Sweet revenge

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Since l started studying in college my life changed, i was innocent in high school because my classmates were old Friends and hood boys, but now i feel like strange and lonely, my first year in college wasn’t easy, it was hard for me to leave my home and living alone in a far city specially that i was spoiled, so i failed that year, the next year i moved to a college in the city where i live, second year passed with success but problems begins in the third year.
There was a teacher who was very strict, she teaches for an important subject Her seriousness and discipline made me stay away from the subject and hate her.
When the exams approached, I discovered that she had canceled my name from the exam list, while the other professors were not doing that and her argument was that I was disrupting the course of the lesson while I was not attending it, and that was a way to impose its prestige and strength in front of the students and to show off in front of its fellow teachers.
I was considered like a victim in the eyes of my collegues and the other professors And I was feeling unjust. In the last two weeks of studying, i begged her to forgive me and to let me pass the exam but all was in vain.
It seems like i’m gonna refail this year too and this is because of a bitch.
I was not a attending the other subjects except two or three because of university clubs and nightlife with friends.
So i failed this year too, my parents get upset of me and stop giving me my pocket money so i had to work in the summer and this was my first time.
I was seeking revenge from this bitch, She was evil with me so i decided to rape her in this summer,The fact that she was beautiful encouraged me more to rape her, as she was 35 years old, a little redhead with a rounded and curved ass and her breasts tightened, so tight that you could see her nipples through her clothes, her eyes are green and her lips are like two almonds.
I searched her adress and i found it, the next day i took the car and go to it She was about 5 kilometers away, and I took an injection with an anesthetic that my brother used to numb patients in the hospital where he works.
When I got there, I saw a car outside the house. I learned that her husband was still at home. I bought a cup of coffee and stayed waiting for about an hour until a man and two children went out with it were definitely her husband and her two kids who went to the supermarket or to an entertainment space.
After they went, I crept into the house through the back door. She was washing the dishes in the kitchen while listening to music. So i injected her, and she fell right after that. Then tied her in the bed with two socks in the house and took her clothes off After that i took some photos while she was naked.
The view of her Amazing body turns me on and make my cock hard, i started sucking her nipples a few seconds later she wakes up and said :”oh my god, oh my god what you are doing, get off me please ahhhh”. Then i said :”hi bitch do you remember me i’ll make you pay hard for what you did to me”, she answered :”please don’t hurt me, it’s a problem that Can be fixed, don’t be nervous.”i replied :”it’s too late “.
I started getting down my mouth to her stomach then to her pussy who was pink and puffy. I licked sucked tonged her vagina she cried screamed and make an orgasm too then i jerk off to put it in her pussy and began fucking her bareback, 5 minutes after i became fucking faster as she comes then my cock start jerking and squirting hot heavy semen inside her cunt i stay layed on her for a minute and my cock still burried in her, then i pull out and my cum leaked out of her pussy like waterfall then she said :”ohhh no no you didn’t why you came in me, i Can get pregnant :” i replied :”it’s not my matter .”i showed her pics on the phone naked then she started crying again and i said “:if you Say anything about this i’ll post them on internet :” then i leaved.
After summer holidays i moved to another college. I have a Friend of mine from the last year who told me that the strict professor returns from holidays pregnant and she becomes more friendly with students, i knew that was my child who was carriyng
I laughed and smiled for my successful revenge but it was sweet.

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