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My life with out Mary

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Mary’s daughter returns to me as an adult taking what is hers

I haven’t been around my stepdaughter really since she was a baby. I’ve seen her off and on over the years due to the fact my own child is her half sibling.
Well she is older now and has visited often for cook outs and such, and we have built a relationship. So I planned a weekend camping trip with them, and off we went for a weekend of fun, with more to come.
Well I got some steaks.and ribs for dinners some snacks, stuff for lunches and breakfast along with making a for Smores, requested by my ex stepdaughter, Renie. Along with beers and wine coolers for her. The first night was filled with corn hole, and horse shoes. Typical camping trip fun
The next day we did some morning fishing, and went swimming at the beach. Renie reminded me of her mother and the way she dressed was just like her, short shorts, hardly a top on.and very sexy.( yes her mother is Mary).
Any how we all got back to the camp site and began to party a little. Renie changed into loose fitting short sleeping type shorts and a half cut off tank. We played more games, drinking listening to music.
We finally settled down by the fire talking and laughing about the few memories we shared. Then a slow song come on, Renie got quiet she looked at me calling me dad and asked if I still liked to slow dance by the camp fire. I just shook yes. Then she asked if I’d dance with her.
I silently stood , she has her head down, I offered her my hand and told her I’d love to. As we danced she snuggled her beautiful face into my knack and shoulder. One dance ended up being 3 songs long, I felt her begin to nuzzle my neck and give me soft butterfly kisses on my neck and shoulder.
I gently lifted her head, I saw she had years in her eyes, I asked if she was ok, Renie answered wit a nod and told me that it felt so good to be in arms that completely love me for me.. I kissed her tears and told her I always will, and kissed the tears in her eyes. As she put he head back to my shoulder Renie told me that if she were mom she would have never left me while pulling me closer.
The last slow song finished and we both got refills I had to piss and told her I’d be right back.and that I had to take a whizz. I was at a near by tree line and I heard her approaching I let her know that I was almost done, but she didn’t stop and wrapped her arms around me asking if I was done. Then slid her hand down to find my cock still in my hand.
She pushed my hand away as I told her yes, she told me good and that she could begin wrapping her soft hand around my cock.
Before I could react she had me turned around on her knees with my colliding into her mouth.
She looked up at me and called me daddy and told me she loved me then continued to give me the best blowjob of my life
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