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Simone Part 35 – Fear and Loathing

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There were two warm naked bodies waiting for me at home. I wanted to get to them and use their fuck-holes.

Am I an evil man? I guess so, though I do have rules and some basic morals. Nonetheless, at just eight years old I had raped a twelve-year-old girl called Patricia. She had cried and asked me why I had done that to her. I had told her the truth.

“Because that’s what your front hole is for. It is there to put my penis into and to take my sperm when it comes out. It is your job to let me put my penis into that hole and make me feel good. It just made me feel good, too. Didn’t you like it?”

She said it had hurt her, and I liked that. I was glad I had hurt her.

I have been raping, dominating, hurting and using women for my pleasure ever since that day so many, many years ago. For more than forty years, I have taken any woman that caught my eye that I could safely take. I became a master at my craft, quickly. A hunter, a Hawk. Night Hawk. I have waited in the shadows, climbed through windows, broken into houses and flats and student dorms. I have forced, blackmailed and pressured females into doing the most pornographic and lewd things imaginable to man; things many would find disgusting. Things I find enthralling and exciting. I take women, hurt them, use them and leave them to call the police or not. Yet in every single case, I felt safe from detection or punishment. I was not once afraid. I do not scare easily, and I am carful. Very careful, but this time I may have slipped up.

Exactly four days after I had brutally beaten and tortured Tom whilst raping his wife, Yvonne, I sat at Simone’s kitchen table and felt absolute fear. Panic. Horror. Was I finally going to be dragged into the light? Were the police about to knock the door down?

“There is no way they can get you for this, master.” Simone whispered, resting her hand on mine. “You were carful. You left no prints, no DNA, no clues that they can follow back to you, and even if they do somehow link this to Lena, well….” She paused.

“Well what?” I asked, looking into her beautiful face, framed in that magnificent raven hair that fell to her shoulders.

“Well!” She continued. “Well then she will tell them she knows nothing. She worships you. She would die rather than betray you.” Simone added, and squeezed my hand.

She was right of course. Lena would never admit anything to anyone that could hurt Simone or me. We had sent her upstairs to her own place just in case. She was heartbroken at the idea of not seeing me for a few days, but understood it was for the better. The police might put a watch on her, monitor who she met with, spoke to on the phone if they suspected she was involved in what had happened.

“I told you, Simone.” I said quietly. “I hurt that man badly. I mean I really tortured, humiliated and abused him. Nevertheless, I did not kill him. I did not do any damage that could possibly have led to his death. For fuck’s sake, the News says ‘Brutal Murder’ not death caused by injuries.” I whispered, almost afraid someone might be listening.

I was afraid. For the first time in my life, I was scared because as I sat there at Simone’s table I had learned from the news that Tom had been ‘Brutally Murdered’ at or around the time I had left his house. The details were few. There was only a short mention of Yvonne, referred to as the victim’s wife.

“Bring me my notebook.” I said to Simone. Deciding I would risk logging into Lena’s parents’ security cameras. Maybe I could see something that would give me some information. I had removed all evidence of Ursula’s relationship with her own son, Tom from his systems, but surely the police would have contacted his mother by now. I learned nothing, other than the fact that the death of her son had not reduced her sexual appetite

As the camera image popped up on my screen, I got a bird’s eye view of Ursula being fucked from behind by her own dog whilst the pool boy fucked her face. He held her beautiful red hair and thrust his hips back and forth, going deep into Ursula’s throat. From the high side view, I could see how his balls slapped onto her chin with each thrust while the dog pounded frantically from behind. Ursula had learned a lesson from the day I had introduced her to her own dog’s cock and knot and to his sharp claws. She had wrapped a towel around her hips to stop the scratches. I had not been so kind and the dog had left tears across her hips and thighs. My cock twitched as I remembered how I had abused, beaten and fucked Lena’s beautiful sister.

“Get on your knees between my legs.” I ordered Simone. “I want you to suck me off, right now.”

“Of course, master.” Simone whispered, dropping obediently to the floor. I grasped the back of her head with my left hand as her soft wet mouth engulfed my now rock hard cock.

“Deeper.” I commanded and pushed down on the back of her head. Simone took me effortlessly into her throat, pushing down until my balls touched her chin. I held her there, enjoying the feeling of her neck muscles gulping at my glans. She knew how much I liked this, and exaggerated her swallowing in order to increase my pleasure.

“Good girl!” I whispered. “Good little fucking cock-sucking bitch. I want to spunk deep in your throat and then piss in your mouth fuck-toy. Make me come.”

As I ordered Simone to make me come, I released her head so she could slide my cock back out of her throat. She quickly grabbed some air then pushed back down over my swollen meat. Simone is an excellent cocksucker. She knows exactly what I like, and she never fails to please me with her tongue, mouth, throat and hands. As she started to fuck her own face and throat on my rigid cock, her fingers teased my balls as I watched Ursula taking two cocks on my screen.

“You dirty fucking bitch.” I whispered, and Simone responded by speeding up her bobbing head. I meant Ursula of course, but Simone did not know that. I should log into Ursula’s camera more often, I thought. She had clearly learned a lot from her day with me, and I wondered what else I might get to see.

Just as the thought of watching Ursula more often went through my mind, the dog dropped off her back, his knot still deep in her cunt. However, instead of waiting for him to grow smaller, she pulled away hard, plopping the huge knot out of her dripping cunt. My balls twitched and a tingle went up my spine.

“Faster, suck-bitch.” I commanded and pushed at the back of Simone’s head as Ursula turned round to offer her ass to the pool boy. He did not hesitate in forcing his still hard cock into Ursula’s anus, and as he started to butt fuck his employer, she persuaded the dog to lay on its side and went down on the beast, sucking his pink swollen cock into her mouth. My cock twitched and I sent the first spray of seed into Simone’s willing mouth.

“Eat my fucking come.” I growled and buried my glans deep in Simone’s neck. “Swallow every fucking drop come-whore.” I demanded, as I continued to spray my jizz directly into her throat. Yet Tom still managed to enter my thoughts as I started to soften in my fuck-slave’s mouth. I needed to empty my bladder, and Simone would obediently drink my piss.

“Keep me in your mouth, Simone. I need to piss.” I whispered, and let the first trickle into her mouth. She swallowed and I slightly increased the flow, holding at a stream that I knew she could manage without spilling any. I missed Lena. I can’t explain it, but Lena is the better piss-drinker.

Days past into weeks, and there was still no knock at the door. Simone went to visit Lena a few times and she too confirmed there had been no contact from the police or her family. I had watched the two of them on the cameras I had installed in Lena’s flat. Simone had eaten Lena’s pussy as I had commanded her to do whilst the teen returned the favour in a sixty-nine position. They kissed and rimmed each other and fucked with a two-sided dildo, but I wanted Lena back with me. Yet there was still no news on Tom.

Then, one day when I was starting to think the whole issue was over, the police released a statement to the press and I was not only relieved but also surprised as the newsreader announced the information provided by the police. It stated that the victim was a proven paedophile and rapist who had subjected his wife and daughter to the most despicable sexual abuse. The statement confirmed that there was irrefutable video evidence of his crimes against his wife and child. They then went on to state that the victim’s wife had found the evidence and in a rage of anger killed her own husband. Without going into all the specifics, the police let on that the wife had severely ‘tortured’ her husband before castrating him and cutting his throat with a razorblade.

“Wow!” Simone whispered from behind me as I watched TV. “She really must have flipped.” She added.

“Shush!” I commanded, realising she had entered the room. “I want to listen.”

The newsreader confirmed that the wife had confessed to the police in a full statement and confirmed she had acted alone. The confession was made on the night of the killing whilst still at the scene and repeated in writing again at the station. The woman’s lawyers had promised full cooperation from their client. The police are however, still looking for witnesses, especially anyone who might have seen a third party entering or leaving the premises on the night of the attack. The police clearly mistrusted Yvonne’s claim that she had acted alone.

“Why would she protect me?” I asked, not really intending the question for Simone, but she answered anyway.

“If I were the mother of that child I would be grateful for what you did.” She said, and I guess it kind of made sense, though Yvonne’s stance still perplexed me.

“Get Lena down here.” I simply stated. “I want to fuck her. I want to fuck you both.”

“Yes, master.” Simone replied and left the room to fetch my second fuck-toy. I had missed Lena’s teenage holes. I would now spend the rest of the day and night filling them with my come. I would start with her tight ass and then fuck her face while Simone eats the sperm out of Lena’s butt. As my cock hardened in anticipation of using Lena again, I heard her excited squeal from the stairwell and the sound of her feet running down the stairs, eager to get back to her master.

“Good girl.” I thought. The next day I would visit Petra at the office again, and was relieved that I could safely walk the streets. For now, I had six holes to serve my cock and I stood to face the two perfect fuck-toys who entered the room.

“Hello Lena.” I smiled at the crying teen, who now threw herself into my waiting arms. Simone smiled softly like a mother, enjoying Lena’s pleasure.

“Master, I missed you so much.” Lena sobbed.

“Strip!” I commanded pushing her way from me. “Both of you. I want both of you fucking naked and you on your knees Simone, right now.” I demanded and both started to strip. I had missed Lena, but she was still my possession, my fuck-toy to use at my will, and the first thing I was going to do was brutally sodomise her whilst Simone eats her cunt. I told her so as she was finally naked standing next to Simone’s kneeling body, she too, fully naked.

“Straddle Simone’s face.” I ordered Lena. “She is going to eat out your cunt while I fuck your tight ass, anal-fuck-toy.” I added, and Lena obediently turned her back to me. Spreading her legs, she offered her cunt to Simone, who immediately started licking as I walked up behind Lena, my throbbing cock in my hand. I was not going to be gentle. I pushed Lena in the back, to make her bend over Simone, and aimed my throbbing glans at her tiny puckered hole. “Spread your ass-cheeks.” I growled and Lena reached back to obey me.

“Push back onto my cock, bitch.” I growled as I impaled her tight anus in a single, brutal thrust. It hurt her. I could tell, but she obeyed her master and forced her own tight hole over my swollen cock. I grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her bowels. She let out a tiny bleat of pain as her anus stretched over my cock. There had not been a cock in that tight hole for weeks, and it needed to get used to it again. I had explicitly forbidden Simone from using her fingers or a dildo on Lena’s tight bud during her visits, in anticipation of this day, when I could once again get my cock into her anus.

“Tell me where my cock is, bitch.” I grunted. “I want to hear you say it.” As I spoke I began fucking her butt with quick deep thrusts in and out. I held her hips tightly and pulled her back as I thrust in. “Fucking say it, Lena. Where is my fucking cock?”

“In my ass, master,” She squeaked, and I knew she was crying. “Your cock is in my tight asshole.”

“And what is Simone doing?” I demanded.

“She is eating my cunt, master.” Lena responded.

“That’s right Lena. I am fucking your ass and Simone is eating your cunt. I am going to spray my hot cream deep into your gust then you are going to shit it out into Simone’s mouth. Simone is going to eat my spunk directly from your butt while you clean the shit and spunk off my cock with your mouth. Do you both understand what you are going to do?” I asked, and both my fuck-toys responded with a “Yes, master.”

As it turned out, Lena had been a good girl the whole time she was alone in her flat. Both my fuck-toys have orders to keep their shit-holes clean and ready for my cock at any time. I have shown both how to uses the shower hose to flush themselves out daily, and both follow my instructions, keeping their butt-holes free of too much shit. I was impressed that Lena had still cleaned her bowels on a daily basis, even though I was not using her.

“Good girl.” I stated as I pulled my softening cock out of her ass. “You are nice and clean.”

“I always do as you tell me master. I washed my butt out every day, just like you showed me.” She whispered as I fed my soft cock into her mouth. I could hear Simone already lapping at the spunk I had deposited in Lena’s anus.

“Then you are a good fuck-toy.” I added, “Now shit that cream into her mouth while I piss in your throat.” I commanded. I heard the first wet fart as Lena pushed my spunk out of her anus, directly into Simone’s waiting mouth.

My fuck-toys are good girls. I have trained them well. As I emptied my bladder into Lena’s stomach, I looked forward to visiting my newest piece of fuck-meat the next day. Petra knew I was coming and I had told her to wear a short skirt with no panties. I would arrive during business hours just before the team goes home. We would cover some work together, and then once the office was empty, I would use all her holes before bringing her home to meet Simone and Lena. Petra was going to be eating a lot off pussy tomorrow, and I had promised the girls they could do whatever they wanted to do with Petra.

“Have you spoken to your husband?” I had asked Petra on the phone. “When does he get to watch his precious wife been taken like the bitch she is?” I had laughed and she had again promised to talk to him about me, explaining she needed to find the right time.

“Find it soon.” I had insisted, “Or I will simply find it for you and send the motherfucker the video of you sucking my fucking cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Kurt. I understand she had answered, and before I hung up, I gave her one more order for the next day.

“Oh, and make sure your butt-hole is clean or you will end up having to eat your own shit off my dick after I have sodomised you, tomorrow.” I pushed the button to hang up as she replied she would be clean with a simple “Yes, Kurt.” I was going to have to break Petra in more I realised. She still needed to learn how to speak to me. I would teach her to call me sir or master, even if it cost every centimetre of skin on her ass and thighs. I would have my leather belt with me the next day, and Petra would not enjoy the lesson I had for her. Then a thought crossed my mind.

“Simone, Lena.” I started. “I want you girls to teach Petra what her new role is tomorrow. I want you both to punish her for calling me Kurt instead of master or sir. We have the belts, but you can also think up new ways if you like. I will simply watch.”

“Yes, master.” Both whispered, and I rolled over into my sleeping position.

“Lena, my cock needs your mouth now while I sleep.” I stated, and closed my eyes as the teen slipped my soft cock into her warm, wet mouth, and Simone cuddled up against my back. We had spent hours fucking in every imaginable way, and I was actually proud that I had managed to deposit spunk at least once into all six fuck-holes. Now I needed to rest.

I slept well. The relief that Yvonne was protecting me towards the police had eased my mind and I knew I would forever be grateful to the woman I had abused and raped in front of her husband. I hoped the courts would be lenient with her based on why she had gone into a rage and castrated her own husband before slitting his throat. To be honest, Tom was probably better off dead than spending the rest of his life in prison. Child abusers do not get on well with other inmates, and I had carved the word paedophile across Tom’s buttocks. He would have had a hard time hiding that in the showers.

I fell to sleep with Yvonne’s tight butthole on my mind. As I had sodomised her, she thought I was taking her anal virginity, until she saw the video of her own husband raping her unconscious body. My mind drifted as I slipped into deeper sleep. Poor, poor Yvonne. What would happen to her daughter, I wondered, and then the dream came.

It was more of a memory than a dream. A memory from two or three years ago. A dark corner of an alleyway neighbouring some student halls of residence. A pretty, young girly crying as I pinned her against a wall, a cold steel blade at her neck.

“You will tell me which of your three fuck-holes I should put my cock into and I will fuck you in that hole. You get to fucking choose, bitch. Be happy. And do not start to beg. I will cut you if you beg. Just say cunt, ass or mouth and I will fuck you in that hole and walk away and you will remain unhurt. Now tell me where you want my cock, fuck-whore.”

“What?” She whispered.

“Where should I fuck you? Accept your fate and decide which hole I am going to shove my cock into, bitch.”

“Mouth.” She whispered. “I will suck you off if you let me go.”

“I don’t want fucking sucking off, bitch.” I snarled. “I told you the rules. Tell me which hole and I will fuck f.u.c.k that hole. You said mouth, so now I get to face fuck you suck-whore. Get down on your fucking knees and open your fucking mouth. And be warned, if I feel the slightest of tooth, a tiny scratch, or any pushing or resistance, I will change the rules and fuck you in all your holes. Do you understand?”

“I, I, but I…” She stuttered, and I cuffed her across her left ear. “Do you fucking understand, bitch. Say yes and get down on your knees or say no, and bleed.”

“Yes! Yes. I understand.” She bleated, and I put my left hand onto her shoulder and pushed. “Kneel.”

It was dark, but I sensed she was pretty. Dark skinned. Slight of build and extremely sexy. I could smell the booze. I guess she was 20 or maximum 25. She had curvy hips but small tits, and her mouth was just made for sucking cock. The place I made her kneel stank of piss, and I knew she could smell it, but she knelt anyway. All I wanted was for her to give me any excuse to fuck all her holes, but I always play by the rules. My own rules. In fact, street rape like this is not something I do too often. It is dangerous and will get you caught. However, again I was on a business trip in a strange city and leaving two days later, what the fuck.

“Get my cock out.” I commanded, and she began to fumble at my fly. I helped, unbuckling my belt, and as she unzipped, I pulled my pants and underpants down over my thighs. “Open.” I demanded as my cock hit the warm summer air, she obliged and I fed my cock into her warm, soft mouth. “Suck, bitch.”

She was not especially good at this, but I let her work on my cock for a minute or two before doing what I had told her I was going to do. Taking her head in my right hand and her chin in my left, I started to push deep into her mouth.

“So time to fuck your throat baby.” I said, and spat into her face. “Open wide, suck-bitch.” As she tried to gasp for air, opening her throat to breath, I pushed my entire cock into her throat, impaling her face until my balls touched her chin, and held it whilst she panicked, and grasped at my thighs. Clamping her head in both hands, I now started to fuck her in the head. She gagged every time my cock entered her gullet and the convulsions drove me even wilder. “That’s it baby girl. Your neck knows how to massage my cock. Swallow that dick, bitch.”

I went slowly. Having her puke loudly in the street was not my aim. I thrust deep yet steady, hitting home and feeling how her throat stretched to take my swollen head. This girl had clearly never been fucked in the throat before. However, she was doing a very good job.

“Oh, good girl.” I whispered. “That’s it baby-doll, take my shaft down your throat. I am so going to empty my balls in your neck.” Then I came. The night was pent up inside of me, and my balls simply needed to release what they had held back all night. I pushed to full depth and sent two or three waves of spunk directly into her throat, as she gulped in order not to choke.

“I wanted to fuck you in the ass.” I said, without any real thought as my final spurt went into her mouth, and I pulled my softening cock out of her face. “I wish you had said, ass. But no one ever says ass, they all say mouth or cunt. Virgins always want mouth and sluts want cunt.” I said, somehow trying to create logic within the realms of a street-rape.

“I was a three-way virgin.” She whispered. “I have never had a man in me anywhere, until now.

“And how do you feel now?” I asked. I am not stupid. I could sense her curiosity. Yet was she really 20 or over. “How old are you sweetheart?” I asked, my limp cock still hanging in her face.

“I am seventeen.” She responded, and so much became clear.

“So what the fuck are you doing on the streets stinking of booze in a dress that is way too short?” I snapped.

“Hey, Mr Rapist. You are not my fucking dad, dude. Do not judge me or make this into my fault. You pushed me into this alley and fucked my mouth. I was on my way home.” She said in such a childlike way, I laughed.

“Don’t!” She cried. “Do NOT laugh at me!” As she cried she tilted her pretty face up towards me, my cock still just a centimetre or two from her mouth starting to harden again.

“Then grow up, bitch.” I hissed. If you act like a kid, you will get treated like a kid.

“Jesus mother fucking God. You just fucked my mouth.” She shouted. “Is that treating me like a child?”

She was right. I needed to change my approach. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“What the fuck, dude.” She retorted. “Are you trying to make friends or what?” She snapped, but a slap to her face shut her up

“Ouch!” She cried and touched her hand to her face. “I’m Jenny, alright. You don’t need to fucking hurt me, ok. I did what you wanted and you promised you would let me go after that. So can I go now, or what?” I looked at Jenny and explained I was changing the rules. I needed to fuck this girl. I told her so.

“Ok, Jenny. So we made a deal. I fucked your face, you swallowed and now you can go.” I stated as I helped her to her feet. “But I want to tell you that I would very much like to fuck you. Could you imagine doing that? Coming back to my hotel room and letting me fuck all your holes?”

“Are you totally off your head?” She snapped, but quickly said sorry as I raised my hand to slap her. “Ok, I’m sorry. Please don’t hit me again.” She yelped and I took her right hand in mine, forcing it onto my now hard cock.

“Do you see what you do to me?” I asked, and though she resisting a little, she curled her fingers round my shaft.

“Please just let me go now.” She whispered. “I sucked you off and swallowed your sperm like we agreed.” She pleaded and the thought crossed my mind just to break the rules and take her tight virgin ass right there in the stinking alleyway. I tried something else.

“Are you a student?” I asked, and the question caught her a little off guard.

“What? Why a student? What makes you think that? I am just seventeen, man! I am still at school.” She finally spat out, and I ignored her answer. I had a plan.

“Ok, here’s a new deal for you.” I started and as I spoke, I pulled out my wallet. She looked at me confused as I slipped two hundred Euros from my wallet. “I will give you two hundred Euros right now if you come with me.” I stated, and she looked shocked, but her eyes fixed on the fresh bills in my hand. I knew I had her attention.

“Two hundred.” She repeated, finally moving her eyes from the cash to mine. “I am not some cheap whore.” She added and laughed a little.

“Listen.” I continued. “Two hundred now just to come with me and another three hundred if you give me your body for my pleasure for the whole night. That’s five hundred Euros. Look, in fact I’ll make it six hundred, ok? That’s two hundred Euros for each fucking hole. No cheap whore makes anywhere near that amount. What do you say?” Her eyes were back on the cash, and I knew I had her.

“Six hundred? No tricks?” She asked, and she actually grasped at the two hundred in my hand. I let her take it and watched as she quickly picked up her bag from the ground to slip the money into a front pocket. That was all I needed to see.

“So now we know what you are.” I growled and took her completely by surprise as my right hand encircled her throat. I squeezed hard cutting off the air and stopping her screaming. I lifted and she went up onto her toes, a gurgling sound catching in her throat. “It’s just the fucking price that we are arguing about you filthy, dirty fucking whore.” Fear flashed across her face as I once again pulled the knife from my jacket and placed it to her face. “Not a fucking sound, bitch.” I snarled an released my grip on her throat. She coughed up phlegm, bile and spit, which she spat onto the floor.

“Oh my fucking god.” She cried. “You almost killed me.”

“Shut the fuck up, cock-whore.” I growled and grabbed a large handful of hair. “Get back on your cock-sucking fucking knees, bitch.” I added as I pushed her back onto the floor. My cock was hard again and she did not resist as I forced it between her lips. “Suck me, bitch. Suck my fucking cock or I will cut one of your fucking ears off.”

“Ok, ok!” She cried and let my throbbing cock push into her mouth. I pushed hard until once again, my glans parted her throat and my balls hit her chin.

“So you think your fucking slimy holes are worth six hundred fucking Euros do you, bitch? Well let me be the judge of that. So far, your fuck-face has not impressed me at all. I know crack-whores who can suck cock on a high better than you can.” I continued, and as I spoke I began fucking her throat. “Open that fucking throat, bitch.” I growled and spat a huge gulp of spit into her face before slapping her across the right cheek.

“Put those fucking claws down behind your back.” I then commanded as she raised her hands to my thighs, and I spat and slapped again. She was crying. I pumped into her throat another four or five times then pulled out.

“Ok, lick my balls.” I demanded and forced her face lower so she could get her tongue onto my sack. “Lick them!” I snarled and pushed her face into my scrotum. She was scared and immediately complied, rolling her tongue over my balls as I masturbated my throbbing cock above her face.

“Open your fucking mouth again, suck-whore.” I demanded, and forced my cock back into her open mouth. Her face was mess with snot, spit and tears smeared over both cheeks. I spat into her eyes and rammed the entire length of my rock-hard cock into her throat, holding it there as her nostrils started to flair and she fought for air.

“You breathe when I say you breathe, cock-sucking piece of shit.” I snapped at her and slapped her puffed out cheek before pulling my swollen glans back out of her throat. She gulped for air as I grabbed her hair and pulled her viciously to her feet.

“Stand up!” I demanded and she obeyed, desperately trying to alleviate the pain on her scalp caused by my violent pulling. “Get on your fucking feet, bitch.”

“Please stop hurting me.” She begged as she grasped for my hand tangled in her hair.

“Shut the fuck up.” I snarled and pushed her up against the wall. My face was right in her face, our noses touching and her eyes were wide with terror. I once again placed the tip of my knife just below her right eye.

“Turn round, bitch.” I commanded. “Turn round and put your hands flat on the wall. I am going to open up your tight virgin asshole, whore. I am going to fuck you in the fucking ass until you bleed and beg me to stop.”

“Please…” She started to beg but I cut her off.

“Shut the fuck up.” I was loud. Louder than I should be in this situation, but it worked. She immediately shut her mouth and as fresh tears rolled down her face, she turned to face the wall, the soft fabric of her dress rubbing my hard cock and filling me with anticipation. “Hands on the fucking wall.” I repeated, and she placed both palms flat on the cold dirty concrete. I took the hem of her dress in both hands.

“Let’s get a look at this nice tight ass.” I whispered as I very slowly slipped the dress up over her buttocks. Her ass was perfect. Firm round buttocks that immediately popped up with goose bumps as the cold air and my fingers touched them. I let the cold blade of my knife slide over her left buttock before moving the knife to my right hand to run the cold steel over her right buttock. A stifled snivel wracked through her body as I grasped her left buttock with my left hand and pushed the tip of my cock into the crack of her ass.

“Well, sweetheart. You certainly have a nice looking butt.” I whispered as I squeezed and stroked her cheeks with my left hand and slipped the knife under the waistband of her white panties. Let’s get a look at that tight little fuck-hole.” I added and cut the thin material of her panties, the right side sagging down as I switched the knife into my left hand to cut the left hand side of her waistband.

“Open your legs.” I commanded and kicked at her feet with my right foot, urging her to spread her legs. As she did so, her now ruined underwear fell to the floor between her feet. I slipped the knife back into my jacket pocket and slipped my right hand into her butt-crack. Another sob vibrated through her body as my middle finger found the opening to her tiny virgin anus.

“You know what sweetheart? That fucking suck hole of yours is nowhere near the price you were demanding, but this little hole right here might well be worth it.” I sneered into her right ear as I pushed just the tip of my finger into her butt. “How about we test it out with my fat fucking cock, bitch? What do you say? Shall we determine the value of your shitter? How about I butt-fuck you? Would you like that?” I asked, knowing fine well what her answer would be.

“Please don’t do it.” She whimpered. “Please, please don’t. I am scared. It will hurt so much and I have never done that before. Please.”

“Now isn’t that sweet.” I stated, pulling my finger out of her ass and grabbing my swollen cock. “One minute you are all ready to let me get my meat in your virgin shithole at a price, but now there might not be a pot of gold at the end of the anal rainbow, you are suddenly afraid it’s going to hurt. Well let’s get this straight, fuck-bitch. It is going to hurt. In fact, it is going to hurt a lot and I am going to enjoy inflicting that pain on your tight virgin butthole. I am going to laugh at your tears and get my rocks off on your pain until I fill your filthy whore ass with my spunk. Then, if I can make you get me back up hard again with your useless cock-sucking mouth, I am going to fuck your cunt, too. As I spoke I was slowly pushing the tip of my penis into her anus, and she gasped as she realised my assault had already started.

“Oh my god.” She gasped, and then I placed my right hand over her mouth, because I knew she would scream at what I was about to do.

“Ok, bitch. Time to scream!” I growled, and pushed into her anal cavity as swiftly and as hard as I possibly could, pushing in a single movement until my balls rested on her vagina. She screamed. Loud and hard into my clasping hand, leaving her begging and pleading and screaming unheard in the dark of that alleyway. I held her tight, buried inside her pained ass as deep as I could possibly go, her frantic convulsions and fighting simply heightening my evil, sadistic pleasure.

“Do you feel that, fuck-whore? Do you feel my cock deep in your fuck-hole ass?” I whispered into her ear, but I doubt she even heard me. She was sobbing relentlessly, and trying in vain to push me away with her hands. I bit her on the right shoulder, hard and drawing blood that tasted salty and of iron in my mouth.

“Who told you to take your fucking hands off that wall, bitch?” I demanded and spat her own blood into the side of her face, which was being pushed cruelly into the concrete. “Get those hands back on the fucking wall or I will bite chunk after chunk out of your fucking body.” I snarled, and then I took another bite from her shoulder, tearing another piece of skin and drawing even more blood. Her hands immediately went back to the wall, but she continued to cry and scream into my hand, as her tight anal muscles pushed and convulsed around my cock. This was exquisite, and I told her so.

“Oh good, good girl.” I whispered. “What a tight fucking ass you have. I can genuinely tell no motherfucking cock has ever opened that hole up before. You feel so fucking good bitch. Two hundred Euros good? No! Not even your fuck-hole is worth that money, fuck-bitch. Your holes are mine, Jenny. My personal fuck-holes to have hold and use any way I feel like using them. You are just another fucking piece of fuck-meat put on Earth for the taking. Your three fuck-holes are there to serve me, so how about we take this motherfucker for a test-drive?”

As I spoke, I slowly pulled my cock out of Jenny’s ass, slipping back until only my glans remained behind her sphincter, keeping my hand firmly over her mouth. She sensed what was coming and again cried into my hand. She cried in vain, as I once again thrust the entire length of my swollen cock into her resisting bowels. Her fingers clawed at the cold concrete, but she had learned well and kept her hand there as I started to fuck her in the ass. I went slowly at first, pushing in and out of her punished anus until her screams and cries subsided to a gentle sobbing. I removed my hand from her mouth, but was ready to cover it again quickly if she shouted or screamed. She did neither. Instead, she sobbed and whimpered with each thrust, clearly accepting her fate and knowing I was going to reach my orgasm in her ass, which in turn would end her ordeal.

“That’s it baby. That’s what your ass is for, bitch.” I stated taking her hips in my hands and slightly increasing my speed. “You are a fuck-ass bitch, and your holes are there for my cock.” I added, and pushed a little harder and deeper, causing her to let out a tiny stifled cry.

“You bite on your own fucking hand if you have to, fuck-bitch, but you shut the fuck up with that noise. I want to hear you crying quietly. No more screams or shouting.” I threatened, and Jenny actually covered her own mouth with her right hand as sobs rocked through her body. Again, I increased speed.

I fucked Jenny in the ass for about four or five minutes I guess. She was tight and I was wary not to tear myself by going at her tortured hole too hard, but I was rough enough considering she was a virgin and only seventeen. As I felt my climax start to build at the base of my spine I actually considered pulling out and finishing in her mouth, but as she whimpered and sobbed into her own hand, I let my balls empty into her anal cavity, telling her what I was doing.

“Do you feel that, ass-whore? That is my spunk spraying into your anus and filling your guts.” I growled as I started to shoot my load deep into Jenny’s newly fucked ass. “Fucking tell me what I am doing, bitch. Tell me or I will bite another chunk out of your back.” I threatened, and Jenny afraid of even more pain, complied.

“You are coming in my ass.” She sobbed. “You have fucked me in the ass and now you are coming inside me.” In truth, I was finished, spent and softening in one of the tightest holes I have ever fucked.

“Turn back round.” I commanded. “Turn round and get back on your knees.” As I spoke, I used my hands to guide her round to face me and to push her back onto her knees.

“Please let me go now.” She begged, but still obeyed my commands and sank to her knees.

“Clean me.” I ordered. “Suck my shit and come smeared cock into your fuck-mouth and clean me off.” As I ordered this young, pretty girl to take my foul stinking cock into her pretty mouth I pushed it between her lips and told her to “Suck me clean” and that she would need to try and get me hard again, because I was still going to fuck her cunt. She sobbed even harder and tears ran down her face again, but she obeyed.

I let Jenny suck and slurp on my soft cock for a while, not even getting close to hardening again. To make a confession, I was happy with what I had done to her already and even thought about letting her hold onto her vaginal virginity. I did not need to cunt-fuck her. I had spent my seed twice and would have been happy back at my hotel with a whiskey and cold beer. I am, however, Night Hawk. I do not only hunt to satisfy my sexual needs, I hunt to take pleasure in others suffering. I take my strength from their humiliation and from their pain. I was not going to let this teen off the hook, just yet. I stepped out of my trousers and underpants, freeing my lower body completely.

“Eat my ass.” I commanded my new victim, my helpless sex-toy and I turned round to point my butt at her face. I reached back and spread my own butt cheeks. “I want to feel your fucking tongue in my shithole, bitch. Let’s see if that fucking mouth of yours is good for anything other than crying. Lick me out, now.”

Jenny let out an audible groan as I confronted her with what to her was probably a disgusting task, but I soon felt her tongue slip into my anus as she began to lick and suck at my tight butthole.

“Good girl.” I whispered. “See, you know how to eat hairy ass at least. There is hope for you yet. You have a tight fuck-hole ass and you are good at eating anus. We just need to test out your cunt and I might just visit you again some time if that hole checks out. After all, I can train your mouth and throat. I can teach you to be a perfect little cocksucker if your other holes make it worthwhile. Would you like that bitch? Would you like me as your master? Your fuck-master?” I asked, and she honestly said no.

“I just want to go home.” She sobbed, but returned her tongue to my anus before I had to tell her to do so.

“Well, sweet fuck-jenny. We are almost there. You can go home soon sweetheart. There are just a few things we still need to get sorted and then you can be on your way. Would you like to get this over with now, Jenny-fuck-toy? Would you like me to set you off on your way home, soon?”

“Yes, please.” She sobbed.

“Yes, please, master.” I corrected her. Your first lesson needs to be that you always call me master or you call me sir when you speak to me. Now would you like to go home soon, fuck-toy?”

“Yes, please! Sir.” She sobbed.

I pulled away from her licking tongue and turned to face her as she knelt before me.

“Who is your fuck-master, jenny-fuck-toy? Who do you obey? Who is your master?” I asked and hoped she was clever enough to give me the answer I wanted.

“You, sir! You are my master, my fuck-master and I obey only you.” She whispered, and a tear ran sown her right cheek.

“Take off your dress, toy!” I commanded and she started to pull the flimsy material up over her head without hesitation. Perhaps she had finally realised that the only way to end this ordeal was to get it finished. There was no trick, no shorter way. The hawk corned the mouse, and the hawk like the cat likes to play with its prey. I took the dress from her hands and smelt it. It smelt of young girl and booze. I smiled down at her, wiped my cock with the soft material and threw it into the corner.

Strangely, Jenny had folded her arms over her chest to cover her nakedness. I laughed at that.

“Put your arms down.” I demanded. “I want to see your tits.” She was not wearing a bra and her pert and firm breasts, beautifully formed had dark protruding nipples. I stooped down and cupped first her right and then her left breast before twisting each nipple gently between my fingers.

“Close your eyes.” I commanded, and she complied. I stood back up above her and taking my soft penis in my right hand, I began to urinate over her chest, letting the warm golden liquid splash onto her firm tits and run over her flat belly into her lap. I then changed my aim and sent the jet of piss directly into her face. She turned away at first, but I slapped her with my left hand, bringing her head back round.

“Stay facing this way, piss-bitch.” I ordered. “Open your fucking mouth so I can piss in your throat. And bitch, you better fucking swallow what I give you.” I growled and though she groaned, she opened her lips and let the jet of warm liquid into her mouth. She balked at the first jet, spitting it over her own chest and I slapped her hard. “Swallow, bitch. I warned you.” I shouted and she obediently swallowed some of the putrid fluid I was spraying into her mouth. She balked and I thought she would be sick, but she managed to hold back the vomit, and swallow down the piss in her throat. I stepped forward and pushed my cock into her mouth while still sending out a gentle flow.

“Swallow it all piss-bitch.” I demanded, and she gulped down as much of the liquid as she could before I stopped the flow and pulled out of her mouth.

“Get on all fours.” I commanded, and she rocked off her haunches and knelt on all fours. Standing behind her, I now let my piss flow again, pissing up her back and over her hips and buttocks. The liquid on her dark skin glistened in the half-light and I knew I was soon going to be ready to take her virgin cunt. I just needed to empty my bladder first. I stemmed the flow one more time and went back round to her head.

“Lick my boots.” I ordered her, and as she sank down and started to lap at my boots with her tongue, I emptied the remaining piss from my bladder over my own feet and the back of her head, letting her lick the stinky fluid from my boots and from the ground. Then with my bladder finally empty, it was time to finish up for the night.

“Ok, you filthy pissed-on whore.” I started as she still lapped at my feet. “Get up here and suck my fucking cock until it’s hard again.” I demanded, and Jenny obeyed, taking me in her right hand and feeding my now slightly hardening prick into her mouth.

“Deeper! Harder!” I commanded as the teen worked her lips, tongue and mouth over my cock, balls and glans. I gave her clear instructions on where her tongue, lips, and throat were to be at all times and she followed every order until my cock was throbbing in her hand and pulsating in her soft mouth. It was time.

I did not tell her what I was going to do. I simply pushed her hand and mouth off my cock and forced her head back down onto the filthy floor.

“Stay, bitch.” I commanded her like a dog. Then standing up fully I walked round behind her and moved between her legs, kicking them apart so her already fucked ass and still virgin cunt opened before me. I did not really want to kneel down on the dirty full pissed floor, but I also wanted to take this bitch like a dog. I wanted her on her knees with her holes exposed. I knelt between her legs and took her as if she were a bitch in heat and I was a randy dog. No frills not playing. I aimed my fat cock at her gaping cunt and forced it into her belly with a single thrust, feeling her hymen tear as I deflowered her in the filth and grime and my own piss.

“Get your fucking face down on that floor, bitch. Clean it!” I commanded, forcing her head into the filth and grime as I shafted her cunt from behind. “Lick the fucking floor, dog.” I demanded, and made sure I could see her tongue sliding over the dirty floor. Fuck knows how many men and animals had pissed on that floor apart from me, but I made her lick it as if she were cleaning it as I hammered her cunt. She no longer cried or sobbed, she did not beg. She took my cock in her cunt, licked the filth, rat, dog and human piss from the floor until I growled like a beast, and emptied my balls into her no longer virgin cunt.

“You filthy fucking piece of shit.” I told her as I potentially impregnated her, sending my seed deep into her vagina. “Take my spunk, come-bitch. Do you still think I need to pay you six hundred Euros for those filthy holes? How about I drag every homeless motherfucker in the city into this alley and let him fuck you? Then you might make a couple of hundred Euros, especially if you take their fucking dogs, too.” I laughed, and finally spent the last of my seed in her cunt. She started to straighten up.

“Stay, bitch!” I commanded. “Keep your fucking face on the ground.” I added as I pulled my now spent cock out of her come-filled cunt. Standing I retrieved my underwear and trousers from the other corner, where I had been careful to keep them away from the filth.

“You stay fucking put, bitch, till I tell you to move.” I added as I pulled on my clothes. Jenny lay with her face in the filth, her eyes closed and obeying my commands, she did not move. I grabbed her bag and retrieved the two hundred Euros she had taken, whilst at the same time pulling out her ID.

“Ok, Jenny Mertens.” I read from her ID. “I am done with you and your filthy fuck-holes for tonight. But I know where to find you if I want more or if you are fucking stupid enough to go to the police.” As I said this, I also repeated her address from her ID to make sure she understood my threat. “Stay where you are for sixty seconds when I leave. Then you can put on your dress and go home. You can take a shower and all this will just be a bad nightmare. But I would advise you to go to the doctors and get the morning after pill, unless of course you want my child in your filthy whore belly. That is up to you. Just one more thing, though, before I go. I want you to understand fully that if you had said no to my offer of money, I would have let you go. I would have stuck to the deal of only using your mouth and none of this would have happened. However, you said yes. You were willing to be a whore for six hundred Euros. A whore is a whore regardless of price. You are a filthy fucking sex-whore Jenny Mertens. You give your fuck-holes for cash. Hey, no problem. Fill your boots and make the money sweetheart, but learn to suck some good cock before you go pro.” I laughed and walked out of the alleyway.

Am I an evil man? I guess so, though I do have rules and some basic morals. Nonetheless, at just eight years old I had raped a twelve-year-old girl called Patricia. She had cried and asked me why I had done that to her. I had told her the truth. Now, Jenny Mertens was just another set of holes over the years that I had been taking women and using their holes for my pleasure. Because they are there and because I can. I am a hunter, a predator. Females are my prey.

I woke with my cock still in Lena’s mouth. Simone was eating Lena’s pussy and the sun was shining. Today I would go fuck Petra again.

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    I know I’ve daddy issues but I wish someone made me one of his girls, like this. What’s the point of working out seven days a wel when your bf is still a boy, ugh.

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      Glad you like it! Next part is coming! I am working on it.

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      Hey, nothing wrong with being a Horny Boy at 13. I am glad you liked it. Are you active yet? Have you actually fucked a girl? When I was just a little older than you at 14 I fucked the wife from one of my father’s work mates. I was babysitting for them when they went out. She came home alone, drunk and crying, telling me how much she hated her husband. One thing led to another. There were no mobiles back then, so it was not easy to get her to admit to it. I sent her a romantic letter declaring my love and how great her body was and shit. She wrote a really sweet letter saying how she had been drunk and made a mistake. She told me I was a great kid but it must never happen again. So then I had the bitch. I had a written confession that she had fucked me, a minor. After that her holes belonged to me under threat of showing my parents and her husband the letter. I blackmailed her for almost 3 years until they got divorced and moved away. I might write the whole story for you guys one day.

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      If you read all the series you will see I do not live in the USA. The issue you have is how to not be exposed or caught. If you simply rape your GF Mom your GF and the police will have something to say about that 😉 You need an edge. A way to make her mom do whatever you tell her. You need a way to blackmail her. Or you need to chat her up and see if she is game anyway 🙂