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We love the foster system

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A couple uses the foster system to get what they both crave, a cute little cunt slave.

“The day is finally here! ” I think and smile in the mirror at my husband, he’s looking at me with a grin that I know all too well. We both are excited to meet our little slave and fulfill our fantasy’s, the things we tell eachother during sex that turns us on more than anything. Our dark thoughts and feelings, my pussy is so wet already just thinking about it. Suddenly we hear a car pull into the driveway, “She’s here baby” I say excitingly and rush to the front door my husband laughs at me and follows me down the stairs. Before the social worker can knock I’m opening the door, the social worker is standing there with her arm up ready to knock. “Hello” I say and smile at her but immediately after look at the little minx she’s holding hands with. Of course I already knew her name but the social worker says, “This is Sena, Sena these are your new foster parents. They have been so excited to meet you”. Sena is such a sexy thing, Indian in looks she has black hair, almond brown eyes, cute little plump lips, no chest whatsoever, and she comes right to my boobs.

She’s ten years old and lost both her parents due to a car crash and has no living relatives in the state. Just the perfect little victim we need, nobody cares about her therefor we aren’t as limited on what can be done to her. “Hello Seca, it’s nice to meet you” I say and hold out my hand to her, she takes it a little shyly but says “hello” in a very tiny voice. I feel my husband right behind me get closer to reach out his hand and say hello to her as well, his cock is hard and rubbing against my ass. After a few painstaking hours the social worker leaves with word that she will come back in a week to check up on Seca, we smile at eachother knowing full well she won’t be coming to check on her. We have been working with this social worker for a few months getting ready to be foster parents and eventually I worked up the nerve to ask her if she wanted a lot of money to fake check up on our foster child and put it in the report that she did, at first she was appalled and almost called the police but once I told her how much we were willing to pay her she suddenly didn’t seem so appalled.

I wondered why she bothered to say it but maybe it made her feel better to reassure Seca she would be back knowing she won’t be. After she left i closed the door and my husband came up to me, wrapping his arms around me he kissed me deeply, rubbing his dick on my pussy through my jeans. ” God I’m so fucking horny, can we play with her now baby? ” He asked biting my ear. I moan and say “yes let’s go upstairs and show her what her new life will be like”. We walk up the stairs and without knocking enter her room, Sena is unpacking her suitcase and looks up startled. “Sena it’s time we tell you the rules of the house” I say firmly and cross my arms, my husband stands behind me, his hands on my hips humping my ass a little with his dick. “First rule is you will call me mommy and him daddy, got it?

” Sena takes in my husband humping my ass and the words I just said but I can tell she doesn’t understand. “Answer me when I speak to you, do you understand! ” I yell at her, grabbing her arm roughly and squeezing. She yelps, “ow stop your hurting me please” she says trying to pull her arms away from me. “Answer the question and I will let go” and she quickly says “yes! Yes I understand mommy! “. I let go and bc she was trying to pull she ends up falling to the floor hard, she’s crying a little and holding her arms looking at me like I’m a monster.

My nipples are so hard and my pussy is so wet I can feel it soaking my panties. “Now for the second rule, you will do everything mommy and daddy say and if you don’t you will be punished very harshly, do you undertsand? ” I say and smile down at her with im sure is an evil looking smile. Her lip is trembling, she’s trying so hard to not cry harder and stampers to answers me. “Ye…yes mommy” she says in a frightened and small voice still rubbing her arms. “Good, before I continue with the other rules let’s see if you can be a good girl and follows those two first. Take off your clothes. ” I say and reach around to caress my husbands dick though his pants, he’s rock hard at 7 and a half inches and ready for some much anticipated release.

I can hear him breathing fast in my ear, he will probably cum before anything significant happens but oh well I’m sure he will get hard again quickly especially with how things are going. She gets wide eyed and says “but I can’t! The doctor said never to let anyone see or touch my body but me, my parents, or the doctor with mommy or daddy there! ” Seca is backing away as best she can while still on the floor from falling, she doesn’t get very far and hits the wall with her back looking around trying to find an escape. I walk over to her and slap her in the face hard, “your mommy and daddy are dead, we are your mommy and daddy now” I scream at her and take her by the hair lifting her face up, she has a read hand print on her face and she’s crying uncontrollably now. “I told you to do what mommy and daddy say you little cunt but you couldn’t even follow that one rule, now your going to be punished and it’s all your fault”. I drag her to the bed by her hair, she’s crying and trying to grab my arm to let go of her hair but I just keep dragging till we get to the bed. I position her with her back against the end of the bed and her head leaned back on the matress, so her face is looking up at the ceiling.

“Come here honey and keep her here so I can get ready” I say to my husband and he comes over and grabs her hair roughly, she try’s moving her head but he yanks her head back into position and grabs her by the throat with his other hand. “Don’t you move or I’ll slap you little bitch” he says and beginnings rubbing his crotch in her face. I can hear her choking and gasping for air, between him choking her and restricting even more air with his crotch covering her face im sure she’s not getting much. I shrug and take off my clothes enjoying watching my husband torture our new slave, once I have everything off I say “your turn” and switch with my husband so he can take his clothes off. As soon as he lets go of her throat she gasps for air, coughing and shaking. She’s red in the face and a little out of it, I grab her by the hair and move her face back into position again. “Now for your punishment” I spit in her face a few times and stand up, one hand with a fist full of her hair i put one leg on either side of her face, I sit down and immediately start humping her face roughly. Her nose and mouth are covered by my pussy and I can feel her start to freak out more and try to move her face side to side to get away from my pussy.

I get a better grip on her hair and pull her face upwards more and fuck her face even harder with my pussy, my spit making her face slippery and perfect. She tries to grab at my thighs trying to pull my sitting form off of her, she even uses her nails. Before she can do to much damage though my husband takes her hands and holds them so she can’t move them. I fuck her face hard, every few seconds sititng up a little to let her breath, never giving her more then a few seconds before she’s smothered by my pussy again. “You better get use to this, it’s going to happen everyday bitch” I laugh and suddenly I feel my orgasm coming on and bare down on her little face pushing it into the mattress with my weight, my pussy pressed against her face so hard her nose is pressing with amazing pressure on my clit. I hump her face harder then I have been cuming for what feels like forever. Once it’s over I realize she hasn’t been able to breath for awhile and reluctantly stand up off her face, she gasps and falls forward looking pretty roughed up, coughing and breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. “Your turn babe” I say and grab her putting her into position again.

She’s yelling and shaking her head “no not again please I’m sacred” trying to pull away. “Shut up this is your fault for not listening, it’s your punishment take it like a good girl! ” I yell in her face and give her hair a nice yank for emphasis. “Now let daddy use your face like mommy did and if your good I’ll let you have dinner tonight” I say, my husband straddling her face, I reach down to my pussy and get some of my cum on my hand and spit on it, then i rub it all over her face and look up at my husband, “she’s ready for daddy’s punishment”. He stands there for a few seconds jacking his dick over her face, she’s got her eyes closed to avoid the spit or cum getting into them, he smacks her lips with his dick a few times, she whimpers and more tears are running down her face. Finally he reaches down between his legs, takes his balls in his hand and pulls them forward and sits on her face, “oh fuck that feels good” he moans and pumps his hips a few times squishing her face into his balls more, “Isnt her face just perfect for sititng on? ” I say admiring watching my husband sit on her. I’ve got her wrist so she doesn’t try to hurt him and she’s pulling on them extra hard, her feet kicking and I can hear her muffled screams.

“That’s it little bitch move your face it feels so good” she doesn’t realize her struggling is making both of us even hornier by the minute. After a few minutes of this he lifts up off her face and says, “open your mouth slut”. She coughs some but shakes her head no closing her mouth, laughing I straddling her little body with mine using my legs to hold down her arms and sit on her lap. I grab her neck with both hands and start squeezing, “open your fucking mouth when daddy says so” I scream and she immediately opens her mouth to get airs and my husband takes that opportunity to shove his dick deep into her throat. Instantly I can feel her throat try to gag but he just starts fucking her throat hard, “fuck yes keep choking the bitch it feels amazing while she gags” he says and I watch him face fuck her harder then he’s ever done on me. The back of her head is slamming into the matress with everytime he shoves it back in, her face is beet red and I can feel her start to loose consciousness, “I’m cumming” he says I let go of her throat quickly and he shoves her head with her hair as far into his crotch as it can go and cums directly into her throat. He pulls her mouth off of his dick and steps back with a satisfying sigh, “god that was better then I thought it would be”. I laugh and stand up, we kiss eachother softly and look at our little slave who now has curled up in a ball on the floor crying.

“What should we do next? ” I say smiling up at my husband

Hello! I’m sorry for my English it’s my second language and I’m still learning so please don’t be to harsh. If you would like me to make a part two let me know:) and If you liked my story please comment and add me on Snapchat:
Thank you for reading 🙂

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