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Awakened 2

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Mom and I take a step that I never imagined would happen to me

I was laying on my bed, texting with Tyler and hitting it off pretty easy. He was happy to know there was another single boy in school, and although he had never dated a grade lower, he was willing to take a chance on me. We agreed to meet at the park the next day to hang out.

I heard dad’s truck start up and leave the back out of the driveway while I was texting. The house was quiet for a few minutes and then mom knocked on my door. I put the phone away as she opened the door. She smiled lovingly as she entered wearing her favorite post shower robe. The black satin robe looked good with her long blonde hair. Above the satin tie rope it was easy to see her c cup cleavage. Her figure was perfectly curved

“Hi mom” I greeted her

“Hi baby” she entered, I rolled to my side as she sat down “I thought that we could talk”


“What you told me earlier is pretty big news, are you sure that you are gay? You could be bisexual”

“Well, I don’t really feel anything when I see girls at school” I looked down at the mattress

“Have you seen a girl on her underwear or naked? Or kissed a girl?” Mom rested her hand on my shoulder

“I’ve seen girls in their bikinis, I’ve never kissed a girl”

“Baby, I support you know matter what you choose, but it’s my job as a mom to help you” she squeezed my shoulder “and I want to give you your first kiss with a girl”

Mom moved onto the bed on her side facing me. Her hand moved to my cheek and started to rub my cheek gently with her thumb. She looked so beautiful, her eyes had a softness that inhad never seen before. She leaned toward me, I felt her breath on my lips just before she kissed me. The kiss was softer than the kiss with Mr Thompson. Our lip kisses lingered for a moment then instinctively, our lips parted and tongues met. I was kissing my mom, my mom, I thought and it felt really good, her kiss had made my cock semi hard. My 11 year old hormones beginning to take over

When our lips parted I looked down and saw her untie her robe and open it. Her bra and panties were black and trimmed with lace. I felt my cock harden a little more, my mom was gorgeous, I had never seen her in this way before. That was when mom took my hand and placed it on her bra covered breast. Her skin was so soft, so smooth. She leaned in and our kiss resumed, a slow and loving French kiss. I felt mom’s hand start to unbutton my shirt, when the last button was undone, her hand slid inside and caressed my chest, her hand was so soft, I was fully hard now. I felt mom’s hand start to undo my jeans and unzip them. Her hand sliding inside to my hard cock.

“Baby, your cock is so nice” mom whispered on my ear when our lips parted.

She then helped me to my back, helped take my shirt off. She moved over me and I watched as she shrugged off her robe. She smiled at me lovingly and unhooked her bra. When it slid down her petite arms my eyes locked on her perfect breasts. Mom then leaned down, moving her breast to my mouth. I began to kiss them, moving my lips to her nipples. Mom breathed heavy, softly moaned her approval.

That was when mom moved her lips to my chest, looking up at me and smiling between each kiss, each kiss sending waves of excitement through my body. She slowly made her way over my chest and down my stomach. Her hands pulled my jeans and underwear down. Her face right where Mr Thompsons had been earlier. Mom kissed and caressed my cock lovingly, she smiled like I had never seen her smile before. Her lips wrapped around the tip of my cock and started to take it in, the warmth of her mouth surrounding my cock.

I closed my eyes and moaned softly. This was so amazing, mom’s blow job felt as good as Mr Thompsons, only mons was softer and more romantic feeling. After a few minutes mom took my cock from her mouth and rose to her knees. I watched as she pushed her panties down to her knees, her pussy was bald and looked so good her body was flawless, my mind raced, I was looking at the woman who gave birth to me now naked in front of me. Mom held her hand put for mine, I took it and she helped me to my knees facing her. We began to kiss again, her bare breasts pressed against my chest. Her hand took mine and guided it down and between her legs. Her pussy was wet and my touch made her moan into kiss. She guided my hand back and forth between her pussy lips as she laid back, pulling me with her.

Laying on top of mom, my mind racing, was this really about to happen, was I about to have sex with my mom? Was my cock going to be inside ot the pussy that I was born from? Would this change our relationship for the better or the worse? I felt mom reached between us, her hand gently gripping my cock and placing the head against her pussy.

“Push into me baby” she said softly as we looked in each other’s eyes “i love you so much”

“I love you too mom” I said, I pushed against her and felt my cock start to slide into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet and warm it felt, it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Moving my hips back and forth slowly, making love to my mom, our kiss resumed, her hands caressed up and down my back, my hand moved down and started to caress the back of her thigh. Mom started to moan into the kiss and then broke from it

“Baby, go faster” she moaned jn my ear, I started to move my hips faster “Yes baby, that’s it, i love your cock so much”

Mom locked me back in a kiss, a faster and more passionate kiss her arms tightened around me, her body started to shake, she broke from the kiss again and let out a loud cry of happiness, her hands dropping to the sheets, gripping the sheets as her back arched and her pussy tightened on my cock. I kept moving my hips faster, the feeling of an orgasm building, my cock grew more sensitive, my thrusts became uneven, the feeling was so powerful and with one more thrust, my load erupted inside of my mom

Mom and I made eye contact, I felt like i was in heaven, my cock still inside the most beautiful woman that I knew, inhad really made love to her

“How did you like that baby?”

“It felt amazing”

“We can do that anytime that you want, your dad and I have been having problems and he won’t have sex with me, if you’ll be my new lover I will make your dad leave and you won’t have to worry when it comes to your feelings about boys or having a boy over”

“I want that mom, i loved doing this with you”

“I’m glad baby” she said and kissed me one more time as I pulled out of her pussy. I watched as mom pulled on her panties and robe, leaving her bra laying on the bed. She smiled and slipped put of the bedroom.

Laying there naked, I picked up the bra and moved it to.my nose, taking in the smell of mom’s body wash fragrance on it. My mind played out the entire day and how it was easily the greatest day of my life. How many 11 year old boys got to have sexual encounters with their teacher and their mom? Before drifting off to sleep, my mind switched to thinking about the next afternoon and meeting Tyler at the park

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    You have to keep this story going . You are a very lucky boy to have sex with a man and woman in the same day . Can’t wait for the next part .

  • Reply BiPedoDad56 ID:1cladblyeklm

    hot story. keep it going

  • Reply Dubya ID:1dm8xfjh7uwu

    Great job! Looking forward to more chapters in the future!