Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 2

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Hi friends i am Mr Reddy. Those who want to chat with me can contact me using [email protected]. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom.
This is the 2nd part of the story if anyone didn’t read please read 1st part Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 1.
Now coming to the story Next day morning while mom coming to my room I lowered my underwear and make my bull visible to mom. She saw it and she got shocked. I am observing from the corner of my eye. She saw it and after sometime she went away. After one hour got fresh and went to the hall and wished mom and dad. Mom came and said that its time to get married to you. I got the point and said mom I will marry next year. She asked about any plans about the girl. I said that she should be good looking like you that’s only I want. She blushed and slowly slapped on my cheek.
Later I went to dad and said the morning incident to him. He said she didn’t say that to him. I said ok and asked about yesterday night fuck. He said that he they enjoying a lot seeing those videos. I got an Idea and downloaded some blindfolded videos and send them to dad. I asked him to convince her to this blindfold sex and he said ok son.
I was eagerly waiting for that night result and next day dad said that she obeyed for blindfold sex. I said to dad that tonight also ask for blindfold and keep the door open and give me a call when she is ready with the task. He said son may be she will not accept you. So I said then what to dad. He said give me a day time I will fix something and let you know. I said ok and we went to our rooms.
In the night dad again fucked mom in blindfold and he asked about threesome and she said that what if someone get to know about this. It is very risky and all, then dad said what about our son if we drag him into this then it will be only between our three and within our family only and he tried to convince but mom said big no to this as expected.
Now my vocation got over and I am about to leave I went to mom n hugged her and said bye mom. She kissed my cheek and said bye son take care. My dad came to station and while on the way he said the yesterday episode to me. Then I said I already know what’s mom answer will be don’t bother about it dad. I have another plan Mom don’t want anyone who knows to our family or the local guy as the 2rd person right I asked and he said exactly. Then I said my actual plan to dad as dad I will book a Goa tour for you both. You say her that it is a surprise prize in your office for a couple and take her with you and say that you also hired an internet guy for threesome experience who is an unknown guy and make her accept for this. I will book another room beside your room and I will come there as the 3rd person in a mask and I will screw mom. He said we will do this son. Get ready for the show.
I reached Hyderabad and I searched for some nice resort and booked two cottages which are side by side. I reached Goa one day earlier and occupied both cottages and made arrangements for mom and dad. As expected they both arrived and I hid from mom as she may not see me. I called dad and asked him to come out and dad said that she is ready for threesome tonight. I asked dad I want to fuck mom in a traditional way so please ask her to come in white sari, so I will arrange my cottage in a way as honeymoon suit and today I will fuck mom as my wife alone and after my first fuck you can join and we will make threesome. Then dad asked what if she not accepts to this. Then I said it’s already booked and if you don’t accept the entire trip will be cancelled and make her feel comfortable. I said He is ok and he said to mom that evening we get a call and we can follow those instructions.
I booked my cottage in honeymoon package, so it is well decorated and I was waiting for my mom eagerly. I also placed night vision hidden video camera and after all arrangements were done I called dad and I kept a mask to my face and switched off lights I dressed in T-shirt and shorts. As my room is dark she may not notice me. I spoke in different voice because she may recognise me and said.
I said Welcome Madam and closed the door and she came in silently and somewhat shivering as this is very new to her. I said madam you seem to be frightened but this is very common here you can feel comfortable madam. Then in slightly low voice she asked it will be fine no. This will be secret and no one will know about this right. Then I said madam it’s my promise and I offered her a whisky shot. She said no but I forced her to drink and she drank then I slowly went to her and said madam your husband is lucky fellow you look so sexy madam and I slowly touched her shoulder. She stepped back and kept silent. Then I went near her and said madam don’t waste time we have lot of work first we have to make sex and later sir needs to join and finally your wish of threesome also. Then I went to her and hold her loose end of sari and strip it. Now she is in her blouse and gown. Now slowly I start pressing her boobs and started kissing she is not responding and she stood motionless. Then I kept my hand on her waist and pressed hard and she said ah then I inserted my tongue inside her and make her lick my saliva. Slowly I removed all her cloths and god she is an amazing lady. I too became nude and I made her sleep on bed now I began to kiss her whole body and she is responding now. Slowly I came to her waist and I fucked her bellybutton while pressing her boobs she became crazy and she is pressing me to her. After that I went to her sweet pussy and she is clean shaved. I first smelled her pussy and she is already wet below. I slowly inserted my tongue into her pussy walls and began to eat she is moaning slowly. Then after 5 minutes i moved to 69 positions and she started to eat my ice fruit. Wow she is doing it very well. After that I made her to doggy and rubbed my dick on her pussy she is very hot by then and she said to ram her pussy I gently pushed my cock head into her and as it is wet already it went deep and slowly I began to increase speed. She is moaning now and she is enjoying a lot after 5 minutes I asked her to ride me. She said she didn’t know how to ride. Then I said I will teach you and I slept on bed and asked her to sit on my pole she did it and in that position my pole directly hitting her G spot. She is loving it and she is moaning loudly now. After some time both of us cum at once and she is very happy. Again I offered one more peg and she drinks it hesitatingly.
I slowly started again fingering her pussy and she said no I need some time. I said no madam you will love it and I poured some honey on her boobs and started licking it. She is tired but somehow responding after some foreplay I said her to turn doggy. She turned I again licked her pussy hole and then I lubricated her ass hole she is not aware of it in the drink effect. Then I placed my dick on her pussy and suddenly I changed it to her ass hole and pushed it slowly and she shouted in pain no not in ass. I am virgin there and she started crying. Already my cock head is inside I said calm down baby you will love it and I am doing it as my duty. Your husband asked me to fuck your ass. She got shocked and said is it he said to fuck in my ass? And she is crying in pain without wasting anytime I pushed some more and 60% went inside and she is crying loudly. I said its ok madam I will remove it and slowly removed some dick and pushed hard again with this shot all dick is in her ass and she is floored with pain and she is like screaming I kept bed sheet to her mouth and fucked her ass mercilessly and within minutes her screaming slowdown and she is calm. I fucked and dropped my load inside her. I slowly removed my dick from her ass and slept beside her. She was in deep pain I can see it in her eyes. I felt sorry and said I am sorry madam. She said it is my husband wish so it’s not your fault and she tried to get up but she is struggling to get up with the ass pain. I tried to help her to bathroom and called dad. I said what happen and thanked dad. He said didn’t she recognise you son. I said no dad I switched off lights and I kept mask on all the time. She doesn’t even know who is ramming her both holes and laughed.
This is my first encounter with my darling mom. In the next part I will say about our threesome experience and later how I blackmailed her and made her my sex slave with the help of this video.

Hope u guys like it. Can give comments and contact me at [email protected]

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