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Please Mister?

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Oh what a tangled web they weaved. When first they flatter then deceive. Stupid girls, vanity meets insanity!!

They watch the old man get out his car as he approaches the shop. Slowly, his slight limp along with old age slowing him down. He seen the two youngsters when he drove up to the kerbside. Even at 60 years of age he still appreciates a tight arse and firm young boobs. assets these two kittens obviously possessed. The tiny strawberry blonde with hair down to her shoulders looked about 15 years old, the girl wore too much make up trying to appear older probably.

A pair of tight yoga type pants clung to her legs and bum like a coat of paint, offset by a tight little black leather jacket and a white vest ensemble highlighting her bare midriff. The logo on the vest proudly sticking out aided by her small but firm looking breasts.

Her companion, a little older looking was more adult in her attire and make up. Curly thick locks of flame red hair contrasting her pale milky skin and framing big green eyes which the old man finds hypnotic as he’s glancing at her. Her pale skin and flawless figure make his aged cock stir while he smiles inwardly at getting a semi erection for the first time in months without the use of Viagra to get it up.

This teen beauty leans on the wall at the front of the shop beside the ATM, both her elbows rest on the low wall forcing her body to push out ever so slightly. Her light blue flower-patterned summer dress flutters gently around her thighs, clinging to her crotch every now and then in the gentle breeze giving the impression she’s wearing shorts, not the very short dress she has on.

Her firm young cleavage presents with a soft sheen of perspiration that glistens over her porcelain skinned breasts caused by the heat of the day. Getting nearer to the girls and the shop the old man sweats buckets himself and not just with the heat of the day! Smiling toward the young females the man slowly walks on eyeing them up while trying not to look like a fox in the hen house.

Just as he is about to enter the Asian grocers a soft leather clad arm grabs his wrist, turning too quickly sends pain shooting down his left leg to his foot. He is about to swear when two gorgeous ice blue eyes framed by an elfin face and rounded off with strawberry blond hair stop him from doing so.

A very young voice says. “Please Mister. Will you do a favour for me and my friend over there.” blue eyes pleads, pointing to her jailbait buddy in the blue summer dress. “What kind of favour.” The old man asks, eyeing both girls with a little suspicion now. “Well, Tara has a party to go to so she needs to take a bottle with her but…”

The girl draws out the last word before stating. “The rotten guy in the shop won’t sell her any, she forgot to bring her ID.” The old man knows the girl doesn’t appear old enough for an ID, so by now he’s got the idea in his head that these two might be a plant by the police. Trying to catch people out for supplying underage drinkers? He’s heard rumours about it around the pub he frequents.

“Hmmm. Is that so. How do I know you’re not up to something what if I get caught doing it. I’m way too old to be getting jailed darling. Even for really pretty young things like you.” He says. By this time the nubile Tara appears at his other side also pleading with him.

“Oh please mister, please. I really have to go to this party.” ~ “Well sorry girls. Much as I might want to help you out ~ I think your way too young to be accosting old guys like me to help buy you drink! It’s dangerous for me too. You any idea what the law will do if they catch me buying you alcohol. Now don’t be hanging around here, it’s no place for nice young girls like you to be at.”

Tara suddenly changes her tone, shouting at the old guy. “Aw just fuck off then you old fart. We’ll hang out anywhere, anytime OK. Anyhow somebody else will get it for me.” The abusive Tara sounding like she is used to getting her own way is peeved at his rejection of her amateurish seduction and subsequent humiliation in front of her friend. He also noted the jailbait teen has a really nasty mouth this makes the old man see red at her insolent behaviour.

Right there is where this story really starts.

As the old guy is coming out of the shop and noticing the girls were still hanging around. He limps over to them taking care to look around, checking if anybody is paying him any attention. “Listen young lady.” He addresses the redhead abruptly. “Don’t ever talk to me or any of your elders that way. Its disrespectful and you’ll never get what you want apart from grief with that attitude. You got that.”

Pointing suddenly to his right he gestures, as if giving the girls directions. They look at him with puzzled faces while he silently mouths to them. “Meet me at the swing park in Hosier Street in ten minutes. I will get you sorted.” ~ “What’s your name blue eyes.” He asks the shocked looking younger girl. “It’s..it’s em, Its Jane.” she blurts out eventually.

Tara feeling left out pipes up stating her name. The old man smirks saying sarcastically “Oh I know exactly what name to call you honey.” Tara blushes pondering his reply? “I’m Tom.” He advises both before reminding them “Ten minutes girls or I disappear with your goodies.” Driving away, he looks in his rear mirror witnessing both girls rushing in the direction he had indicated.

Checking again to see if anybody is following, Old tom has the road to himself. Glancing at himself in his interior mirror he smirks thinking about this chance meeting giving an old Tom the opportunity of playing with these two young kittens.

He reaches the park 15 minutes later than he said in order to make sure the coast is clear and no one is around he might recognise or vice versa. The police in particular a sting still on his mind from earlier. He pulls into the car park, both girls sit on a bench phones in hand totally oblivious to anything else as is the norm with their age group.

Approaching them cautiously from behind he limps past whispering. “Follow me girls.” Both teens look startled giggle to each other nervously then get up and head after the old gent. Reaching the old pavilion on the edge of Danby woods which covers the pavilion from view on that side they force open the door then go inside.

He drops the bombshell then. “Sorry girls. I couldn’t risk bringing what you wanted with me here.” They sigh looking dejected plus puzzled. As expected he quickly catches the mood. “If you like though! I can take you to my place. You can have anything you want from my own cabinet and fridge. What do you think? Hmmm.”

The girls looking dejected started to suspect this old guy was up to something more. As per, it was Tara who muttered. “Right mate, wot you fucking up to you. You got us here for no good reason, or are you thinking of trying something on. Eh you fucking old tosser. You’ve just wasted my time. Luring me here.” He noted Tara only mentioned her!

The mouthy teen continued threatening him. “I can have a gang here in minutes who will have you. You old fucker.” Jane just looked on wide eyed in open mouthed shock as her friend tirades old Tom with obscenities. “Finished.” ~ “Good. Now shut your filthy mouth and listen for a change my dear. You may even get your way, though not that you deserve anything for your lack of manners and coarse vocabulary.” He scalded her like a school master.

“Here’s the deal. I give you my hospitality and you two agree to help me tidy out my garage next weekend. What do you say?” Tara looks then laughs. “what? Me, working. With these nails, have you any idea how much they cost. No fucking chance Mister.” Jane who had been silent until then said in her soft young tones.

“Oh Holly. Fuck up, don’t be such a bitch, stop acting all tough. You know fine you want to go to your stupid party. So shut your spoilt face and lets go get your drink. I want to go home.” Tara, while looking furiously at Jane agrees to the old man’s deal. While strolling back to the car park the old guy salivates watching both girls taut arses sway and ripple as they walk to the car. His dick twitches and grows.

Arriving at Toms cottage just a few miles out of town and on the other edge of the woods. He says. “Make yourselves at home girls.” Both sit on the large sofa in his spacious lounge taking in the pictures and the camera equipment set up like a studio. “A photographer.” Tara whispers to her friend maybe I’ll offer to model for him.”

She boasts to Jane who rolls her eyes ignoring Tara again going on about her modelling abilities. Tom having opened his drinks cabinet says to the girls. “Now then. What bottle would you like.” Tara again very ill mannered snaps “I’m taking your vodka plus that gin mate.”

Scowling at her complete lack of manners he turns quickly to answer her. Replying waspishly.

“How nice to see your expertise in alcoholic beverages surpasses your underage appearance my dear. Perhaps you will be kind enough to mix up a few glasses and partake of some with Jane and I.” “Show us your bar skills, so to speak.”

He knew with her ego she’d be unable to resist showing off. Guessing rightly as Tara bounds up to the table immaturely pours three very large vodka’s, with too little mixer in her own, thus ensuring hers was stronger than the others. Old Tom drew her a look that said. “Go ahead you mouthy cunt fuck yourself up.” Young Jane now stood up striding over to the dining table, her camel toed crotch ogled at every step by the old man.

Handing Jane her drink he raises his glass saying. “A toast.” ~ “To young friends with an old acquaintance.” Giggling in childlike nervous laughter the girls watch Tom down his drink in one or two gulps before dropping the heavy glass back onto the table with a dull thud. Tara ever keen to be one better than her friend did likewise. laughing as young Jane slurps her way through hers looking a little queasy while doing so. Tom fed the teens greed cajoling Tara to pour herself and Jane some shots.

Some time later the girls now really drunk Tara, slurring her words says. “Tommy your a great old guy but I need to go now or Im going to be late for my party.” Jane says something but it just comes out a mumble of garbled words. “OK girls. I’ll get you a taxi into town, I can’t drive now obviously.”
Take whatever you want from the cabinet while I phone your cab.

“I’m not well” Jane slurs while looking at two Tara’s through glazed eyes. “Don’t you fuck this up Jane. I mean it. You do this all the time for fuck sake. Get a grip.” Tara took two bottles of vodka one gin and one whisky as Tom re-enters the room, watching as the greedy Tara stumbles attempting to hide them in the carrier bag he supplied them.

“Greed is good. Isn’t that what they say nowadays.” Tom chides sarcastically while looking into the bag. “My my girls those party goers will be well looked after if this amount gets done in.” He was about to say something else when Jane gets up very unsteady on her feet, totters hurriedly on drunken limbs toward the bathroom in the hallway then throws herself through the door.

Tom eventually runs after her arriving to see the young blond head over the sink, bare arse over the pan while gagging and pissing simultaneously. Tara arriving seconds later hangs over the old man’s shoulder slurring. “Fucking hell Jane. the old cunts eyeing up your young cunt.” Tom could most definitely see Jane’s young cunt and was fully intent on seeing even more of it.

Suddenly shocking the mouthy Tara he grabs her by the throat and before the startled teen can utter another sound she’s dragged back to the lounge. Heaving for breath Tara wails as she’s roughly dropped to the floor. Old Tom slapping her face cheek to cheek repeatedly. The crying angry teen writhes on the carpet crying heavily while cursing him. “What the fuck. You sick old bastard. Your dead, my dad will have you for this. You fucking sick weirdo.” Tara screams at him tears streaming from her emerald green eyes.

“Listen mouth, zip it. I’m fed up listening to your shit for today. strip then get your skanky arse onto this chair now.” Tara never flinches staying on the floor sobbing, rubbing her sore face. The old man pulls the high backed wooden chair closer to her, kicking the screeching girl while shouting for her to get up and strip forcefully hitting her saying. “Now slut means fucking now.”

Tara lay curled up again as blow after blow hits her stomach and thighs forcing her to roll around on the floor trying to escape his assault. “You stupid mouthy fuck. Just get up, get stripped, then get on this fucking chair. Or do you need more of the same.”

Rising awkwardly the defeated teen gets onto her knees looks up at him as drool hangs from her mouth. Fighting the rising nausea in her stomach Tara reluctantly gets to her feet swaying groggily. Dazed she begins pulling the zipper down the back of her dress before watching it slowly drape around her feet. Tara stands braless as her attacker leers at her 15 year old orange sized tit’s.

Turning her back on the old perv she slowly slips her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her pale blue silk panties. weeping openly and moving as if in slow motion Tara slides them down over her firm young buttocks and thighs. They sink ever lower to finally hang a few seconds at her knees. Before a mixture of fear and the cold air from the ceiling fan make the teen shiver allowing them to fall undignified to display round her wedge sandals now trapping them from the floor.

Tom swiftly grabs her hair, forcing her to bend over doubled she also stoops a little further to ease the pain in her scalp. In doing so as she stumbles forward Tara’s feet are lifted out of her trapped underwear. This new position offers a tantalising glimpse of her tiny puckered pink anus surrounded by a slightly darker oasis contrasting erotically against two alabaster arse cheeks. Bending down Tom grabs the still warm garment takes a quick whiff or two of her damp gusseted attire then stuffs them into his pocket.

“A souvenir of our time together slut.” He derides the terrified girl while slapping her pale arse cheeks then pushing her onto the chair. Tom cable ties her hands around the back of the chair, her ankles secured similarly to the front of each chair leg.

Tara sits bound, naked, her legs wide open. Obscenely presenting her flame red pubed Mons and outer labia. Shivering with her head bowed, her flame red mop of hair droops onto her milky tits and thighs. Shoulders heaving the distraught teen sobs frightened tears. Pleading hopelessly “Please mister let me go. Please mister don’t hurt me. I’m sorry. I won’t tell anyone, honest. Just please don’t hurt me.”

Tara’s plea’s for mercy cut short while Tom cruelly advises her. “This will not end well for you slut. Mark my words.” Grasping a large clump of her hair with his left hand he pulls her head upright. Screaming in pain and frustration Tara swears a torrent of filth at him.

Tom swiftly thrusts his right hand onto her exposed young pussy holding her head back so she’s facing him. Staring up at him Tara’s big eyes are wide with fear, snot and saliva run from her nose and mouth.

Sliding gnarled fingers over her soft moist vulva the old mans index finger teases her damp outer labia, forcing them to split apart giving him access to the inner folds of her pink vaginal slit. A slight trickle of clear liquid greases his path as he roughly drills his index finger into her cuntal entrance. “Mmm so young, so juicy. I’m going to enjoy feeding lots of cream to this little pussy.”

Laughing into her contorted face while his fingers saw in and out of her fresh young hole. He cruelly very slowly withdraws his two wet fingers slides them down over her glistening pudenda and gently circles her pink crinkled anus.

Tara’s eyes fly open, no one, not even she herself has touched there. Well not without toilet paper or wipes. crying out in pain and humiliation while trying to clamp her sphincter shut she’s too late.

Slowly worming his slicked up finger into her poop hole after spitting on it a couple of times for lube. He grins while the girl wincing with pain screams loudly when his finger thrusts a trifle deeper and faster to increase the torment on his jail-bait victim. The tortured 15 year old beauty emits babyish squeals and painful moans as her ordeal goes on.

Letting go of her hair Tom snarls spitting the words into her face. “This is just the beginning slut. You have a lot more cumming to you. With a lot more in you also let me tell you.” He laughs again at his innuendo, while the terrified girl screams anew when he pulls his finger roughly from her tight shithole.

Tara is hysterical with the pain, her once virgin arse hole feels on fire. It feels like he has ripped something out along with his cruel invading digit. “Soon Bitch soon.” Tara’s humiliation is complete when she farts uncontrollably, feeling she has defecated herself she sobs frantically totally defeated with the shame. The old man limps away chuckling while sniffing his dirty fingers, before wiping her detritus on the silky designer knickers she was once so proud of.

The old guy returns to attend to Jane still sitting slumped and inebriated in the bathroom. Tara cry’s and cry’s knowing both are in deep shit. She thinks about her mum and dad, brother and sister wondering if she will ever see them again. Her plans for going to meet that guy at the party. Her modelling job, her greed, vanity and naivety has led them into being lured here, abducted, now raped. She is so scared this old bastard is about to kill them both after being used horrifically for whatever deviant sexual gratifications he plans to use them for.

Graphic thoughts of sexual torture and depraved acts, like the one just perpetrated on her crosses Tara’s troubled mind. Those thoughts are at the forefront as Tara bows her head again shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Crying heavier she moans mournfully while the dull throbbing inside her abused rectum is slowly subsiding. For now!

Entering the bathroom and smiling Tom says. “Now then missy. Lets see what we can do about you. Jane only semi recovered is slightly aware someone is yanking up her yoga pants. Old Tom is left panting and sweating profusely after carrying the featherweight youngster to his bedroom. He isn’t the fit man he was a few years back. Father time isn’t helping either each month seems to get harder and unhealthier.

He already has a diagnosis of heart complaints having had a mini stroke 2years back. Hence the free Viagra. Well every cloud etc. Laying Jane down onto the bed he lays down next to her both he and the young blonde slept. Jane stirs a few hours later. Slowly opening her eyes while trying to take in her strange surroundings she’s confused, still feeling groggy. Her light frame plus inexperience with drink has left her feeling really fragile.

Sensing Tom standing next to her at her blind side of the bed Jane turns rapidly, recoiling on seeing him leer down at her cute pert arse.. “What did you do to me. What do you want?” She asks plaintively. Moving closer to her the old guy attempts removing her top. The diminutive scared teen rolls away from his hands screaming for help. “Shush Jane honey. I’m only trying to help you out of these soiled clothes. You were ill, in the toilet, remember? Then you fell asleep. We brought you in here so you could be more comfortable and help you sleep it off.”

“Where’s my friend What have you done to her.” Jane asks alarmingly. At first he thought she could hear the noise Tara was making from the lounge as she rocked about screeching into the gag he has wound tightly round Tara’s mouth attempting to keep her noise down. “Aha yes, hmm, well. Tara got very cross at you. Apparently your predicament was keeping her from a VIP date at that party, remember. The one you didn’t get invited to. So I told her I would get her a cab, look after you till I could drive, then take you back home before anyone noticed you were missing. That sound OK with you.”

“You mean she has just left.. Gone without me. How could she. The fucking bitch. Rotten, selfish cow…Your a bloody stranger. I want to go home. Right now, please mister.” ~ “Shh calm down baby. I’m not about to harm you. I wouldn’t do that. I’ve got grandchildren too you know. I wouldn’t like to think someone would take advantage of them if they were in your position.” Tom sensing her relaxing carry’s on lying.

“Anyway Jane honey I’m no monster, you’ve no worries child.” Tom hopes he’s sounding sincere to the naive jailbait lying half-dressed on his bed but she’s still unconvinced saying. “I still don’t want to stay any longer either. Will you get me a cab too. Please Mister” Jane pleads and starts to get up while pulling her vest back on over her small white bra. “I have money in my jacket.”~ “Oh girl, you don’t need money. I shall take care of all you need from here on. Now, lets go into the lounge and we can discuss your options over a nice cuppa and get your transport home fixed.”

Smiling now Jane relaxes slightly as he notices her earlier apprehensions slip away. Smiling back at the girl as she rise’s off the bed with his help Jane never notices the menace lurking behind that grin. “Please mister may I use the toilet again. I need to go really badly.” “Why of course my dear, you know where it is don’t you.” Both laughed at his joke making her gut instinct to run from danger dissipate while further emboldening the old pedo rapist.

Patting her small buttocks as she squeezes past him he calls out. “Tea or juice baby. I don’t want to risk any more alcohol. Well not on this visit anyway.” ~ “This visit. Does he really think I will be coming here again. Silly old cunt.” She thinks to herself as once again Jane’s bared bumhole is on the toilet pan a strong stream of piss leaves her bladder flushing even more alcohol from her young body.

Tara frantically squirms as he approach’s her. She knows her trusting friend is seconds away from the worst nightmare of her young life. Tom grins at Tara while pulling her chair a little farther into the room so Jane wouldn’t notice her right away and waits… “Ooh that’s better. I was bursting to pee then.” Jane utters good naturedly, screaming as suddenly she is grabbed and thrown to the floor. Landing with a loud thud to the back of her head.

She stands back up wailing heavily then glimpses Tara. Not at any party but stripped naked, tied up and gagged, sitting wide eyed staring helpless as her friend is brutally attacked. Both girls are now completely overcome with the sheer horror they are sharing. Jane hands and legs bound is swiftly overcome with hysteria. Screaming and screaming relentlessly the high pitch squeals grate on old Toms ears.

Smacking her face a couple of times he try’s to shut her up. She doesn’t, so she gets another two even harder. These did the trick her screams are now petrified whimpers. Standing her up bound and gagged he sits her on the settee still fully clothed beside him. Puffing, breathless and sweating he growls. “You little bastards are my entertainment for this evening.” Pausing for breath before he says. “You slut!” Pointing at Tara. “You will phone this little kittens folks, tell them she’s sleeping over at yours after the party.”

Pausing again, catching a breath. “Then you’ll phone home, letting your mother know you’re staying late, sleeping over with girl friends at the party house.” Old Tom paused again, this time it was only to allow this information to register. Little did he know nothing was registering in Tara’s nightmare filled mind. The entranced teen shows no sign she’s heard a word. Angry, Tom screeches at her. “I fucking said now you dumb slut. You got that.”

Tara blubbering finally acknowledges yes with two hard shakes of her flame haired head. Tom was anxious to get things under way. Lust and Viagra had taken hold. Releasing Tara’s bonds on her wrists Tara is handed her mobile phone. The second her gag comes off the girl starts blubbering. “I’m very sorry.” Pleading tearfully to be freed. Jane looks on horrified as Tom once again rams his hand between Tara’s splayed thighs forcing his two index fingers roughly back into her red haired minge. Frigging her snatch hard while suckling on her milky skinned right tit.

Biting her thick engorged pink nipple as he rubs her aroused clit feeling the blood engorge the small nubbin to hardness. Tara squirms, moans, screams, pleads. “Stop just stop.” Old Tom simply speeds up his onslaught of the gorgeous redheads squelching teen fanny. Her eyes water badly, old Toms hand is now a blur as all she feels are fingers massaging her sopping pussy and clit. Screeching out “Nooooo.” Tara Kane orgasms In full view of her younger friends bulging teary eyes.

Jane wails and blubbers as Tara’s screeches though till then mainly through pain and humiliation are now a little different, a new timbre enters her tone. The squelching from between her legs betrays her arousal. This traitorous betrayal heightens as her soaked inner and outer labia expand further. Toms further ministrations send electric spasms through her clit, her vagina, her clenching anus, firing up her body rushing through her nipples to her fogged brain.

Tara rolls back her head, closes her eyes, breathless as her tits heave and she arches her back. Her pleadings now just a hoarse set of gasps while she is cruelly fingered to another bruising squirting orgasm. Shivering, shaking, her tied legs jiggle and spasm she sits soaked in her own sticky cunt honey. Her enchanting flame haired pussy gapes and closes, glistening as slick orgasmic remnants dribble down her creamy thighs. Latent electric tremors swoop around her abused 15 year old cunt while tingling and throbbing in harmony with the feelings running through her aroused thickened nipples.

The bitchy girl has just had the best orgasm of her young life. At the hands of a 60 year old pedophile rapist. Petrified and shocked Jane sits watching through wide terrified eyes hoping that if she crouches into it enough, the sofa will devour her tiny frame saving her from the Old rapists wants.

Jane however much she admits to being terrified, feels strangely aroused at the scene played out in front of her inexperienced eyes. Crying in fear she’s wondering when her turn will surely come. Will he use and abuse her in the same way. Her imagination runs wild at the thought of his fingers inside her or worse. His penis!

Spitting the words at Tara the ragged breathing old man says. “Now slut. Fucking phone or your little girlfriends arsehole will get an introduction to my cock. You get me cunt.” Tara sweaty, breathless, still high from her orgasm relinquishes herself to his demands. The gorgeous teen nods acquiescence which is fervently welcomed by young Jane sitting squirming terrified her tiny arsehole was about to be next.

Untying Tara’s hands, he shoves her mobile phone over to her again. Tom warns both girls. “No tricks you little bitches, or else.” He returns to the settee sitting next to Jane as she cowers in fear laying tied up on the settee. Tara is so afraid her friend will be hurt noticing Tom has a large knife in his hand aimed directly at Jane’s throat. Tara did as asked and having done the deed without any drama was immediately retied and gagged.

“Good, well done.” ~ “Now girls. To display a little show of appreciation for all I have done for you today…” Tom dragged out the last word before leaning in and whispering in Jane’s ear. While also cutting the bonds on her legs and hands. Threats of dire consequences for both should she fail to comply with the perverts whispered requests. Tara looks on with wonder at this development. Fearing another rape is imminent for one or both of them.

The terrified sobbing blonde gets up walks slowly to the centre of the room then starts stripping. Removing her shoes, then her soiled crop top before finally bowing her head in shame. Jane starts rolling her skintight yoga pants down over her petite legs as far as she can manage standing up. Revealing to the old man and Tara once again her hairless slit and delectable boyish bum. The girl bends down slightly in order to get her trapped leggings off completely.

Tom gets up standing beside Jane and starts to run his old rough skinned hand over her pert soft bum cheeks, causing the shivering teen to stumble falling to her knees directly in front of Tara’s moist musky pussy, now only inches from Jane’s face.

Jane smells the heady musky odour emanating from Tara’s sticky abused sex. This allied to her friends aroused state suddenly triggers something in young Jane. Something she hasn’t felt so strongly before. That strange tingling in her nipples as they’re hardening, flashing signals to her Mons . Feelings of something enlarging her vaginal entrance as her labia engorge with blood.

The wet sensations as her tight little preteen looking fanny’s viscous produce seep out her bald slit. Leaving her cunt with a glossy sheen that erotically highlights her plumped up outer labia. Jane’s plump aroused mound now pouts in a manner more akin to a 10 year old preteen girls plump pussy than the 15 year old she actually is. There’s not a blemish nor a hair in sight on her fuckable little crotch.

The delectable display between her petite thighs makes young Jane even more enticing to the old man ogling her lubricious little snatch. Oblivious to everything else Jane now feels an overwhelming need to touch herself down there. Having done so only a couple of times previous she has never took it to a full and natural conclusion. She feels very embarrassed but very aroused, getting all horny while hovering over Tara’s fresh moist cunt.

Jane’s reverie gets a sudden awakening when Old Tom grabs her leggings, tugs hard and with a bit of effort pulls them off completely. Effectively forcing Jane’s wide-eyed face closer toward Tara’s steamy pubis her hot damp sweet tasting vulva brushes lightly onto Jane’s searching lips. Tara flinches, her wet aroused dewy pussy so utterly sensitive that small squeaks emit from her gagged mouth when those same lips caress Tara’s convulsing outer hole.

While the girls enforced illicit antics continue Tara’s musky scent increases. Jane’s pink nipples thicken and grow longer on her small AA cup orbs, her blood filling clit doing likewise. Jane becomes aware of her own musky scent alongside Tara’s. The wetness seeping from her girly slit threatens suddenly to overpower her as liquid arousal flows down her thighs.

Tingling sensations increase, her breathing is rapid, perspiration shines on her over heated body, her face flushes reddening into the crimson colour of her bald plump vulva. Jane’s anal starfish opens and closes in rapid succession as the needs within her pulsating pussy rise as the two sex crazed nubile females lose themselves in the taboo pleasures allowed via their enforced lesbianism.

The heat and the moisture are at boiling point when Jane sticks her tongue onto Tara’s sweaty labia gingerly, though excitedly lapping at her slick inviting hole. Old Tom is happily snapping photos on his camera as he removes Tara’s gag and bonds while directing Jane’s actions. Capturing in graphic pixelated detail the teen girlfriends enforced lesbian violations. Jane’s tonguing of Tara’s inner labia goes ever deeper as she’s slurping hungrily on the copious amount of fanny nectar sliding onto her taste buds.

Tara’s half protests, half orgasmic moans do nothing to enlist in Jane any semblance of remorse while enjoying Tara’s fire crotched introitus. Meanwhile lewdly directed by her old tutor. Jane pulls Tara closer to her chairs edge, spreads her thighs open wider pulls her friend back slightly before rubbing her tongue around Tara’s puckering anal ring. before

Jane slides her little finger onto Tara’s tightening bumhole then another and another. Horrified at the obvious intention of her so called friends fingering Tara beseeches her little tormentor. “No Janey nooooo”~ “OMG.”~ “Fuck off bitch you cun… Ahh, Don’t It hurts. Please Jane no….” Tara writhes pathetically her taut arsehole slowly surrendering its hold to Jane’s drilling fingers. Slowly plus a little rougher than needed her finger starts to disappear into Tara’s defeated rectum.

Tara’s screeching suddenly jolts Jane back to their present predicament. Weeping loudly as she is forcibly adhering with Toms continuing direction of her acts of depravity on Tara’s anus and cunt. The perverted old man chides both his captives. “Cry all you like sluts. It only makes my old cock harder for pumping you with.” Suddenly shoving his thick hard tool into Jane’s unsuspecting open mouth he face fucks the blue eyed girl while she’s reducing Tara to a shaking mass of orgasm induced sexual abandonment. The old guy lets rip in Jane’s mouth as the teen falls choking on his salty spunk at Tara’s feet.

Old Tom sets up his filming equipment as the two tired but well orgasmed teens look on. “Right girls let’s play another game.” Jane now loosened from her bonds again is on her knees in front of Tara. Tom releases the sweaty flame haired girl from her chair also. Tara stands up, stretches her aching limbs while quickly looking for an escape route. Tom aware of her intentions and knowing two of them together are more than a match for him decides to swiftly bounds both girls arms behind them again.

The bonds and ever present threat of violence keeps the girls in a constant state of obedient compliance. Thoughts of escape were just a scant hope at best. Suddenly both naked screeching girls are grabbed by an arm and forced over to the dining table. Placed side by side Toms old hands lay into both teens cute bums. The screams and sounds of flesh on flesh resonate around the room while his cameras catch the brutal spankings.

Tom commands the girls. “Face each other sluts and get snogging. Lets see you suck each others faces off. Make it look like you really fancy a bit more of one another. That’ll suit you Blondie hmmm” He jibed having noticed her more than exuberant participation on Tara’s holes. Tara gave Jane a very troubling look before timidly kissing her blonde partner on the cheek. Smack, Smack, Smack. The room echoes with the reverberative slaps and yelps of agony as raised arses are again brutally spanked.

“I said snog not lick you dumb fucks.” fearing more abuse Jane and Tara dive into a hot tonguing session making old Tom’s dick grow stronger and thicker by the second. Silently the old perv releases his straining cock while still capturing the girls actions on camera. Two young reddened rear ends, two equally wet tight slits with puckering pink bum holes sway and move erotically. Their confused scared owners frantically trying to please a cruel captor to avoid more pain.

Jane suddenly screams, a high pitched baby sound as her head jerks back abruptly while Tom pulls on a thick handful of her hair. Tilting her head back he fits a ball gag to her mouth. Tara lays still watching this development intently. Mystified and wide eyed with terror Jane mumbles incoherently, gagging as the ball stretches her young mouth into a painful oval shape.

A red silicon orb sticks half in and out of her overstretched young orifice. Tom tightens the strap then roughly forces the petrified 15 year old to bend back down, her 32aa tits squash onto the table under her. Hiking the shaking girls legs into the air he bends her ankles back toward her bound arms, securing them to her tied wrists. Jane now lays on her stomach with her pre-teen looking slit and small pink anus lewdly spread open, moist and ready.

Her knees are now at his waist height, positioned so those holes are more accessible to his rampant hungry cock. Jane feels the hard sticky penis hit her arse cheek and she starts wailing, twisting and writhing pitifully. Petrified the poor girl tries to turn her head round to look behind her as Tara does the same. Both girls stare unbelievably at tom’s setting up of Jane’s impending anal destruction both howling teens transfixed into a state of shocking wide-eyed panic.

Tara watches while Jane feels old Toms 6 inch rigid dickhead slather her virgin slit with slimy pre cum. Jane’s horrified mumblings pre-empt fresh shivers of fear and imminent pain rippling through her petite body once more. Tara sobs heavily as she listens while her small friends mumbled plaintive pleas go ignored. Her old rapist is way too absorbed in his upcoming carnal delights to even hear them.

Grunting “Unngh” loudly, he slips his purple veined dickhead along her tiny arse crack slowly leaving a slick snail trail of pre cum along its path. Pulling her cheeks further open exposes her tiny unprotected opening totally to his purple engorged rod. “Fuck baby girl! There’s a sight for an old man’s eyes.” He says, pushing forcefully onto the tiniest tightest hole he has tried to enter in a long time.

Failing on several attempts before finally his pre cum lube helps him push past her glued sphincter. her anus opens a little further to his penis though remains still tightly closed to him.

Jane lays on the table her head back, crying, flinching, screeching hysterics through her ball gag. Tara could only imagine the noise she would be making without it. Empathising with Jane’s fear as both girls tear streaked eyes meet.

Jane’s horror is mirrored within the others. Tom reaches into the jar of KY he has just fetched spreading some on his knob then a finger full into and around the screeching teens clenching bumhole.

The 15 year old girl flinches violently on feeling the cold goo and his gnarled finger slide up her tiny rectum. The finger wiggles spreading its contents into her rectum. Another finger painfully, slowly, stretches in beside its partner.

Young Jane howls like a scalded cat in obvious agony at the forced intrusion of her virgin shithole. Tara try’s but fails to comfort her knowing the same fate awaits her all too soon.

Tom places his throbbing cock where his fingers vacated but has trouble getting any more than an inch or so inside the screeching Jane’s small vice like cavern. Reluctantly pulling out with a plop and a frustrated smack on Jane’s ass bringing out a humiliating series of fart’s from his tiny victim. He roughly slips the same two fingers that were up Jane’s arsehole into Tara ’s dampened crotch. She groans.“Noooo don’t.”

Her unwillingness is poorly disguised though as the want from the flame haired sluts suckling inner lips betray her real need for more relief. He notices, whispering menacingly in her ear. “Soon whore very soon.” She gasps as his slick covered fingers exit harshly from her coral pink labia, leaving her wet honey pot dripping with the need for fulfilment.

Slathering Jane’s small slitted vagina with Tara’s viscous content and some used Vaseline from around her swollen bruised anus. Tom holds the twisting reluctant girl down while his old hand obviously stronger than it looks grips her by the back of the neck. Repositioning her legs, he pulls them further apart spreading Jane’s girly slit open slightly allowing his rough manipulations to open it further.

With Jane’s bald slick cunt now to his satisfaction he slips two thick fingers into her oily cave, finger fucking the wailing girl while he grins like a maniac. Tara manages to turn her head in time to witness his thick lubed up penis push hard and fast full length into the screeching writhing 15 year old’s velvet like cunt.

Balls deep old Tom stays in her vice like grasping hole. Her fresh strong young fanny muscles pulsing onto his thick blood filled phallus trapped in her velvet hot baby-trail.

Tara can’t believe her own bodies betrayal as her engorged vaginal lips tingle feeling her inflamed orgasmic vagina creaming up once again. Like a traitorous bitch she watches the initial thrust and release, then slow return entry of Tom’s purple headed knob end start its ravishing journey back up Jane’s no longer virgin hole. He stays inside her warm cunt for a few seconds again then slowly at first pulls out then in, out then in.

Faster and faster but seemingly in time to her pain filled “Unnnh, Ahh, Unnnh, Ahhh.” Tom thrusts harder and faster, his other hand fingering Tara’s slick shitter as he rocks both girls hard on the table. Suddenly the old guy stops moving. Arches his back, then grunts. “Fffuuuuck” while shooting load upon load of hot sticky spunk deep into young Jane’s unprotected womb. She bucks violently feeling hot male seed fill her defiled fuckhole, thrust into again and again as her cunt is flowing with sperm.

The hot fluids cascade over her inner walls coating her insides before rushing back out the once tight cavern hidden behind the curtain of her unused cunt. As the old man withdraws from her vice like pussy after coming he slaps Jane’s buttocks hard leaving the young weeping girls body draped across the table while her pussy pulses and throbs.

Jane’s clit stings, his rough fingering making it red raw the dribbling detritus of her lost virginity adding to the stinging as it oozes out from her slackened inner labia. A combination of slimy spunk and pussy juices slither out over her plumped up pubic mound. Dripping in long slimy strands onto the carpet below. Jane lays still, heaving, gasping, her crotch tingles she feels a strange emptiness in her throbbing vagina.

Strangely, even though she has just been brutally raped Jane is aroused beyond her wildest fantasies with shameful thoughts of her pussy walls clinging and gripping onto his old cock while eager to suck the last of his semen into their depths.

Tara being no stranger to her sexuality having been fantasising since preteen years about her wants and needs had just awoken to those thoughts again. Twerking and screaming like a hungry anal whore as three of old Tom’s gnarled digits found their targets while he pounded Jane’s fanny.

Two ravished into her pussy while at the same time the other one delved very deep worming up her gorgeous tight rectum, feeling its two neighbours doing likewise between the thin membrane separating them. Tom’s fingers withdrew from Tara’s bloated squirting minge the same time as he comes up Jane’s 15 year old hole. Old Tom was now fucked. Literally.

His cum, Jane’s virginal juices and Tara’s spend all mixing forming a squelching creamy mire at the girl’s feet. Resulting in a heady musky aroma that fills the room. Heightening the young girls already highly eroticised arousal while masking the brutal carnal events taking place in that very room.

After he recovers Tom undoes the bonds on Tara and Jane’s arms and legs. Watching Jane slowly stretch herself off the table and onto the floor where she curls up sobbing. The sticky mess escaping her raped holes bubbles from her abused cunt and anus.

Tara sits on the floor beside her distraught friend, knees crossed, arms folded across them. Her fiery hair hangs down as if to hide the shame of her sweaty dripping wet pussy and her smile as the wicked teen relives the rapes again in her deviant little mind Tara’s dripping fire crotch trickles a little faster. Old Tom sits on the settee watching both and wondering what to do next.

He decides he’s letting both girls go shower then intending getting some rest, but fuck what a time he is having. His cock twitches thinking of the action still to come. Letting them go one at a time to clean and toilet with Jane first. Limping off with the old man’s spunk squelching out her abused hairless slit her tight little fanny farts its contents down her inner thighs like a river of milky coloured goo. Tara still restrained with her hands behind her back is sitting on the spunk dampened settee waiting to get cleaned up.

Tom naked sits down close to her his softened cock gleams and twitches. Tara watches it jerk still covered in Jane’s vaginal fluids and his own come. Tom advises the musky smelling nubile teen that if they just play along for tonight they might go home in the morning. Tara eyes him suspiciously “Your a fucking old liar. You have no intentions of letting us go, have you. You sick old fuck. That how you get off is it? Raping little girls, buggering their arses you paedo.”

Tom grabs her throws her over his knee and holds her down while grabbing a clothes brush laying next to him. Spanking her buttocks to a deep crimson before ramming the brush handle up her gaping squelching cunt and frigging the living shit out of her abused sopping pussy. Tara squirms screaming in pain and ecstasy while her body shivers and shakes to another orgasm. Squirting copious amounts of her musky nectar like a fountain over old Tom’s legs his settee and leaving a puddle on the floor.

Jane warily hobbles into the room alarmed on hearing Tara’s cries while getting her arse smacked. Observing Holly’s reddened bum flesh both girls are warned simultaneously. “Learn to do as your told with no backchat, got it.”

Dropping Tara onto the floor heavily she wails while rubbing her bruised, shitty, cum slick covered bum cheeks while laying in her own mess. The old guy angrily ordering the post orgasmic teen. “Go slut, get yourself cleaned up ~ oh and Tara honey you make damn sure that delectable little arsehole of yours is spotless inside girl. You get me.”

Tara crawls away her flame red pubic haired cunt dripping milky spend from her orgasm onto two stinging hot pert buttock cheeks. Tara painfully rises onto her knees before slowly standing upright and running out the room. The old guys last words words sink in to Tara’s sex befuddled mind. She knew at some point she was destined for getting sodomised. The very thought after watching Jane getting bum fucked terrifies her.

She’s always acting so in the know to her girly friends, making out she was so experienced at everything. The truth is she only thinks she’s been fucked once before? At a time when she was drugged and unable to prevent it from happening. The Christmas before the big row three years ago when Jane’s mum got divorced. Jane’s parents had invited Tara’s family and some friends over to celebrate. Jane asked Tara to stay for a sleepover which her parents agreed to as they headed back home.

She couldn’t remember too much next day as she had been groggy from the night before. Though really she didn’t remember eating or drinking so much that she would have made herself ill? She knew she had played sex games with Jane’s older cousin and sister Sarah. They gave Tara alcohol in a glass. Afterwards she felt groggy and had flashbacks of being groped in the kitchen before someone is pulling her panties down then putting something up into her vagina.

During the night she thought someone came and lay beside her in bed. Thinking it was a dream she left it at that, but as she awoke next morning her young bald pussy was sticky and her bumhole ached terribly? Then their was the raised voices. “Why Brian? For gods sake why? She’s only a little girl! how long has this been going on you sick fuck.”

The memory fades to being told her mum was coming back to pick her and Jane up immediately. While Jane’s sister Sarah and her mum wept heavily in Jane’s mum’s bedroom. Their were flashbacks that still haunted her, memories of that night and of the pain she felt next day that still make her weep sometimes.

Tara’s thoughts return to the present with the knowledge the thick cock on that old bastard will stretch her little shithole even more so. The distraught girl cries torrents while hot soapy water stings her reddened, bruised bum cheeks. Tara is frantically douching her raw holes ridding herself from feeling that old fucking rapists fingers still inside her body.

“Sit here babe.” Tom says, pointing to the spot Tara had vacated on his lap. Jane notices he is still slightly hard also very sticky. For when she sits her small backside on his legs his slimy penis stirs and throbs as it pokes at her freshly puffed up outer labia. He feels her warmth on his erection as she feels him throb again and again, Jane is very aware his thing is growing under her.

Soon enough he moves her while nuzzling into her neck and kissing her ear lobes. He runs her left breast nipple through his fingers both feel the little nub get harder. She moans in unintentional arousal, squirming in girlish embarrassment while trying desperately to dislodge him without making it so very obvious.

Unfortunately for the petrified teen this movement allows his hard cock to meet her still wet open slit. Softly weeping Jane agonisingly accepts this intrusion and his dickhead pops back up her slicked up fuckhole.

He instinctively thrusts forcing Jane to groan in pain as his thickening cock rakes once more into her raw abused young pussy. He turns her to face him his penis stuck up her cunt as she straddles his lap. Tom slips his tongue into her mouth French kissing her while she moans and squirms in defiance of his actions.

Slapping her arse hard a few times he also slaps her small A cup tits roughly, causing them to redden and sting before he power fucks the pre-teen looking girl relentlessly and with a vigour he hasn’t had for years.

His glistening rod powers into Jane’s still incredibly tight orifice her vaginal walls grip him while her strong young cunt muscles instinctively attempt milking what he has left to give her within his old scrotum.

Tom groans loudly, sweats profusely while he grips the diminutive Jane’s left tit painfully in his hand. Thrusting his cock into her even harder one last time sends his final spurt of gooey cock cream sploshing into her 15 year old womb.

Later as Tara returns from showering she looks on horrified, seeing her tiny friend laid upon her stomach legs ajar on the settee. A fresh load of come leaks from her reddened raw vaginal entrance. Old Tom sits on the floor beside her, panting and straining for breath. His cruel horrific rape draining both his balls and his energy levels to zero.

Grabbing the knife laying next to him he snarls at Tara in hoarse gasps. “Get into that Chair slut. Don’t you even think of trying it on or I will slit her fucking throat.” Gesturing the blade toward Jane’s prone body.

Reluctantly an angry defiant Tara complies while she sits awaiting further bondage and abuse. Regaining his composure he reties the sobbing girls to their chairs while he slips off for a nap.

The two scared, tired and cold captives shiver sobbing hopelessly while awaiting their fate. Watching the tree branches dancing shadows flicker across the curtained windows of the dimly lit lounge. The girls, still gagged left with terror filled imaginings on a horrific end at the hands of this cruel old man. Jane cried for ages before slipping into a restless nightmare filled slumber with Tara eventually doing likewise.

Both were awakened by a rejuvenated Tom, after his few hours sleep, some more pills for his heart plus his cock. The old guy happily buzz’s while slipping the index finger of both hands into their respective recipients hole while wishing them. “Good morning babes. Sleep well.” The clock was at 2am both girls were still very sleepy, exhausted and cold but flinching as his gnarled digits frigged their slits awake.

He notices them shivering withdraws and sucks on his fingers before stating. “I’ve turned the heating on children so you’ll be all toasty very soon.” Pausing and smiling he adds. “I’ve got a surprise for you girls. You could both be home later this morning but only if you do everything I ask you too in the next few hours. Then this little party will be over and you can go back to whatever it is you kids do. Apart from drinking and fucking of course.”

Old Tom outlines his plans while both girls desperately needing to toilet sob reluctantly agreeing to everything. Though never really having any choice it just seems sense to comply rather than be forced. As the end result will be the same just hopefully less painful.

Tara and Jane stand around at the doorway, arms still bound with one leg on each girl bound to the other. Eagerly ready to leave after complying with all Toms sordid arrangements. Old Tom forces them to sit again. Both girls panic stricken thinking he is going back on letting them go home. Instead he has them watch the footage he has shot on Tara’s camera before transferring it onto his computer for editing while they got showered and dressed. Tara and Jane cringe watching and listening to their respective rapes.

“I want your cunt on my mouth Jane” ~ “slide that girly looking pussy of yours over my face and turn so I can have you finger my sloppy arse and throbbing fuckhole.” The girls acting on Toms directions look very willing participants as they again sucked and fucked each other while he captures it all on Tara’s phone.

The scene changes, the two of them have a dildo in their holes and his rampant cock sliding into their faces as they alternate between sucking and licking his penis or old scrotum bag.

The girls now obviously very eager to get this over actively start to get into the sex action as they try bringing him off to get the hell out of there. Both cooing and sighing while fucking or getting fucked, Though Tara tries not to cry out when unexpectedly she is sodomised again. Not that Tom cares about her tortured whimpering bleats, every pain inducing thrust only adds to his depraved pleasure.

After both girls have been thoroughly hard fucked again and again. He has young Jane play up to the lens while pouting her 15 year old mouth seductively. Sighing with her preteen sounding voice. “Aw you greedy fuck Tara. I want his hard dick up my tight shithole. It’s not fair Tara you’ve had it all so far.” Jane then grabs Tom’s dirty member pretending she’s enjoying cleaning it off, her facial expression saying otherwise slightly when her gag reflex makes her choke and cough sending snot and goo shooting out her mouth and nose.

Suddenly the scene pans over to where Tara lays bent over the settee’s arm. Her hands still bound behind her back with her face hidden by those long flame red locks. Her 32b alabaster skinned tits are flattened into the cushion while her pale buttocks, coral pink arsehole and sloppy open slit are covered with slimy white spunk. Which he has filmed brutally pumping into her gaping arse just a few seconds ago.

The 15 year old’s engorged anal opening contracts then expands again before loudly farting. Slowly his cream slides agonisingly out her gaping hole, dribbles down the hairy valley of her teenage pussy before dropping to pool onto the carpet. Tara holds her arse cheeks open allowing the viewer closer inspection of this eruption while she’s speaking huskily into camera.

“Ooh my bum hurts but I love it.” Both girls sit looking very sheepish and humiliated wondering how long its going to be before their family and friends see these same things. He warns of the consequences to them as well as him, should anybody get to hear of their. “Arrangement.” As he terms it! “Nightmare more like.” The girls are thinking.

Both teen’s can’t believe it when they get out at the taxi rank in the neighbouring town to their own. Running as fast as they could in the other direction as he speeds off. Though not before warning both again about saying anything to anyone, reminding them of the life damaging footage he has showing them both begging to be used as paid sluts. Both girls know they have no choice but to keep quiet and pray the footage remains off the internet.

Jane and Tara can’t settle back into everyday life and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Both girls mum’s are more than aware the change that has come over them. they’re acting really out of character and very withdrawn from their usual selves.

“I can’t take anymore of this attitude Jane. What in hell has come over you? Did something happen when you were out the other night? Oh fuck your pregnant aren’t you! You stupid little cow.” ~ “No I’m not, nothing happened mum. I’m fine. Just bloody leave me alone, you’re always nagging me.” Jane screeches running to her bedroom leaving mum sitting sobbing.

The same is going on at Tara’s home, she being even more mouthy than usual plus extremely filthy in her choice of vocabulary. “Go stick a cock up your arse mum, though you better take the poker out of it first.” She smirks deriding her worried parent. This just one of many recent cat calls from her to her family. Her younger siblings also targeted. Their lack of understanding for the reason their sister was like this putting them in the firing line of her derision.

Tara sits in her bedroom door locked while she relives her ordeal at that old bastards hands and other parts of his anatomy. Her mobile rings, Jane, private messaging her. “We need to meet Tara I can’t go on not telling mum or the police or someone.” The girls met at the local park hugging one another longer and more intimately than they used to it seems.

Tara looks longingly into Jane’s eyes tears falling from both girls as they discuss the rapes and sodomisation perpetrated on them. “I think that fuck up will contact us very soon and it will start all over again. I’m scared Tara, I can’t go through all that again. We have to say something.” Tara very abruptly reminds Jane they dare not do that.

“We can’t he has it all on film. You know it looks as if we asked for it and got paid for fuck sake! We will get locked away as well as him, are you mad? Anyway we will have to try and get the evidence he has made up and destroy it. Then we can tell someone, so wait till he makes to contact us then we will see what we must do.”

“My dad will be ruined if any of this gets out so will my chances of getting that model job at the Young-stars agency, him and mum have worked so hard to get me placed in. Not to mention all the great and good he’s pulled strings with to manage it.!

No we can’t. You can’t say a word Jane.” “That’s oh so typically Tara isn’t it. Me me me. It was all your fucking fault in the first place you arrogant bitch. What about my mum, my family, hmm? They won’t be too pleased either and certainly not interested in your upwardly mobile plans and ambitions. Selfish cow!”

Jane’s voice going higher as she rants on. “Fuck you’ll end up getting fucked both ends half the time you’re there anyway, one way or another. It’s well known in that game.” Both girls now sat in silence with their own thoughts. There wasn’t going to be an easy answer to their predicament.

To be continued if wanted.

Thank you for reading this story.

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