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Cousins sleepover

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This is the story of first time my cousin Cory and I experimented with each other

My cousin Cory and I have always been really close we shared everything and would stay at each other’s houses at least three nights a week. One night when I was 7 and he was 9 we played video games and when it was Cory’s turn I seen he was looking at the sears Catalogue I pulled it down to see he was looking at the womens underwear. I laughed which made him mad and pout I told him I had something to show him so I ran and got one of my dad’s hustler magazines. I showed him which made him happy again I gave it to him and sat beside him on the bed as we looked at all the pictures. Both of us hard playing with ourselves through are pyjamas after a few minutes Cory had a dry orgasm I’d never had one before but it looked like fun. After that we got ready for bed i told him that it was fun looking at nudie mags with him he smiled said I’m glad cause i did too and asked if I wanted to cuddle tonight. I smiled and hopped into bed and waited for him to be the big spoon but he put a pillow between us I told him to take it away. He told me he would get hard I said I didn’t care and without hesitation he was in bed with his four and a half inch cock put between my butt cheeks. He asked if it was okay I assured him I was enjoying it and even grabbed his hand and put it on my little two inch dick to show him I was hard too. Which made him moan and start humping me slowly as he stroked my cock at which point I asked him if he wanted to try it without naked. He shot up and stripped as did I we laid back down he put his cock back between my cheeks and held me tight telling me how good it felt and warm it was. It sounded like he was in a trance which I questioned until he started to play with my dick putting me in the same trance. He moaned and humped slowly for a few minutes until he was about to to orgasm which made his strokes harder and faster until he collapsed on me spasming from his orgasm. We laid there cuddling tell morning after that are sleepovers were never the same. Pt2?

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Bullshit pedo crap story, don’t waste our time writing anymore

  • Reply Bob W. ID:20323e3hrd

    I love to suck cock and swallow cum. I sucked my first cock when i was 14. I loved it and i am still sucking cock today ever chance i get. By the way, i’m 40 years old now.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dc16zbamh9o

    Yes, go ahead with the next part.