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Shimla Shenanigans

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A cum dump used by unknown men in an unknown place.

Sorry guys, ik it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy, but I’ll make up for it by trying my best to share my experiences every week now. So get ready to jerk ur cocks and cunts off.
So this is how the story begins. I basically went on a trip with two of my friends to shimla, a fee months back. It was aesthetic and shit but no real activities, quite boring apart from that. On the way back to the hotel room like after spending a day, I told my friends they could go back to the hotel, I’d just use the washroom and catch up with them.
I felt the need to attend nature’s call and found a public restroom nearby, it was actually pretty dirty and horribly maintained, the smell of urine and shit acidic. I stood at the urinal and for some reason got super turned on, so even before pissing I pulled both my pants and underwear down my ass to see if anyone would take advantage of an vulnerable lovely boy. I got a lot of weird looks but my strategy worked, it didn’t take long before a man came. He stood next to me and I saw his cock, it was actually huge to the point I got a bit nervous, he could see that reached out and squeezed my ass. He had a turban on and was well over 6 feet, he told me he loved my tight ass and inserted one finger inside and finger fucked me for a bit. His thick rough index curled and pushed it’s way into my dry ass. He towered over me and made me moan shamelessly. Here i was standing in a piss stained urinal, in an unfamiliar place, with my pants down my ankles, being finger fucked and taken advantage off by a man who easily had the strength to just snap my neck. The fear of unknown made me horny too.
Then he said, we could make our way to a hotel for us to fuck. I was conflicted.
He spanked my ass with his free hand and then continued to finger me making me moan and said it’ll be fine, he’ll just ruin and fill my insides with his semen, then let me go. He was so huge and intimidating that I decided to give in. He pulled his finger out and I got dressed up and we went to his hotel down a dark alleyway. We entered the hotel and somehow it was worse than the bathroom.
The odour was overpowering, stains of god knows what smeared across the walls. Broken chair, tables and people, gambling, drinking and smoking away their cigs and weed.
it wasn’t anywhere near expected, in fact it looked less like a hotel and more like a worn down bar/brothel. He told me he was a part owner to the hotel. I paid less attention to his words and more attention to his right hand rubbing my ass crack and cheeks. He led me into the men’s bathroom, it was a lot worse than I had met him in, unclean and used toilets and urinals.
He ordered me to strip and said this is where the fun will begin, I was extremely hesitant but ofc it didn’t take long for him to force me off my clothes and stand butt naked. he came close to me, played and sucked on my nipples, his tongue flicking up and down as his teeth bit into my flesh. His hands rough with callouses scraped against my ass cheeks as he spanked them. His cock was pressed against my belly, an ominous reminder of what’s gonna destroy me tonight.
He then pushed me into a bathroom stall, it was an indian style bathroom. He pushed me to my knees and pulled his cock out, it was so much more massive when it was in front of me, thick, white, veiny, , his entire body and crotch being covered by hair ended up covering it. It was becoming larger by the second. The mushroom head and shaft was weird to touch almost unreal. I didn’t really get much of a chance to consider my options as he grabbed my head and effortlessly forced my mouth onto his cock, his hand was quite big enough to just maybe crush my skull. I tried my best to give him a good bj but it wasn’t possible, his width covered my mouth like a gag and my jaws hurt while he started moaning, his deep voice, like a roar, His precum was so salty and he started deep throating me, he said he never had a dusky slut like me and started face fuckin me, making me choke on his rod forcing it inch by inch down my throat as i struggled and spat his pre cum, trailing down my chin. It was pointless to resist him, my hands pushing against his hairy thighs, he didn’t care, he managed to push all the way down till his unclean hairy sweaty precum streaked balls rubbed against my face.
I could see nothing, only his hairy crotch, forced to take in his scent I was so into him, his hands were so strong, his balls were heavy and drooping, slapping against my chin, while i puked on his horse cock. I felt like I heard the bathroom door open and some footsteps enter. He didn’t bother to pull out and just looked at them. Ig he could do what he wanted with how intimidating he looked I was scared shitless, he had his hand on my head, his cock oozing precum as he continued to fuck my mouth as he was talking to the men in front of , around 4 of them, they were all looking at the slim sex toy in front of them, me. They all dropped their pants in a jiffy, all lovely thick long cocks, but none of them were as big as this dude, nowhere near in fact.
He yanked me out the bathroom stall and threw me down, and they surrounded me, I was now on my knees and forcefully sucking 2 cocks while jacking off two others, I felt hands on my nipples and navel and ass. He was standing away and watching, his cock still as big as ever, I gave them all a good bj and hj. Making them hard and oozing with juice.
Ready to take me and use my tight hole. The giant came and made me lie on all fours, then as I stayed that way, he pushed a pill into my mouth, said it’ll make the process less painful, I felt dizzy and in fact a lot hornier, Ig it was an aphrodisiac, I felt a cold liquid in my asshole, prolly lube. And then his thick mushroom head, I screamed as much as i could, he said I could scream as much as I wanted and continued to slowly enter me, inch by inch, I could feel my walls widen, his cock burrowing into my bowels, it felt like eternity, torture until he was finally balls deep, my voice wavered as i cried and begged for it to stop. Ofc it didn’t matter to him.
I stayed there, my enter frame on the dirty bathroom floor shivering, with only my ass raised and impaled, he pulled out fully and slammed into me, I screamed so loudly. He pulled out again, this time however there was no pain, ig it was an effect of the pill, only that I had 0 pain just pleasure once he started thrusting, it was so huge and filling and I was moaning as he hit just the right spot.
He then held my hips and started thrusting deep and fast, just fucking me like an animal as I moaned like crazy, he kept hitting it good, he would pull out every once in a while and rub his hard wet cock between my balls and asshole, making me shiver with pleasure, then go back to fucking me. He was fucking me so hard that I was basically wiping the floor, it was Just his iron grip on my hips that kept me in place. Just as he was about to cum, he stopped completely, I was so into it I started twerking desperately and tryna push into him. He held my neck and said there was more to come.
He lifted me up by cupping his giant hands under my breasts and literally stood with me impaled on his cock. Turns out I was super light, he was so muscular and huge that I was basically sitting on his cock with him now holding my legs up.
I was resting my sweaty self against his, super out of breath as his friends opened the door to the outside of the bathroom and he walked with me on his cock. I was still a bit aware and was scared of what was gonna happen but he said that this was normal and no one says anything, what happens in the bar stays in the bar. The four guys followed us, half naked as well, with their hungry cocks, I saw a few men and women just looking at me wide eyed, some turned away like this was common as the man said. He waddled with me to a nearby room, it was big, had a bed in the middle a mini bar too. He then plopped me on the bed and one of his friends, got on the bed as he fucked me on doggy from behind, his friend opened my mouth and pushed his dick in. I was being spitroasted well, and, the guy in my mouth cummed. But my temporary lover was still buggering me. I basically cummed on myself quite a lot. Anyways when the next guy came to use my mouth, Satbir, that was my ass fucker’s name, switched positions and I was on reverse cowgirl, I was riding his dick, as the second friend fucked my mouth. He lasted longer, rubbing my nipples and twisting them and finally satbir cummed and god, there was so so much cum, when he pulled out, it kept oozing endlessly as i got filled.
His sperm flowed down my ass on my balls as well, I was, as he said the best anal fuck he had. His other friends took over, his cum was amazing lube, I was now being double penetrated as satbir watched, his cock glistening with cum, cum that I so desperately wanted to clean with my mouth. His friends switched positions well, all four of them, both my holes and hands were occupied and it finally ended when they all cummed at least 3 times more, in the middle I had quite a bit to drink as well.
Once they all finished, they made use of my tired limp body to rub their messy cocks on, dressed up and left. As I laid there, satbir came close to me, his voice was so deep and soothing, he told me there were a few clients in the bar, who had paid for the lovely brown bitch, I was against it but super tired and enjoying it to, so I just sighed and spread my legs, he kissed me, his beard rubbing against my chest. I saw the door open to 4 more men. All of them fucked my ass but then cummed in my mouth, Idk what order but I was in missionary, prone back, and Ig spooning. I was completely spent.
Well I was lying there with their cum dripping down my mouth and ass, the men left, satbir got on top of me again, this time his balls rested on my chest, he was sitting on me. He slowly started caressing my face and pried my mouth open, he pinched my nipples as he inserted his cock in my mouth and it just enlarged as he started thrusting. He basically started deepthroating me, it went on for a while until he emptied his salty jizz in my mouth, and he kept cumming the entire amount even when I gagged.
After he cummed in my mouth I couldn’t hold it in, I ended up puking some of the cum, he told me to go to the washroom and after that, I was using the indian toilet there, he ordered me to keep the door open and squat like a girl when pissing but face my ass towards him. It made him really hard, he rushed in as soon as I was done. I was back on his bed, he tied my hands and fucked me again.
After the whole sex session, he cleaned me up and dropped me where he found me. I went back to my friends hotel the next day, super weak in the knees

That’s all for now, hope y’all will enjoy it. There’s so much more to come

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    Would love to have watched you using that Indian toilet!

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      Your not along Cracksniffer in that wanting to watch . Love your handle I love sniffing ass and balls

    • Lil ManWhore ID:33515mm4

      Wow really???

  • Reply BiPed ID:7zv2yufw43

    God you’re such a good little whore, those were some really lucky men~

    • Lil ManWhore ID:33515mm4

      U would’ve loved to he one among those men too yeah?