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My first time

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my fist ever time doing anything and was with my brother.

My first time, ive never told anyone before this is the first time ive even replayed everything in my head I’m 37 now and this started way back, I was 11 but remember everything vividly.
It was the summer holidays and about a week in mum and dad had to go stay with my nan as she fell ill, I was 11 and my brother was 17 so he was to look after me.
Our parents left about 8am, i didn’t notice anything different during the day, looking back it was kinda normal day brother in his room on his computer and I sat around watching TV.
About 5 we sat up the table having dinner, it was delivery as mum and dad left us there card for dinners, we finished dinner and Ben told me he was gonna run me a bath for before bed again pretty normal until he said that he will have to sit in the bathroom with me, i did ask why and he just said for safety in case I slipped and went under the water, I thought it a bit weird but kinda went with it.
In the bath room I stood in front of the bath and told Ben to face the other way while he was sitting on the toilet seat,  i get in and ben turns around saying he can’t see if I drown if he isn’t looking, now was starting to feel weird as he was just staring at my vagina as I’m totally naked in front of my brother.
Then he started asking me questions like if I had a boyfriend and if ive kissed any boys,  the answer was no to both, then he said have I played with myself, I didn’t have a clue what he meant so he said played with your vagina with your fingers i said no and that sounds gross, he said it was normal and feels good everyone does it. Then said have u seen a boys penis, i live a very shelterd life and was very nieve, so no i tell him, he comes over to the bath and says he will show me his as he can see mine so its only fair, not sure what was going on i say ok as he pulls his shorts down and for the first time I see this big hard scary thing infront of me, he pulls it a few times, he then puts it away and says get washed and meet me in mum and dads room.

Now at 11 my big brother was my everything my idol, I loved him so much and would do anything for him, so him saying to meet him in mums room made me happy as it meant he wanted to spend time together, I got washed put my long bedtime t-shirt on and headed to our parents room, as I walked in ben was in the bed under the covers. I walk over to the bed and he moves the covers and tells me to get in, we sit there quiet for a little while when he asks me again of ive everdone anything with a boy, i said no again and he said OK let’s play mums and dads, excited i ask how we play and he says I have to do everything he says but promised not to hurt me, i said OK an he says to take my t-shirt off first, I was a late bloomer so had nothing to hide as no tits at the time so just pulled it off, he then told me to close my eyes and not open then whatever happend.
I sit the eyes closed then gently feel his lips touch mine, felt soft and nice, then I felt a hand touch my chest, kinda made me jump but he just said its OK relax, whilst kissing ke he moved my hand over to his penis and wrapped my hand round it, i still remember the feeling well as I was the first time I’d ever touched one, it felt so hard and warm and big, I just sat there holding it until he stopped kissing me and sat back asking if I know what sex is, of course i didn’t know so told him that when he said he can explain it to me so again enjoying the attention I said ok.
He told me to take my panties off and sit opposite him with my legs open, so we are sitting naked opposite each other my legs open infront of him and his hard penis that looked even bigger in front of me.
Then proceed to tell me when a boy loves a girl a lot his penis goes hard like this and pulled on it a few times and for girls they get a wet vagina, feeling warm a fuzzy as that was the first time I’d herd Ben say he loves me but got worried and said my vagina isn’t wet but I do love you, he assured me it was fine and said sex is when the boy puts his penis inside the girls vagina, i looked at him puzzled what do you mean inside i said? How? He laughed and told me to lay back still with my legs open,  I do so then I feel his finger start touching my vagina, it tickeld a little to start with but I nice kind of tickle, then he started to push his finger inside me was a little uncomfortable but ok, felt strange, I jumped in shock as I felt a sharp pain, I now no he had touched my hymen thats what hurt, he pulled the finger out and continue to rub me the nice feeling coming back then stopped, I looked up at him as he said look at your vagina its wet now, i look and felt happy as Ben now knows I love him as its wet like he said.
He asked if I wanted sex now, again not really knowing I said ok and layed down on the bed, he explained he has to out his penis insde my vagina, a little worried as I told him it hurt when it was his little finger and his penis is so much bigger. He said its OK as im wet now, and said it will hurt but only for a second like taking a plaster off.
He opened my legs wide and climbed on top of me holding him self up with one hand and had the other hand on his penis rubbing it up and down my vagina, my wetness had coated his penis making it feel nice as he slipped it up and down my slit, it felt so nice and felt a nice warm feeling start to flow all over me.
The head of his penis popped between my vagina lips which didn’t hurt but then as he went to push I felt the most awful pain inside, I now know it was my hymen he was trying to break through, I pushed at his chest to try getting him off and started to cry because of the pain and told him I cant as it hurts to much, he didn’t say anything just got his penis between my lips again and without a hesitation just pushed in with everything he had, I literally screamed as I felt lump forcing its way all the way in side, I felt my self tare open and the feeling that I was going to be split in two, I felt like i couldn’t breath all I could feel was his penis pulsing deep inside me and my vagina contracting and releasing around him as he held deep inside, I put my hands over my face as he started to fuck me the immense pain had subsided and was replaced with a burning feeling, it felt like it went in forever but in reality was a matter minutes, his whole body stiffend his penis got bigger, groaned real loud as i felt him pulsing again in side me and a warm feeling filling me inside,
He eventually pulled himself off and out of me, didnt say a word just got dressed and walked out the room.
I sat up a felt a gush cone6 out of me, i looked down and see his cum leaking out of me,  (didnt know what it was at the time) I rushed to the toilet and sat there trying to pee, cleaned myself up and went to find Ben, he was in his room watching TV,  i walked in and said can we phone mum and tell her we love each other and had sex, he looked scared and said we can’t tell anyone what happend and to pretend nothing happened from now on,
He made me promise not to tell anyone and told me to go to bed, feeling a little upset I did as I was told, laying in bed a felt another weird gush and felt so wet and sticky down there but drifted off to sleep.
The next morning was like nothing ever happend, it was only the mess in my panties that showed any signs of what happend.

2 years passed and I’d come to realise I was raped by my brother, he had since moved out and in with his girlfriend but I wanted payback so started planning.

I’m no author so please forgive and spelling and grammar mistakes.
I have a few experiences if you would like to hear them
Boy from school 13y
Payback on my brother 13y
Random stranger 13y
Dad 14y
teacher 14y
Best friends dad 14y

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    I remember my brother was my first on my 12th birthday. It hurt but I let him finish. After he came in me he said that he should have asked if I started having my period. I told him yes. He went really quiet. Finally a out a hour later he wanted to do it again.
    He asked right before he came should he pull out I said you didn’t the first time to go ahead
    He got more excited

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    I hope you are ok after all of it (of course if this is true)…..tell us story “payback” sounds interesting 😉

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    Wow that was fucked up and amazing let’s hear the revenge next but I’d love to hear them all

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