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The time I had a submissive 20 year old and a 30 year old mommy

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I’m 17 years old and I’m pansexual I use to had a man that was like around his 20s or 30s but he was my submissive femboy and he was so hot and he likes young boys

He would send me pic of his ass or him being sexy and I loved it I would send pic of my cock and he would always say on how much he wants me to fuck him with my young cock and it always gets me excited

Growing up we still talk and send each other pic videos we would even do video chat to see each other and it was always so hot but I wished I could have fuck him but sadly he lives in London and I live in Hesperia so it wasn’t possible for us to fuck at all and I hated it I wanted to touch his sweet ass and to lick that nice ass he had

What u also loved about him is that he loves to wear lingerie or panties and that when I realize I like older men in their 20s or 30s maybe 40s but I mostly like it if their submissive to me like a young boy and I of course also like younger boys like 16 or 14 their so cute and hot

Their would even be times I would draw of him and he would love it we did for like 2 years i think it was when i friet meet him when i was age i guess 15 and we both met on Instagram and we always make each other horny and it was so much fun and hot it makes my heart excited and make me feel all

Excited his moans were also cute oh how he would moan “mm baby shove that young cock in my ass~” it would get me excited always I wish I could find more like him I would also find out I like older women because i also found this old women who around her 30s to her username was inko slut and she was beautiful she had huge boobs

And her ass was huge too and she would just send me videos of her fingering herself or even useing a dildo and it would make me hard but we were gonna do a video call but then she got banned from Instagram and I was sad so I only had my submissive old man but when I was 16 his account got banned his user name was

King femboy and he was amazing but since his account got banned I was sad I then tried to see if he made another one but he was gone so I tried to look for more like then their young or older or even same age asbme but I could find any

It made me sad to lose someone that was great like them but I then started to find people that would send videos of them fucking their dog at first I didn’t think I like it but I couldn’t stop looking at it and got hard

But that’s story for another time when I had inko slut and femboy king I did drawings it not like realistic kinda more cartoonish ones but their still loved it and wanted to to suck my cock and let me fuck them for being a good boy god I want to have people who would do those things for me like be submissive and just send videos or pic or do video chat

But maybe if their are some of you who will be submissive or we can both have a fun time like send each other nude vid or do video chat or even zoophilia come to my discord and chat with me I do have a boyfriend but he lives at Texas and I want to have fun because I plane to live in Texas one day and once that happens

I will leave this behind and be with my boyfriend but for now I want people who will send pic videos or do video chat or send them doing some sexy stuff their their animals or some incest and it can be any gender male female old young or same age

I love on how I would get to see some beautiful and sexy people like women men or just anyone though I want to find more people who would do stuff for me and I would do stuff for them it just hard to find people like that but I hope that I can find more I would love to have that same feeling I had when I was 15 and if their are people who will help me then come chat with me

Who knows we might be able to fuck if you live near my in Hesperia that is and I be glad to fuck just to have some experience of something that I want but being called daddy or a good boy hit different and makes me rock hard it drives me crazy that I can’t handle it that I just need to no i want to fuck something and I could buy sex for my own pleasure but I still love with my mom who is a Christian and it hard to do anything since my brother and his girlfriend live with us but i try to take any opportunity to jerk off to satisfy myself and I want to do anything to
Discord: shadowjosh25_006 if that don’t work try shadowjoshexp255

I only do discord

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