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fun at school camp

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im 13 and my classmate is about the same. it was the first night at school camp and a group of us were playing cards in my friends tent (lets call him J) after 20 minutes or so everyone left and went back to their own tents so it was only me and J, we started talking about crushes and sex stuff,both of us getting more daring and horny as we went on. soon i dared him to jerk me off, J pulled down my pants slowly and took my 5 inch cock in his wet, warm mouth. It felt so good, he started getting into it and taking it faster and deeper down his throat, he stopped before i came but i still enjoyed it. next he dared me to do the same, he pulled out his smaller maybe 3-4 inch dick.I took it into my mouth right away loving every second of it, J started to make small moans i knew he was about to cum so i started going faster when i felt him shake a little i knew it was coming,i took his dick as deep as it would go and drank every drop of his yummy cum. we made out and fingered each others assholes before making out a little more and i left. the next day I let him fuck my asshole in the tent. i bent over spreading my cheeks for him he licked my asshole to loosen me up then went hard and fast shoving his small dick into my tight ass, he tapped me on the shoulder to tell me he was going to cum inside me. i felt him go as deep as he could before he came buckets into my tight virgin ass. a few hours later it was shower time so of course me and J went together. while we were waiting for our other classmates to get out of the showers i sat him on the bench and pulled his shorts off taking his yummy dick in my mouth licking it as i bobbed my head up and down on his beautiful small cock he told me he wanted to cum on my face so i took his dick out my mouth and was stroking it, i was now on my knees and he was standing over me while i jerked him off. his cock twitched and he came again alot but not as much as the night before all over my face.i made him lick it all up before making out with him untill the showers were free.

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    Good story. This is my first time reading this story but most likely it won’t be my last time reading it.

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    Dam that’s a bit story dude

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    Kik or snap

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      whats your snap i will add you

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    How old are u**

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    Kinda wish my shy ass went to summer camp, so I could become a cum dump for the boys and the camp counselors