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My dog best friend/lover

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I’m 14 and this is about how i got addicted to my dog max

Wellll I’m john and this happend last year when i was 13. I’ve always head protective parents and I’m an only child so i never got out much but i do have plenty of alone time. So one night i just got out of the shower and i came to my room and layed in bed i never lay in bed naked but thank god i did this time. Well max jumped up at me and started licking up my balls and penis ohhhhh it felt so gooood. He ended up fucking me and cuming in me it felt so good. I spit all over myself and he likes when i pee on me cause the flavor gets realllly good i likes to lick my butt and i let him shove his penis in me and i reallly need more cum he’s kinda small and i need way more. He also doesn’t let me suck his cock and i really need to. Now I’m 14 and every time i come home from football practice all sweaty i come straight to my room and let him have me. Ps every time as soom as i cum i get realllly guilty. Also i need a daddyyyy please. My snap chat is Johnb9399 please comment dirty naughty comments

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