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Never seen my niece in a bikini

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These are a few events that happened when my niece was 15 and I got roped into to taking her to the public pool. Sorry if it’s scattered but they are

I picked my niece up around ten on a Saturday morning her mom had to work and asked if she could tag along with me today. I didn’t see any harm. My niece L came down the hallway smiling like she won big. L is tall long legs like her mom and perky little tits. She had on shorts and a tank top over her bathing suit so it wasn’t so bad. It’s about a 40 drive from her house to the pool. As we drove L keep twisting in her seat causing her shorts to ride up her croutch making her pussy pooch out mote than it already was. I tried to ignore it but it was right there. As we got to our lounge chairs L started to slip outa her shorts pulling g her bikini down to wear I coul see the top of her young pussy we laughed it off but it got me rock hard. She fixed her bottoms kinda blushing g but pulled the white fabric of her bikini away from her young body to flash her pretty pussy to me. Now all I could think about is how I want to fuck my 15 year old niece,boy she has developed. After laying at the pool sun bathing for several hours I wanted to get her alone so I could maybe get a chance to see her naked.On the walk to the car she seen a beer sign and asked if she can have one,first I wouldn’t but she said it would be our secret. So I broke down after a lousey protest by me and got us a beer. We drank it in the car where she told me about parties that she’s been to and she can handle alcohol. So I’m going to test her. After stopping by a liquor store for more beer and a pint of wild turkey we were heading for the country.
As she flipped through her phone finding music she accidentally showed me a picture of some tits, I couldn’t tell who it was. So I keep saying let me see let me see and her blushing face pulled the picture up and said not to tell her mom but it was her. She asked after taking a piss break if she could change into her shorts ,I thought she meant stop somewhere but L told me to turn my head but I’m driving and si told her I wouldn’t look. As she changed she talked the whole time about boys school everything. I keep glancing over and could see she had a clean shaved pussy now my juices were really glowing g,she told me not to look and give a shy grin but I knew she was drunk enough for 1 more secret. I acted like I was going to poke her with my finger and she grabbed my hand and went straight to her warm pussy. She said she seen my bulging cock in my trunks at the pool and wanted to see it again,as I played with her pussy she was getting wetter and wetter. There was no problem getting my fingers in her the more she moaned the harder I finger fucked her. I pulled her head into my lap where she sprung my 8 inch cock out where her mouth met it quickly,and in it went. I couldn’t believe my 15 year old niece had my dick in her mouth and was cramming my hand deeper in her pussy. I was about to come from her teen mouth sucking on my cock I found myself pushing her head down gagging her on my dick but she loved it. She raised up and told me to fuck her,she wanted it as deep and rough as I could ram it in her young pussysheflipped over u. The seat exposing that busy from the back. Fuck me fuck me she screamed so I took my cock in my hand stroking it as I lined it up to her pussy hole and with one rough push L got all eight inches of me in her. She let out a cry of pain then pleasure now my whore niece was rocking back on it trying to get it all. After about ten minutes I shoot my load into her where she came once more sprawled out with me on top of her. She giggled and said I can’t believe it how good it felt to fuck me and to feel my hot load inside. As life went on L and her friends would drink and flirt trying t o get me going, and it worked. So of the best sex I’ve ever had was with my niece L and her high-school friends


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  • Reply BadDad ID:1e2hjhigxpwr

    There is a young blonde girl that comes into my store. She has just started driving herself so must be 16. Seareoutly the most beautiful girl I have seen in there. Sorry Kaylee… I have only seem her with her nearly as beautiful mom and step-dad. I need a sandwich/salad maker. I am going to offer that job to her. And hope to befriend her with my daughter even though she is a few years younger than her, my daughter is a very mature 13 year old. Would love to see her sleeping over.

  • Reply Hank ID:zpyelyg20a

    Oh my! She’s beautiful! I have a great neice that’s 11 and looks alot like your neice! Hoping someday her and I will get to enjoy each other!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ck7rnu0puh9

    I wish i could have seen that wet pussy.