Continuing Change of DNA

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I have changed my DNA from human to dog, and are becoming more and more dog

The gestation period for dogs is only about two months, so I put on weight quickly. My stomach grew and I started to develop tits down my stomach, as many as eight nipples grew out and I got bigger and bigger breasts. I behaved more and more like a dog during this time, but felt happy. One day I was at the vet for an ultrasound check. He could see that I had four puppies in my stomach. He told the guard that I should exercise a lot and be given food intended for pregnant bitches.
I had only quiet days with exercise and good food, but about fifty-five days after I was covered I began to feel that the birth was approaching. I became more aggressive towards everyone other than the guard who usually looked after me, the udders had become large and tender, and I felt that I had to arrange a proper rent. But the science-centre had prepared a proper feeding room for me. I was locked in there and allowed to be completely to myself. It started to hurt a lot, and I barked and howled so that the guard came in to me. The birth was underway. He took the puppy that had come out and put it to me so that I could lick it clean, and little by little all four were born. I licked them all clean and the guard left them to my udders so they could suckle. Two of them looked like their father, but the other two looked like the bitch who had given me her DNA, their drawings in the coat were almost exactly like my coat, dark, brown and something white under the belly. When everyone was born and the offspring had arrived and I had eaten it, the puppies were added to the udders. The milk squirted when I felt them start looking for the nipples, and after a short while everyone was breastfeeding. Come delicious cuddly sound from them all. They were all examined by the vet, and he found that they were all well-built and in good shape. I stayed with the puppies for a month. After they were taken from me, I had to undergo a complete health check, including some vaccines against dog diseases. I got to be in the hotel part by the centre while I got out of dog mode. I missed my puppies tremendously, but did not meet them again. Eventually I got out of dog mode and was able to get back to work. Was really delicious there too. I had clothes that hid my dog’s body, so no one saw that I had breasts and fur on my body.
When I got home, I was summoned to my regular vet after a week. Got some vaccines again. I was also told that I had to expect to have a term within four to five months. One wanted to cover me again then. I would then again be covered with a German Shepherd who was now defined to be of the same race as me. I have entered into a contract that they should be able to cover me at least three times, so it’s OK to get it done. The vet said that I probably had to expect to develop more into a dog for each pregnancy, but that they should do everything to keep it as under control as possible. The first thing that would come was that I would most likely get a tail, one could already feel a lump in my butt that indicated that it would happen quite quickly.
It went pretty well to be at work and to socialise with other people. But noticed that my senses had changed, especially the sense of smell. Besides, I had become accustomed to dog food and actually enjoyed it, but when I was with other people I could not show that I ate dog food. I was warned by the vet against eating chocolate, nuts and raisins. In all, everything that is sweet. Also, I should not drink alcohol and coffee can make me hyperactive. Raw meat is great, but I should avoid fried meat. As the body’s internal organs adapt to the fact that I have switched DNA to dogs, I become more and more sensitive to dairy products. But think it has gone well with the diet.
The time after I gave birth to the puppies went fast. Was every other week at the vet for a check-up, and then received both the necessary vaccines and injection of dog hormones. Eventually got fur over large parts of the body, and little by little the tail got bigger. When I was naked, I looked more and more like a dog.
A little over half a year after I was weaned, I felt my body begin to change. It went against maturity again. I then travelled to London and enrolled in the Human Dogs Centre. I was taken to a room at the centre’s veterinarian, and had the tattoo and the chip I have on my neck checked. When one had found out that everything was right, I was dressed naked and put on a dog collar. I was rented to a cage that was very nicely decorated for human bitches. I got a bowl of dog food and one of water and then I was locked inside the cage.
The next morning I was picked up by a guard. I had now gotten so much into dog mode that I barked and wagged my tail when she came. She rented me to a dog farm where there used to be two human bitches. They growled and barked a little as soon as I km into the enclosure with them, but did not go long before they waved their tails and sniffed and licked me. I growled and barked at them too, but it was not long before we became good friends

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  • Reply Gemma ID:1eechaci12kt

    I was called to the animal hospital today with the message that they were going to review my vaccinations But via others I had heard rumors that we were going to be euthanized. After all, I had expected that sooner or later the project would be discontinued and that we who have operated on dogs would have to be removed.
    The vet here at the animal hospital takes good care of me, strokes and pats me. She is probably thinking that tomorrow she will give me an injection that will kill me. She seems somewhat stressed, but behaves as naturally as possible. She has been a good vet for me and even let me mate her a couple of times. She put me at ease and I had no fear of what I knew would happen. I hope they euthanize me with a sedative so that I just fall asleep and not notice anything. Some people just shoot their dogs, but I don’t think Margrethe will do that.
    I realize that I have had a good and rich dog life and also a good human life. Ever since I had surgery and changed my DNA to a dog, I have become more and more a dog. It has been a sometimes dramatic experience, but I have always felt that I did the right thing when I joined the project and allowed myself to operate

  • Reply Dolly ID:2jow8ep49j

    I am so lucky that I have been accepted in the same project as Gemma
    Has been on treatment with dog hormones for a long time, and is now in heat.
    Tomorrow I will be covered by a big German Shepherd male dog for the first time.
    I’m incredibly horny now and my whole body is shaking with excitement

  • Reply Marry ID:5dj7078ra

    Hi Gemma
    I have participated in the same scientific experiments as you. I have recently given birth to the third litter and am waiting for me to have a mating period again. My vet says I will no longer be covered because of the danger of crossing the line to become more of a dog than a human. However, I still plan to let a dog cover me. I’m happy to have become as much a dog as I have become

    • K9 owner ID:bizzgvv9d

      Gemma can you text me on telegram @K9owner_07, I’m wanna try this scientific experiment

  • Reply M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp42

    Do you need to be bred

    • Gemma ID:5dj7078ra

      A stray dog mated with me last time I was mating, but I am sterilized now and can not get more litters

    • M. Lovdahl ID:fx7itcm9d

      Too bad

  • Reply Gemma ID:5dj7078ra

    My veterinary is registated as my owner
    She takes goog care of me

  • Reply Gemma ID:5dj7078ra

    Due to Covid-19 and Brexit, it is possible that we who have changed DNA from human to dog will get a syringe that kills us.
    I am a registered dog now and am being treated as one

    • M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp42

      Do you have an owner

    • Peter ID:2jow8ep49j

      Are you still alive?

    • Gemma ID:53dsgteqi

      I am still alive. Living at at kennel as a dog