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Teen Modelling

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In our very early teens my twin sister and I modelled from the age of 6 to 13 and it was shortly after 13 that we decided to walk away.

We are mixed race asian, we are identical and we are to be fair very attractive and we also had very mature figures as children, we were 32 D and curvy and in addition having spent time around much older models and noted that so many shaved their pussies so we ere shaving ours from a very early age and we would shave each others to make sure no accidents, we believe that this revelation was overheard by the photographer o one particular shoot for bikinis in Spain.

On this particular shoot our mum as always was chaperoning us and made sure we got to where we were meant to be, we were on the beach all day in what were rather dull swim suits as opposed to bikinis. Mum was in a flap because the shoot was running over and she needed to sort our return flights so she asked the photographer if she could give him Taki money for us to get home, he immediately took it upon himself to offer to look after us and get us back to the hotel later on.

Mum left and the shoot was coming to a close, all the other kids were packing up when the photographer James and the assistant Robin approached us and asked Dif we wanted to have a drink i.e booze, they said it would be our secret! ok we said, they then sent us to the make-up and props department and said we have a surprise for you, we are going to shoot you in some of the more adult clothes and the girls will make your make up look super hot “it will be great for your portfolio they said, well we were over the moon and off we ran to get changed, they spoke to the make ups artist Liz and said get them ready and bring them to the studio. They then set off to get booze.

Lz made us look amazing, bright red lips and very very smokey dark eyes that were even sexier due to our asian/chinese looks. Liz pulled out some very high heels for us both and two of the tiniest bikinis we had ever seen, when we were dressed she added studded dog collars to us both and stood back to see her work… fuck two are so fucking sexy she said… we were surprised when she continued and said have you girls ever been fucked? we were straight to the point that we hadn’t, she respond that “I bet every man in the world would want to fuck you both! we were getting quite proud and felt very mature and kind of part of the gang, everyone else had left the studio. We went into the studio and the guys Robin and James were in white hotel gowns which was strange but we ignored it, they both said fuck me you two look so sexy as they handed us two very large drinks of vodka.

Immediatly Robin said its a good job you girls shave your pussys considering how small the bikini was, the front was splitting our tiny cunt lips it was that tight, James then asked is it true you shave each others, and we replied yes all of the time, they than asked do you touch each others pussys when you are doing it, yes we replied at which point I could see something move under robins gown, James then asked how we would feel about liz, James and robin being in some pictures with us, we were very open to it, liz was a really hot lady with huge tits and a very sexy face.

so they started with robin sitting on a sofa and me and my sister either side of him, liz came over and asked robin to stand so she could take his gown, when he removed it we noted he was totally naked and then he turned to face us and we both jumped for he had the most enormous penis, it was the size of my arm and it was dead straight and thick and sticking out from his body so far that it hit jade in the face when he turned around, we all laughed as he apologised, jade said its fine to which he replied well if its fine I’ll do it again and this time he held her head and repeatedly slapped this massive cock all over my sisters face I was shocked but I just went with it, then liz told her to open her mouth, at which point Robin forced his massive cock into her mouth, all the while James was filming, he came over to me and said go and help, the rest of the shoot involved us being fucked hard by that huge cock

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    Fucking rubbish. Stick to writing your phone number on restroom walls

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    You have big boobs for 13 year olds my little sister was 12 years old and she had a bra size of 34C. How often do you have to go bra shopping?

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