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My sister

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My 12yo sister bursts into my room as i start to masturbate. Things get hot real fast.

When my sister decided to make me hers.
It was a saturday night me (14m) and my sister (12f) were home alone, and i was in my room watching tv, bored as hell. I had started thinking about a cute girl at school and slid my hand down my shorts stroking my 5 inch dick.
I had my eyes closed laid back on my bed when my sister mindy threw open the door and i tried covering myself quickly.

“Hey have you seen my….” she stopped cold and looked at me then walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Mindy come on get out. You dont need to be in here”

Mindy looks down. “I can tell what you were doing, can i watch?”

My eye widened, “um wha.. no. Go back to your room”

She looked at me trying to be cute as possible ” please? Maybe i can help”

I really looked at her up and down and realized she is really cute. I told her “ok,”

She smiled and pulled her shirt off showing her cute little tits.
I looked at her. “Damn sis, you do look real good”
She grined. “Prove it”
I pulled the blanket off and took off my shorts letting her see my hard dick, “hows that?”
She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it. “I like it” she shyly giggled
I reached up rubbing her tits.
She leaned over kissing me and whispers “i want you. I want you to be mine” i couldnt turn her down and laid her on the bed taking the rest of her clothes off and spread her legs, “damn your really beautiful” then kiss my way down her body, i hear her breath quicken a lil, then i run my tongue across her pussy. Mmmm “tasty too”
She moans a lil as i lick her more, pushing my tongue in her, she moans louder bucking her hips riding my tongue. Im running my hands up and down her hips and ass till shes shaking and orgasms, i lay to her kissing her, she turns and lays on me straddling me and slowly slides her pussy down my cock, we both gasp at the feeling. “Oh fuck mindy”

She moans as she rides my cock, i grab her hips watching her sexy body ride me, i knew i wasnt going to last as she went faster. “Oh god your going to make me cum” she moans “yesss. Cum for me bro”
I felt my dick throb as i started squirting my cum in her. “Ohhhh i feel it!” As we both come down she lays on top of me softly kissing me,
“That was great bro. Thank you” i smile wrapping my arms aound her as we both drift off.

More to come if its wanted..

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    That’s a beautiful story

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    Send her to me so I can give her my 66 year old hard cock

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      Sounds like something Joe Biden would say, it’s probably really him.

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    You need to take charge of her, own her. Give her a collar to wear and tell her she is now your property to fuck and to be bred by you

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    More pls

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    This is Cap

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      Most of the stories on here are cap you fucking idiot

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      LOL. Of course these ‘stories” are total crap. Scary thing is that the comments are not. That should worry a lot of people!