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Thanks uncle mikey

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When I was 11 years old I recall the vivid memories of being fucked by my uncle everytime we were alone it started when we went camping and shared a tent he told me kt would be warm enough to sleep without bottoms so I load down and he spooned me only in boxers I remember ignoring as he pulled of our undies and my shirt I was small I didn’t even have boots or hair on my pussy yet he spent the night creaming my pushy and I enjoyed it despite the small pain after a year we didn’t speak on it i got my period when I turned twelve and began blooming small little mounds barely an a cup and still no hair on my pussy yet our annual camping trip whenever he could on the dock on the boat in the tent in the grass bent over a tree he stuffed his cock in me and drew his load all over me.

I even sucked him off I enjoyed being raped and molested thats when we fucked all the time my body was so active and horny I was a b cup by the age of 13 and had curves that made men grope me whenever nobody was looking despite me telling them my page I loved the attention I was molested alot and had to get an birth control implant when I turned 13 and grew the b cups I talked about me an older guy had offered me money to come to a brothel my uncle came and I was put in a room with a mattress naked guys of all sorts came i. Creamming in me and I had to act innocent so I did and guys loved it i was asked to role-playing different acts and call guys name i got so much money off of it

Fast forward to the age if 15 i have nice perky c cups and and thick and curvy body i work at brothels and sometimes go into glory holes and its all based off of consent even if ina minor i love my jobs and yes I get tested uve never had any type of stds

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  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    Proofread a couple times before you publish

  • Reply Bruh ID:ijtfn58

    Maybe you should go back to school the cum is getting to your brain

  • Reply xxx ID:81rfj3g20a

    a really lovely tale, is amazing how horny are teenagers on these days

  • Reply rahul ID:61nk7apbhrd

    Can you send me some pics of your body? 🙂 email: [email protected]