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When I was younger

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When I was younger I had sex with my sister

When I was around 13 me and my sister (who is 16) were bored cause our parents had left to go see our grandparents. While they were gone me and my sister were wrestling around when I got a boner and was embarrassed and stopped. She saw and blushed but nothing happened I went to my room to jerk off but while jerking off she came in without knocking and I covered up quickly.

She was wondering what I was doing and she saw I had a hard on under the blanket. She grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it through the blanket it it felt great I told her I was about to come and she stopped. I asked her why she stopped and she said cause I want to do more and she went under and started sucking my cock not even ten minutes in I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

After that about an hour passed and she asked if I wanted to do more I said yes and she gave me a condom we got naked and I shoved my dick in her and she let me fuck her in doggy it was so good after about 30 minutes I came.

If any girls wanna chat more about this my snapchat is my username The_demon1525 or add me on kik which is the_demon152.

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  • Reply Douche

    Lmaooooo sure bro, 30 minutes? Bs at least try to make this shit realistic

    • Stfu

      You mad you don’t last as long

    • Hmm

      That’s what I was thinking

  • Reply FukU

    U still do her?