stories and when I see one of yours out comes my dildo and I almost destroy my saturated cunt and have my K9 finish me of, your the best 💓💖🌹Love Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Carol ID:2px1ogps7qz

    Britney this story brought back many fucking memories. We always went on a rainy Saturday night. I would wear my short black raincoat with black pump. When we went inside, hubby would find an older man and sit me in the middle. Hubby would unzip my coat and let the men do whatever they wanted to me. Hubby would go into th mezzanine and wait for me. My pussy would be stretched out and loaded with cum. I’m so fucking horny right now. Just talking and thinking about all the good fucking has me so wet. Love ya Carol

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Hi Carol, this story is about a fantasy and I guess a regret I have along with a few other stories that Britney has written for me. I have always wanted to do things with my wife but never got the chance when we were young and I would watch her with a few friends and join. To hear your story about actually doing some of these things got me so hard.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I’m glad that I brought back many good memories for you sweetie !!! Love your Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Britney, wow I loved it, it was great that is just how I would think it would go. Don’t know if I would be able to fall asleep though with all that excitement lol. I would be so hard I would definitely give her one more right good fucking when we got home . The next week I got her an ept test and she is pregnant, can’t wait.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Slim ! I knew you wouldn’t fall asleep !! Ha ! Ha ! So who’s the daddy from the 10 guys nailing Christina ? It certainly isn’t you !! I have your other story of a glory hole fuck almost footnoted before I bring it all into a story but I want to get another of my other stories out first ! love Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Well as far as who the father is it is most likely the bbc at 11 inches he when through her cervix and he had to dump straight into her woumb. I can’t wait