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The Party that took my virginity

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Carl and His Rich family are invited to an Millionaire party and things become sexual and horny. (My first story on here)

It was 2024 June 9th. I was chilling in my room playing on my PC, Da names Carl (15 yrs) I’m a Good white guy with a porn addiction. (Well my addict lvl is Medium) when no one is around in our house, I lock my room and beat my Meat to Ebony porn and 3d animation. It feels so good to jerk off. And thank god it’s summer Vacation. (June 10th Saturday) i was sleeping on my bed, cause I stayed up all night. Than my stepMom came in my room unannounced. (my Real mom went to become a Pornstar but dad didn’t want her to become one even though we were making bank/money, so mom divorced dad and 2 years later my dad married a hot Ebony women, She had 2 daughters and one son, thank god I got my own room because she was stripper for millionaires aka she made a lot of money) “Carl” “yes?” “We’re going to a millionaire’s Party in the evening so get ready in 3 hours” “yes Mrs Tasha” “okay then” Even tho she was mid nice, she had Big Tities, Large Ass, Dark skin, and royal blue hair. After she left my room I started getting ready for the party, the mansion was kinda far like three hours away, during the road trip, Tasha and Dad were driving our 300k Van, I was in the Back and my Low-Mid sexy (Also Ebony skin color, with small Tities, An okay Ass and Black hair. Name is Lizzy 14) Stepsister was next to me, I was on Onlyfans and she was on instagram, in the middle was my other step ebony sister and Brother, Before we got there lizzy ask me a pls daddy question.
“When we get to the party can you grab my ass and see if it’s big enough for the guys”
“ um I’ll think about”
“Ok (with a flirty face)
Finally we arrive at the party and damn this house was huge it was 5 stories high with a massive pool and a Badass Garden with lots of statues. All the grown ups were outside and their children (all of them are teens and Young Adults) were in the mansion chilling and relaxing. Cause the Owner of the mansion couldn’t rent a mini mansion for us teens. After we arrived the owner (Dak) came and greeted us. He was Happy and delighted for him to invite us. My parents went to the Garden, While Me and Step siblings Went inside.

1 hour later

An hour goes by and yet I’m bored, Lizzy and my other step-sister (Penny 16, With A Good Round Ass And Medium Tities. And also has blue hair a with a pony tail style) are probably in a room with 2 guys having sex and taking lots of naked pictures for onlyfans or fansly. Meanwhile my younger step brother was playing games with the owners youngest Sons (all of them are 12-13) and as for me I was just on chair playing my on phone for the past hour, I wish this party could get better for me or worse. Suddenly 2 Girls Came up to and ask what I was doing all alone. I told them that I was alone and on my phone. One girl was named Luz (Hispanic skin tone with Normal Tities with an average Ass and Dirty Blonde hair) and the other one was named Sofia (Hispanic but part Ebony as well, with Good Tities and Nice Ass) “ what are you doing here all alone?” (Luz asked) “ I was just sitting on this chair playing on my phone” “seems boring wanna head back to our room and play some GAMES (With a Sus face)” “okay?”

I Follow them to there room and it was Kinda Big for 2 People Their walls was colored in pink gold and Have a lot of posters on there walls as well, And best of all (IMO) They even have the Best PC setup ever. Once I enter their room Luz told me to sit on their bed. Suddenly Luz purposely Drop her phone and Bend over, and out of nowhere I looked at her average ass. I got a Low boner, (Sofia Noticed my soon to be Full boner and Whisper to Luz that their little game was working) Sofia asked me if I like Hot Girls and I said yes, Than Luz Took my phone and looked through it, and I was Caught in 4K UHD. But they didn’t say anything, as for me I remain dead silent. After a few minutes, Luz took off her skirt and left her underwear on. Her ass was showing and That gave me A mild boner. (I realize that there trying to take my Virginity away) “Gotta Resist” Than Sofia Did the same as her sister but she was about to Touch my Dick, I tried covering my boner. “Don’t hide you silly boy let us see it” “Yeah let us see” They tried so hard to see my boner but my Horny levels took over my mind at this point I will lose my virginity Today and Forever.

I let my hands off my Pants that were covering my dick, Sofia unzipped my pants and pulled it down, Next she pulled down my Underwear and my Dick Flung like a Bouncy ball. “It’s so big” “ i can already feel your Dick from here” Luz and Sofia got on the bed with me and I started to fuck Luz first. She Grabbed my dick and Blowjob on it I put my hand on her head force her to suck my dick faster. My balls we’re getting hard and my dick too, Meanwhile Sofia Rubbed her wet pussy to feel 2X more horny, soon I was about cum in Luz’s Mouth. Before I cum I lay down on their bed and Luz on her knees and sucked me even fast and I released my first load. Luz Was swallowing it and Licking her fingers. I was about to pass out suddenly Sofia put her ass on face and I started licking her pussy. While she was doing that Luz was Stroking my dick. Suddenly We stop for a minute and took our little session to their Private shower and man it was long. Sofia turned on the shower and went behind me and stroke my dick back and fourth, While Luz was Masturbating. The soothing cool water was making my dick wet and Sofia was still Jerking me off, then she told me to turn around and she kissed me suddenly we started making out and I put my dick inside her pussy. I was multitasking and I cum in her juicy pussy. “I don’t think I can Release another load” “Don’t worry daddy will make you release another load” Sofia got out of the Shower for a minute (while Luz sticks a dildo inside her pussy) and came back with a Male Vibrator and Butt plug, “What are you doing?” “Im going to put this Ass plug in Your Ass and this Vibrator around your big cock” “Why can’t you just put your ass on my dick” “don’t worry this is just a warmup (with a get ready for a threesome face)” after some time, Luz and Sofia Came back with another Girl Joanna (15, big Tities, Excellent Ass and Beautiful Golden hair) They Drag me to the Bed and Fucked me all night, I cum on Joanna once, Sofia 3 times and Luz 4 times. after that I was all drained. And my balls were almost gone.

6 hours later I was Sleeping on the other bed in their room we were all Naked and Body parts showing as well than my step mom called me and said it was time to leave, I’ve put on clothes and I was ready to go but than Sofia woke up and gave me her phone number, and she Touch my dick (even tho it was under my pants) real hard and say she will called me in a week. After the party I lost my virginity but I got Ass, pussy and Tities. I was a lucky Man. Once we got back home I added her number to my contacts and 5 minutes later she sent me a Nude pic of her holding her Boobs, the next day I jerked off to it.

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  • Reply Axel ID:p8sv718rd

    Nice story

    • Tse ID:4glya5xzk

      Too many suddenly s but ok

  • Reply Suzanne foster home girl ID:cyvofsmqk

    Hi well my true story is about me loosing my virginity..

    I was age 10 and taken to new foster parents house and was first night it happened and all started.

    I was asleep and then foster mom woke ke up and said come with me and took me in there bedroom and both foster parents were naked and then mom told me get on bed and both them sniffed up so much coke and foster mom lay back and she grabbed my head and put it between her legs and told me to lick her pussy and so did as was told and after few times me licking she started moaning and told me that’s it , don’t stop and eventually she made so much noise and I felt loads of stuff really wet etc and she told me get up and then she said to foster dad ,,, to lay down and then she shoved me over him and she told me to suck his cock and so she said open your mouth and then pushed my head down and pulled back up and told me to keep doing it and then heard foster dad start groaning and foster mom saying faster and told me to go down further, and then as I took more in mouth made me gag and so I lifted my head up and she shouted no don’t dare stop ,,, and I couldn’t do it so she just pulled me up and then gave me a straw and told me to sniff up this big line of coke and i started crying and so she shouted at me and grabbed me and told me sniff up now and she moved my head along and then straight away I totally felt all funny and then heard both them moan and she then grabbed my hair and told me open mouth again and then as heard foster dad saying mmmm yhhh she just started shoving me down harder and faster and then again I started gagging and wrenching and she then carried on and I was trying to struggle against it but then she pushed me so hard and I felt it go into my throat and I gagged out loads of messy stuff and foster dad groaned so loud and then started thrusting upwards and she held my head so could not move and she was egging him on etc, then she said to him she had Idea so stopped it all and she got up and came

  • Reply Unknown ID:1a912bhj

    This was too hard to read with all the abbreviations and parentheses, couldn’t make any sense of it.

    • HornyJay ID:pa10tu0b0a

      I’ve planned to make an easy story (around 500-700 words) aka shorter but thanks for the Feedback (:

  • Reply Howard ID:blipn038l

    Do you need a sugar daddy to spoil you with $8000💰weekly 😘 and also give you allowance to go shopping 🛍 I will be glad to hear back from you sunshine

    • Jay ID:bjotki4v9b

      Hell you can just give me $800 and I’ll do about anything you please

    • Lilly ID:1dyxn6a7oqk0

      Hell yeah