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Fucking a cute innocent real tight preteen at backyard treehouse

I am Dan, 22 year old handsome muscular college student. I am a womenizer but I had fucked some girls .
Last year when I had come home for my summer vacation this incident took place ( though I made it happen).one evening I was playing some game on my phone I noticed a little girl entered our backyard. it’s seemed to me she is one of my younger brother’s friend from neighborhood. I moved to the backyard to tell her that my brother went out with my parents for weekend camping.
When I reached to the backyard garden I couldn’t find the girl like she had been vanished. After sometime I had noticed a treehouse on a big tree .then I peep through the treehouse floor to I surprise I found the girl with a adult magazine on her left hand and her right hand inside her pants.
She was very shocked to see me , she was shivering like hell. I tried to clam her down by saying I’m not gonna tell anyone about this incident.she seem to be relaxed a little.
I told her I am here just to tell you that your friend isn’t here .
Then I told her I join you for little while and may nodded or something I just pop half of body inside the treehouse . But it’s still very low for me to sit straight.
I asked her do you read those magazine with my brother.she said my brother is the one brought the magazine. Then I noticed how cute and shy this little girl is.
Don’t get me wrong I fucked many girl some of them are virgin teenagers but never encountered such nubile beautiful creature. That’s point when I decided to fuck her .she gonna be the youngest girl I ever fucked.her sex free intoxicated innocent mind and her pure fragile body made me a monster. At this point I don’t care about her safety her health or anything. I just want to have her . Before she could decide about right and wrong I will be on top of her with my full 7.5 inch inside her little virgin pussy .
So I asked her do you ever get naked in front of my brother ?
She said No.
Good I will be the frist to see her too.
I asked her if touched my brother ? She said yes
Then I said could you do that for me
She got surprised.but I pull her close to me pull down my

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  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    I know that I still don’t write a perfect story but they have gotten better the more I do it. Keep it up. You have good ideas.

  • Reply Cunt hater ID:82e5nbapv0

    Part 2 pleasee tear it down

  • Reply rainer winkle4 ID:2pdvmiq49k

    Obviously not finished or copy and paste

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    Great Story Do Part 2 and fuck her up the ass

    • Anon ID:5u1d7cg49b

      Really what story did you read? DON’T do part especially if it’s as poorly written like this is

  • Reply Anon ID:5u1d7cg49b

    Poor grammar and the lack of proof reading make this story unintelligible and poor

    • Shut up ID:21z3s54k0c

      Bro how about you write your own story instead of going around judging everybody else I swear if I see you comment negative shit under another story I’m hacking for fucking ip

    • Anon ID:5u1d7cg49b

      How is a writer supposed to improve, if nobody tells them the truth? There is an old programmers acronym G.I.G.O. It stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out. This writer’s quality of work can improve but only when they are given correct comments and aren’t misled by comments like “great story”;when it is quite obvious the story isn’t great due to the previously mentioned issues

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Okay, what do you accomplish from arguing with a reader that enjoyed the story, and wants a Part II?


      Lmfao, this anon guy is a pussy like that this once kid. Go suck a fat cock or sum instead of shitting on someone. Write yo own story if your mad at the mistakes nigga

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2qr9

      Sorry but I agree with Anon all the way. Purposely giving a low score to a decent story is fucking pathetic but giving advice on a poorly written story is HOW WRITERS IMPROVE! it’s called FEEDBACK!.
      It’s the same as sex….NO ONE is the best at first. one is taught how. if the writer get all fucking bent out of shape because of feedback then fuck them in the ass!