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15 years old male

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Hello i am 14 years old boy, i have black hair, brown eyes
I am 180 cm tall, skinny and cute in overall, i have a 7 inches long cock, 5-6 inches thick, cut and shaved, good looking, not like other bad looking cocks,
I have big rounded ass( compared to skinny boys), very fluffy and good to play with, i tried fucking multiple times from the same guy, i never fucked him, he would fuck me and shoot his load in my ass.
He came to my house, and just fucked me in the middle of the house, another time we were in a sleep over and he fucked me in our friend’s pool, and came in my ass.
In midnight he came to my mattress and pulled down my underwear and slide his 6 inches dick in, trust me it really hurts, his cock touched all of my sensitive spots and i came hands free, just from feeling his dick opening my hole.
We never got into a relationship, we fuck in a “horny friends way”
He usually finger my ass almost every time I see him, to the record he is two years younger, but his dominating personality always gives him the upper hand.
Every time he fucks me, i tell him to turn around because its my turn, and then he just starts making excuses and promises for the next time, the next time comes and i get fucked for free.
Despite all of that, i love his dick in my ass.
Discord: jeries18
Quora: Chriss Nole
Same age, you dm you start.

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