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Wife fucks with teens 2

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Some more neighbourly fun, confronting my cheating wife and getting a plan in motion

With Genny at work that day, I went out to our garden. As I hoped, Eric was there. I eased him into a chat and tried to gauge how much he knew.

He was a bad liar and I tried to earn his trust. Got him to admit he really liked Genny and was missing her, worried she or myself were mad at him. I said she was really fond of him but she was tired from work. Then he admitted he touched Genny and she touched him back in return. Without hesitation, I asked him to walk up to Genny and give her a hug next time he sees her, and if alone, feel free to touch each other, I wasn’t mad. Hell, I knew it made her happy, so he shouldn’t feel bad. As long as we kept it a secret.

After asking him about his brother, I could tell Jamie was acting on his own in blackmailing my wife. I’d need to deal with him separately – still didn’t know how to deal with Jamie and his gang, but I could work with Eric for now.

Next step was getting some cameras in place. I had no trouble convincing my wife about getting security cameras at the front and rear doors. What she did not know was that I got some extra ones that I hid in the lounge, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. They had a long battery life and I tuned the hidden house cameras to have their WiFi not visible, except for my phone. Testing them was a success, I could keep them sleeping and activate them through wifi.

Genny seemed to be returning to her normal self. I wondered if she felt guilty in fucking those boys, instead of coming clean to me. Regardless, it looked like the blackmailing had stopped for now and there were no more incidents of my wife getting raped by the teenagers. She could be spending the days doing that instead of being in the office, but I saw no new marks on her body.

In the weekend, I noticed the neighbors were in their garden, Neil and Jackie (mom and dad) pruning and mowing the lawn, while Eric was running around half naked. Jamie was nowhere to be seen, which wasn’t unusual. I stepped out and chatted with them all for a bit, until Genny joined us. She wore shorts and a tank top – still could see her fat ass and thighs, as well as her poking nipples, but it wasn’t like her flimsy bikini. We share a hedge with them, instead of a fence, that I’m trying to grow. It still is low enough to offer no privacy and one could push through some thinner spots, like Genny and Eric did.

It turns out Jamie was acting like a bitch for having lost his phone and ended up getting a beating by Neil. They were sending him off to his grandparents for a couple of weeks, driving up there for the day. At least it looked like the blackmailing was stopped for now, I could see the relief in Genny’s face. Then Eric snuck up on her through the hedge and gave her a hug. Genny kept him under her arm, while Neil and Jackie joked about him stealing my wife

Acting fast, I offered that we could look after him for the day, if they were traveling to the grandparents. He could help Genny out in the garden to earn his stay. Of course Eric pleaded with everyone to stay with us, with no objections. My wife seemed a bit hesitant, but got cornered into playing along. We were given keys to their house, in case we needed any of Eric’s stuff.

After a while, the neighbors were gone, leaving Eric behind. I got his little pool filled up in our garden and then went on doing some gardening with Genny, while Eric played in the water. I made sure she was plied with sangria, her favourite summer drink, to make her more mellow. At some point, I suggested she take a break and chill with Eric.Then I pressured her into getting in her skimpy bikini. She said it was inappropriate, but I reminded her how she teased the boy and myself before, that it was all in good fun. Also that I felt sidelined sexually and wanted her to make up for not sexing me up lately. She sighed and agreed, then went to change.

I had a quick chat with Eric and told him to be careful, Genny didn’t know we had our own secret chat, and that she would feel bad if anyone knew they made love. Eric promised to not say a word and keep it a secret. I encouraged him though to do whatever he wanted when alone with my wife, as she would be less shy then. He happily promised to do just that.

Just like Eric, I had an erection growing from anticipation. I went inside to find Genny. She was coming out of the bathroom in her bikini. I kissed her and groped her ass, with her reciprocating. A minute later and I had her bent over the sink, my cock sunk deep inside her pussy. She protested weakly but she still took it from behind. I imagined Eric licking her used pussy and adding his cum to mine. It made me finish inside her in maybe under a minute, but unleashing a hefty amount of cum.

I then lied about needing to go get some stuff from the hardware store and made a hasty exit before Genny got to say a word. I parked a couple of streets away from our house and jogged back to our neighbor’s place from the other direction and let myself in.

The house looked poor and a bit messy, but I just avoided touching anything and ran upstairs. None of the rooms were locked off and found the one that Jamie must have filmed from. It was from a window in the bathroom. I discreetly looked from it and I could see Genny kneeling in the pool with Eric. They seemed to talk about something and then the boy threw himself at him and kissed her.

Eric went on to fondle Genny but she stopped him, then took him by the hand inside the house. She was definitely worried about being seen, having learned her lesson. And she was right, but still had no idea I had the hidden cameras inside.

I got the security app running and checked the cameras, while I looked for Jamie’s room. Genny and Eric hadn’t gone far. She was sitting on a kitchen chair with Eric standing and wrapped inside her legs. The boy was fucking my wife as she held him close, sucking on her tits and making her moan with satisfaction.

This was getting me hard and I got my cock out, phone I’m one hand and rummaging through Jamie’s room with the other. I watched Eric pump his cock inside my wife’s pussy, wondering if he could even produce sperm. Considering that Genny was not on birth control, could the boy impregnate her? Or did the teenage thugs knock her up? Was she going to have a black rape baby? It did she get plan b? In any case, I watched until Eric was done pumping and stayed in Genny’s hug

I focused on investigating Jamie’s room. Found a spring loaded knife and made a note to remember, in case there was trouble. There were no devices or memory cards around, so if he had any hard backups of my wife, it wasn’t here. Before I left the room, I wiped my precum on his pillow. Then I locked up and went to the local hardware store to make copies of the neighbor’s keys. I checked the cameras while waiting. Eric was on his knees, eating out Genny, while she was playing with her clit. It looked like she was moaning loudly but I didn’t dare raise the volume. Just watched in silence, my cock hard again.

When I returned, Genny and Eric were back at the garden, in their swimwear. l winked at Eric and went to kiss my wife. There were light marks on her buttocks, possibly from Eric. I gave her a loud smack on the ass, which surprised her and got Eric laughing. Then I changed into my swimming briefs, got a pitcher of sangria and joined them. I made sure Genny’s glass was topped up, while casually caressing her body.

At some point, I undid her top. She protested but I told her she’d do it at the beach, so our house was no different. Then I whispered to her that it was making me hard, and that I wanted her to drive me crazy. And that our guest would love that.

“Eric, do you mind if Genny takes off her bra? You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“No, I love Genny, I’ll tell no one!”

Genny didn’t object any more and I bundled her top away.

“I’m feeling really warm, put some sunblock on my back. And make sure Eric got plenty on him, too, babes.” I told her.

She complied and started creaming my back. Eric was staring at her tits, waiting for his turn. Genny then walked up to him and started creaming his back. Probably forgot about the security camera in her drunken and possibly horny state. By the time she was done, Eric was shifting uncomfortably from his erection.

Genny laid back down, this time on her back. I kneeled next to her and started fondling her breasts. She moaned and said it was inappropriate, but she didn’t stop me. I kept at it, then my hand went under her bikini and played with her trimmed snatch for a bit. Eric was watching us from his pool, mesmerised.

I ordered and helped Genny on her knees, then massaged her neck and ass at the same time. Then I undid the straps of her bottom, while I held her face down.

“Stay where you are, I know you will enjoy this.”

She moaned as I sunk two fingers in her pussy, feeling how incredibly wet it was.

“Eric, you don’t mind that Genny is naked, right? Come closer, you shouldn’t be shy with us. I’m sure Genny loves you as much as you love her!”

Genny tried voicing a protest but I shut her up. I wouldn’t accept any more fake concern from her. Not after she had been fucking a 10 year old behind my back.

I got behind her, spread her ass and shove my tongue in her stretched pussy. The taste and smell were intoxicating. I got Genny to cry with pleasure, while Eric stood next to us, not sure what to do.

“Would you like to taste my wife Eric? Go on, women love it!”

The boy hesitated for a moment, but then started licking her in earnest, like a puppy. It was ten times better than watching the videos.

“Genny loves that, have you done this before Eric? Isn’t it fun making love with Genny?”

“I love being with Genny, she makes me feel so good!” added the kid.

“We can all feel good with Genny, but we tell no one, it’s important, ok?”

My wife should have realised by now that I knew about her and Eric. At least she was going along with it. I asked the boy to go make out with Genny, while I removed my shorts. I saw the shock in his eyes, when he witnessed my thick cock. Without delay, I sunk it again inside Genny and fucked her deep and slow. She took it and let Eric kiss her at the same time. Under my instructions, she helped him out of his swimsuit and they started making out in earnest.

I slapped her ass and made her cry, thumbing her asshole and smashing her uterus with my cock. The scene of her getting spit roasted flashed before my eyes and I pushed her down on Eric’s hard cock. It was small, but looked stone hard and the boy made all sorts of cute noises while my wife sucked him off.

We kept at it for a bit, until Eric cried and buckled, evidently cumming in my wife’s mouth.

“Is it my turn to please you, Genny, like before?” he asked.

Though I could just check the camera, I asked him what he meant. It turned out Genny had sat on his face and made him eat her out until she came. She looked ashamed of me, even though she just blew a child while I fucked her.

I had an idea and I pushed Genny on her back. Then I asked Eric to straddle her face and sit on it, and ordered Genny to lick him. He tickled and laughed and her tongue slurped on his balls and taint. But he was a good boy and did as told, grinding against her face, making her lick it all, from the balls to his smooth bumhole. Same time I showed him how to flick her clit, causing her to moan harder.

I wanted everyone to have fun, although I genuinely preferred to give my wife a hate fuck for cheating on me. With Eric working under my guidance and with my cock working her pussy, Genny got to cum. At that point I stopped holding back and got to fucking her hard and fast, like I was trying to break her. She screamed in agony and pleasure as I came inside her for the second time today.

We were silent for a bit, all of us realising how things had changed forever. But it was done, all we needed was to make sure the kid didn’t talk.

The rest of the evening was spent with pizza and chilling in the lounge. Eric was by Genny’s side all the time, kissing and fondling her whenever he could. They even took a bath together, where I watched them for a bit, before leaving them alone. My camera would do the rest.

Genny put Eric to sleep in our spare bedroom and cuddled up to me in bed. She no longer seemed ashamed, though she wasn’t sure if we fucked up. Too late, I thought. I asked her if she could possibly get pregnant from Eric, but didn’t mentioned I knew about her gang rape. She said she had some after pill she could take. Probably then she wasn’t knocked up. I had to think this through. I wanted to knock her up at some point, so I couldn’t let her get back on birth control. But I still wanted to watch her getting used raw, without raising some asshole’s bastard. Maybe I should keep everyone at bay until I get to impregnate her.

Anyway, I fell asleep, too tired to worry about that. I woke up when there was light and commission in the room. Genny was laying by my side and Eric was spooning her and trying to get past her thick ass. I got her to play with my cock and open up her legs, allowing Eric to impale her with his erection. Once the boy was done fucking her like a rabbit, she climbed on and fucked me, her cummed pussy squeezing my erection.

Our neighbors were happy to find out that Eric had not been a problem and thanked us. If they had any clue of what had happened, they didn’t show it.

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    I remember once when I was dating my girlfriend passed you and her little brother came home. I watched him sitting so he could see up her skirt. I asked him if he would help me putting her to bed. He had her feet so he was getting a good look at his sister’s panties. I told him he should start undressing her saying I had to hit the can. He pulled her skirt off first with her panties. He called her name but she was out of it. So he felt her pussy and even fingered her. I made a noise so he would know I was coming back and was undoing the buttons on her top as I walked in. I helped to get her bra off as her was looking at her 15 year old tits. I took his hand and put them on her tits telling him to have fun. He was playing with her nipples when I said I had to go. I broke up with her the next day but 2 months later my new girlfriend said that my ex was pregnant and people were saying it is her brother who knocked her up. I only smiled.

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    Perfect, little story would good to be no if anything happened to that mongrel brother?

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      You mean nothing bad happened to him, or things happening with him?