Losing my virginity

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I was 14 and walking my basset hound, I was letting her guide me when she pulls me down this hill to a trail. She stopps and raises her tail and pees. She looks at me, tail up and holding and kinda backs up. She rubbed her pussy on my leg. So I touched her along her lips. They where soft but got a little thick and she started humping my finger until she paused, then relaxed. She peed a lot right after, and so on and off she got fingered. But one day I was alone all day. So I got naked as it was hot. She came up to me and licked my ass and balls. Her wide flat tongue cleaning everything. She then turned around. Her pussy winking and drooling I walked up, rolled her over and started eating her out. She got really horny from that. I stuck my finger deep inside I went deep which she liked.

I then opened her pussy and put my cock in and she sat down. It went deep and she clichéd hard. She was ready to mate, and so I started thrusting and going deeper, 5 minutes in and I pull out and cum. She licks it up and cleaned my cock.

We did this on and off until I had the home to myself for a week. So that day was the day we whee going to mate for real. She got into position as did I, my cock slid inside as her pussy I felt it bind on a tight spot and popped, we where locked.

She thought she was puppy making and pushed deep onto my cock, her pussy twitching as we mated she got so tight she had my cock by the base and I pushed until I felt the rush of cum coming out her cervix rammed against my cock as cum shot.

That entire week we mated 4 to 5 times daily and shared once with our dogs. He didn’t like sharing but I covered her in his precum and he watched us mate. Then he cleaned us up.

Last time we had sex was before she went blind. She was super horny that day as we had sex 9 times. The final load being huge. I laid there mated to her as she squeezed my cock and sperm in her pussy. She must of wanted puppies as time number 10 I gave it my all. She clinched tight and for 10 minute waited until my cock went soft. I watched her push and pee my sperm out and licked it up she came in sniffed my cock. Like she wanted more so 2 more and that was it. No more breeding

Month later she became blind as she got older.

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    Wow! Is there any other stories, with your other ones, or is that just it? Either way, this is good!