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Paradise Found – Scene 2

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A usual school day in the life of Ryan Kearney.

The reason i hate school isn’t because i get bullied or anything, in fact bad things rarely happen to me in school. I hate school because of how mind numbingly boring it is, just sitting in classes for hours. Today was no different. But i was getting kinda excited now because it was time for English literature class which was taught by Mrs. Whitaker. She was one of the hottest teachers at school and both students and teachers loved to use her alike. She looked as beautiful as always today. She was dressed in an open jacket with nothing underneath and a pair of jeans. There was cum on her bare chest as well as on her face. Despite being an incredible teacher i had a hard time focusing in her classes for obvious reasons. I quickly got hard looking and her and started jerking off and i was definitely not the only one, i could tell the girl beside me was fingering herself while staring at Mrs. Whitaker.

“Excuse me Mrs. Whitaker!” Divya called out to her. She was a petite girl of Indian descent. She was one of the cutest girls i knew at school. Unfortunately this was the only class i shared with her. Today she was wearing a hot pink crop top and a very small skirt.

“What is it?”

“Can you please explain to me what stanza four of the poem we covered on Saturday means?”

“Sure” she walked over to her and told the rest of the class to continue reading the prose we were studying.

She went over to the girl’s desk and bent over to explain to her the stanza clearly. It was at this moment i knew i couldn’t hold it in anymore. I stood up and quickly pulled her jeans down and shoved my dick inside. She didn’t react much as she was used to guys using her to release stress. I pounded her against the desk violently as she continued to talk to the Divya. Some of the other kids in class looked at us while others continued reading the prose. Some had started jerking off while a few of them were also filming us. I started pounding her even harder and grabbed her hair with my free arm while grabbing her waist with the other. Divya kept listening to her intently as she climbed on top of the desk and spread her legs under the bent over Mrs. Whitaker. I realized she wasn’t wearing panties. Mrs. Whitaker took a break from explain the text to eat Divya’s pussy which resulted in loud moans from the young girl.

When i realized i was about to cum, i pulled out from Mrs. Whitaker’s pussy and moved around to cum on Divya’s face. She looked extremely hot when she was covered in cum. I saw some of the kids take pictures of her and knew i had to do the same.

“Do you understand it now?” Mrs. Whitaker asked her.

“Yes Mrs. Whitaker, thank you explaining it to me” she replied, out of breath. Mrs. Whitaker removed her jeans and panties from her legs that i had pulled down and walked to the front of the class, now wearing only her jacket. She started to give us our assignments but the bell rang before she could begin which resulted in cheers from us kids.

I was really glad that this was the last class today because while this class had been fun i really didn’t want to attend any more classes today.

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