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Dominated by a Kid (Matthew part 2)

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Matthew turns into a horny little gremlin and fucks me non stop and I can’t fight him off. (Story is only a fantasy)

The next day I woke up to him fucking my face.

I moaned and started sucking him, hollowing my cheeks as he bucked his hips roughly while holding my head.

My cunt needed attention and I started rubbing my clothed pussy when Matthew suddenly shoved his cock all the way in, pressing his pubis to my nose. He wasn’t that big but it did fill my mouth well.

“It’s coming out—” I started licking and sucking while tightening my lips and soon, sperm filled my mouth.

He pulled out while softly panting and I swallowed his milk with rolled eyes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have corrupted him. I had created a horny little gremlin that I couldn’t keep up with.

“Stop Matthew ngh—” I tried as he kept groping my breasts, finding my nipples and toying with them until there were hard and pointy.

He had asked me to shower together in the bathtub and even if I tried refusing, he had threatened to tell his parents.

So when I entered in the bathtub, he had suddenly shoved a finger in my cunt, sending me spasming and moaning. And when I was wet enough, he forced me to kneel in front of him and started groping me.

“I can’t stop, it’s too fun !” He suddenly shoved his hard dick between my boobs and pressed them together, letting out a whine at the pressure on his dick.

I let him use me, watching him with hooded eyes and need while he thrusted against my breasts as if there were his toys.

“So good !” He bucked so roughly that he threw me off balance and then he was there on top of me, and I gasped sharply when his fingers rubbed against my nipples.

And without any warning, he was cumming on my breasts and face, his hot sperm tainting me as his personnal whore.

I lolled out my tongue to moan lewdly, feeling like a real toy to him, it turned me on too much.

“Let’s bathe !” He yelled happily as if he wasn’t using me five seconds ago.

I huffed, clearly hot and bothered with still his sperm on me but turned myself to start filling the bathtub with hot water.

But I shouldn’t have, because the moment the water had filled the bathtub enough, he was pouncing on me like a predator waiting for its prey to drop its guards.

He slammed his cock in my wet cunt throwing me off guard moaning loudly and fucked me at a rough pace.

“Matthew uh uh uhn—” I gasped lewdly while getting railed right here and there, unable to fight back against a young vigorous cock.

He suddenly yanked on my hair making me arch my back with a keen, snapping roughly his hips and slapping my ass while he giggled, “You’re like my horse now !”

He was seriously treating me like nothing and my eyes rolled back as I took his cock like a real slut. “‘m not your uh— horse oh—”

“Come on horsey faster !” He ordered, pulling harder on my hair, my scalp burning.

I obeyed, rocking my hips back against his thrusts, gone mute by his cock. The water splashed around us with our rough movements and I could feel my orgasm building up.

“I’m gonna breed you horsey !”

And then he roughly shoved my head into the water, with just my ass sticking out, trying to really fuck me dumb.

His hot sperm spurted deep in my cunt with his final thrusts and I trembled at my near explosive orgasm while trying to hold my breath to not drown.

He was still holding my head down and my thighs trembled at his last thrusts inside me, eyes rolled back pathetically.

It was just there, just a few more thrusts and I’d be cumming—

Matthew pulled out his cock with a satisfied sigh, I gasped when I wasn’t forced to stay underwater, panting, “Come on let’s clean up for real,” he told me while watching his sperm dripping down in the water.

The little bastard didn’t think of making me cum as if I was actually his toy he could use for his pleasure when he wanted. I was his slut now, his personal hole to use, his slave to fuck—”

I moaned loudly as I squirted at my thoughts.

He slapped my ass, “Come on already horsey.”

I panted while drooling, humiliated to have cum like this. But it felt so good.

While I was finishing making lunch and giving food to the dog, he was putting on the table the plates and glasses, already seated. But I didn’t see him jerking off while watching me.

I put the food on the table and started serving us pasta along with a few side dishes.

I blushed when I finally noticed him jerking off, sighing, despite my cunt pulsing hot in interest, “You have to stop doing this, it’s not good.”

“I don’t want to !” I could see him eyeing my plate and I frowned.

“What is it ?”

Matthew smiled holding up a hand still jerking off with the other, “Give me your plate or I’ll tell my parents.”

I knew exactly what he wanted to do and I mentally moaned at his order, hesitantly handing my plate.

He stood up from his place while letting the plate on the table and started jerking off faster.

I watched him, licking my lips, slowly rubbing my pussy at his nasty idea.

“You’re going to love it,” sperm shot out right on my food and I whimpered, legs trembling.

I was too turned on.

“Here, now eat it,” he gave me back my plate while I panted with a flushed face as if I had just been fucked again.

I pliantly obeyed and used my fork to swirl some spaghetti around it watching the sperm tainting my food.

I opened my mouth, lolling out my tongue lewdly and took it all in, munching while Matthew watched me with an undescriptive gaze.

I swallowed it feeling like a whore, his whore he was training to be as his perfect fuckhole.

But then he grinned, “Good, let’s finish eating now.”

“Matthew stop please ngh—” I begged busy doing the dishes.

But I didn’t stop him shoving random objects in my cunt, trembling and shaking in pleasure.

“But I wanna know how many pens I can fit in !” He huffed, before smiling when he managed shoving another pen in, making me drool.

“Hey I can write something on your butt !” He smiled happily at his idea, pulling out a black pen.

“No don’t—” the tip of his pen rubbed against one of my asscheek, writing something.

“Put baby making milk here !” He drew with an arrow to my filled cunt. Like the submissive slut I was, I let him, “what else should I write ?” He mused.

“Insult me,” I blurted out with my hazy mind.

He raised an eyebrow, “Okay, then I will write dummy !”

I huffed, frustrated and turned on, “I am your property, I belong to you, no one else can touch me but you, I’m your toy.”

Matthew paused before humming, “So, you’re mine and I can do whatever I want to you ?”

“Yes Matthew,” I replied breathlessly, noticing only now I was shoving the pens in and out of my cunt, “I’m your slave ngh.”

He was writing on my ass again, clearly full of ideas and then he shoved one pen in my ass making me jerk with a whimper.

He shoved it as deep as possible and I couldn’t stop myself from squirting, knees buckling and falling on all fours with the pens scattering down.

“My toy, I will use your ass now,” he tried shoving it in but it was too dry and I gasped.

“No wait, it’s too dry you need to make my ass wet and sloppy or its not going in, just spit in.”

He listened and gathered as much as saliva in his mouth before spitting right on my hole while jerking himself too. It turned me on to hear him spat more on my hole like a dirty whore.

I looked under me and saw his cock leaking and turning into a glistening wet cock and I couldn’t wait more, begging him.

“Please put your dick in— ah !” He didnt waste a second, slipping in my ass and stretching me so good it hurt.

But I didn’t mind it, gasping and mewling as he ravaged me, trying to ruin my hole.

“Oh it’s tighter than your other hole !” He groaned with his eyes shut tightly.

“My other hole is called uh uhn— a pussy !”

“Can I get you pregnant with your butt ?” He asked like nothing, as if he wasn’t fucking me into oblivion.

“No uh uhn— this isn’t possible— ah— Matthew—”

“Oh, too bad,” he sighed, pounding me rougher making me cry out in pleasure, my pussy dripping wet.

I started fingering myself while he fucked me deeper and faster but then he stopped and slapped my cunt hard.

I screamed, dropping on my elbows, flushed cheek pressed against the floor.

“Who said you could touch yourself ? You’re mine, I do what I want to you and you obey,” he slapped my cunt again, jerking me to rock my hips against his cock.

“I’m sorry ah—” I spasmed with his cock in my ass and him slapping my cunt over and over again.

But he stopped and sighed, pushing his fingers in my pussy, “I need to punish you,” I drooled when he was starting to fit his whole fist in, thrusting in and out roughly.

“Matthew ngh oh—”

“I’m punching your pussy,” he giggled like it was funny, thrusting back his cock in my ass while fisting me.

I was turning dumb, mutely drooling with rolled eyes, getting used by this horny kid that didn’t care about me—

“Wait, I can punch your butt too !”

I couldn’t tell him to stop, he was already pulling out his cock and spitting on his hand, shoving his fingers in first before fitting his fist.

“Look I’m punching you and you can’t win !” He trusted his fists as deep as possible, out of sync driving me insane as I drooled and cried, limply on the floor like a fuckdoll.

“Matthew Matthew Matthew—” I chanted like a mantra, already gone.

“It’s like I’m bullying you !”

I squirted letting out the most pornographic moan ever.

He pulled out his fists, “You lost ! You’re a loser !” He thrusted back his cock in my ass and fucked me despite being overstimulated.

I was shaking at his pounding, when he came in with a low grunt.

“I’ll go play now, clean the dishes !” He put himself back in his pants and left me trembling and fucked dumb.

The day continued with him surprise fucking me whenever he wanted. He’d bend me over and simply slam in, would force me to suck him while he played his videogames, when we took the dog out, he’d fuck me in an alley without a care if someone saw us, and would do test on my cunt by shoving various objects, just testing the limit of my pussy.

And everytime I let him, because I was a weak slut actually begging to be fucked more.

He was fucking me so much it drove me crazy, he even started looking on the web how to fuck and train me.

When it was almost dinner, he had forbidden me to eat, telling me his cock was my dinner. I was forced under the table to suck him and swallow his hot sperm while fingering myself.

But he noticed and when we finished, he ordered me to take off my clothes and be on all four. He then took a wooden spoon to slap my ass over and over again, telling me I wasn’t allowed to touch myself without his permission. My asscheek was burning red and I couldn’t stop trembling.

It was like a game for him.

He fucked my face again while pulling on my nipples. I’d been swallowing so much his cum that my belly was full and I couldn’t keep up, letting it drip down my breasts.

He didn’t mind but still slapped me with his cock a few times to get it across my dumb brain to not waste food.

He ordered me to stay like this to understand where I belonged and I moaned as he fucked me again until my pussy was full of his milk.

When it was time to sleep, I was forced to cock warm him while he molested me again whispering tomorrow he had an interesting surprise for me.

I wasn’t ready for it but my cunt said the opposite.

He really owned me now and I couldn’t do anything about it since I started it.

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  • Reply Friendly neighborhood Xyla ID:1cp2kdabzzne

    Absolutely sick. How is rape a good story q-q
    I don’t think it is tbh..

  • Reply Hornydom88 ID:nnn4gwxic

    This story is great

    • Tim ID:1ebvlrfxelxo

      Britney I also think you should let your nephew have what he wants. It sounds like you want it also. Love to hear about it.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Great story Subvirgin ! Reminds me of my 16 year old nephew who has been trying to fuck me when he’s alone with me ! I recently caught him going through my lingerie draw and taking a pair of my lace panties and a nylon stocking ! In the past my sister found one of my stockings in his draw with his dried up sperm in it !!

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      Maybe you should let him fuck your britney, I’m sure you’d both enjoy it

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Need another part to continue this hot story where the surprise is revealed

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      How could I explain that I fucked my nephew to my very religious sister Ren !!