Cop fantasy off of my bucket list

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I’m 27 and have had a bucket list since I lost my virginity. I’ve knocked a few off but there’s a few left. This last weekend I finally knocked this one off. I had no one to tell so here I am lol. My husband and I have great sex but he’s boring unfortunately. I’m definitely the kinkier one. I’m short, blonde long hair, big tits and all my post baby weight went to my ass and hips. My tits and my face are what most guys like on me. Okay so I get pulled over for the first time in years. I pulled in a dim lit parking lot since it was a one lane road. Real handsome older cop said I was speeding and asked for license and registration. I could not afford a ticket during the holidays. I made sure my shirt was unbuttoned when he came back enough to see how big my tits really are. I pleaded as he wrote my ticket. I asked if there was anything I could do for him. He asked if I was trying to bribe him. I told him not at all but I’m very flexible and I’d love to show him. Part of me was horny as fuck, the other part wanted to get out of a ticket. He had me get out and get into my backseat while he shut his car off. He said if I could put my legs behind my head, I could go. If not, ticket. That was easy but I was in a dress. I wanted to be playful so I asked him not to look at my pussy because I had really tiny panties on, he said he wouldn’t. I put both legs behind my head. He was impressed but seemed very impressed with my big ass and barely covered pussy. I had both hands on my ass with my legs still up and told him he wasn’t supposed to look, acting like I was upset. He touched my hand, specifically my ring and asked what my husband would say knowing I was doing this. His hand moved over mine and grabbed a handful. I think my husband would be fine, I’d do anything for the police, I said. I asked if I could sit up and now I was eye level with his crotch. I seen his ring and asked if his wife would be upset knowing how hard he got during a traffic stop. I moved my hand up his thigh and he said she might be so he better get rid of it before he went home. Say no more.

I had his cock through his zipper and in my mouth in a flash. My pussy was throbbing so much. I was sucking a cops cock in the back seat of my car, It was surreal. The whole time in my head I was thinking…please try to fuck me, please try to fuck me. I was a good girl for him and waited patiently. Taking him all the way in my mouth and back out, tongue swirling, hands all on his balls and cock. If it were my husband, he would’ve came already. My heart skipped a beat when he pushed me back and pulled the top of my dress down. He was teasing me with his mouth on my nipples and his cock pressed on my thigh. It felt like an eternity before he said to show him how flexible I was again. I wanted to make it very obvious that I wanted to fuck so I said I had to fix my panties. By fix I really meant moving them aside so my holes were exposed. He ran his hands down my legs and asked me what I would do if he fucked me right now. I was like, oh no officer, I don’t think I’m wet enough for your big cock. I was playing around, I was more than wet enough. I wasn’t expecting him to go down on me. He could’ve made me cum had he went a minute longer. He stopped just short and put his cock on my pussy and asked if I was wet enough. I bit my lip and nodded fast. He was on top over me with my legs behind my head and sunk his cock in me all at once. He pounded me just like I craved. My eyes were fixed on him fucking me. I couldn’t believe it was happening and I got in my own head about it which made me cum. I watched his cock get wet and creamy when I came, creamier than I’ve ever been. He took it completely out of me and even he was amazed at all the creamy goodness. He asked me if my husband makes me cream like a slut. I said no but asked him if his wife lets him cuff her and bang her ass as hard as he wants. He looked at me like he hit the jackpot. I got on my belly and wiggled my ass on his dick while he cuffed me. I love anal, it’s the easiest way to make me cum besides going down on me. He barely used enough spit but I was so turned on, I took it no problem. He had me screaming, he grabbed my panties off the floor and stuffed my mouth. He called me names, spanked me, pulled my hair and I came again. It was either my muffled screams or my ass convulsing on his cock that made him cum. I felt him twitch deep inside me and knew he was dumping so much cum in me. I was grunting like an animal pushing my ass up against him. He stayed in my ass for another minute enjoying the moment. He moved me on his side and replaced my panties with his cock. I sucked it like the whore I was. He uncuffed me and told me to drive safe, slapped my ass and left.

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  • Reply like2watch1576

    Now, why was it I never made a traffic stop like that? I had plenty of women show lots of cleavage and leg to the point of where I could have arrested them for indecent exposure. But none actually sucked my cock or fucked me. But your experience did remind me of something during our training.

    We were shown a video of a traffic stop where a pretty young lady with long blonde hair, big tits, and long sexy legs was stopped. She was wearing a button-up blouse with only a few buttons hooked and a very, very short skirt. She was so sweet and apologetic. We were then told to write down in detail everything we had noticed.

    Out of 50 cadets both male and female, only 2 noticed a small chrome-plated pistol laying in full view on the console until they re-played it and stopped on the part where it was in plain view for at least 30 seconds. So after that no matter how hot a girl looked or any other distraction I always looked around making sure I saw everything.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Yeah, I call that the :”Fuckit List.” Congratulations, *****