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Young girl get caught looking part 2

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Young girl makes her move on elderly black man

At the end i lost my virginity to and old black man ridden with cancer. I was never able to hookup with John again. My mom never left us alone again. HE passed away a short time afterwards. i will never forget the bbc that took my virginity. I lusted for black cock from then on. I decided to set my sites on Jim the other black man that mom looked after. He has heart trouble and tires easily. But other wise he isnt bad for an older man. He does have a big belly. I like jim he was different than JOHN. He was out going and kind of loud but not in a bad way. Jim hardly ever left his home and could not get too excited. I alway saw Jim looking at me and smiling. I got the idea that he liked my young white body. So i started smiling back at him and even hugged him when we left a couple of times, On the next visit Jim was wearing some loose fitting shorts. While mom was in the kitchen fixing lunch, we were sitting in the living room talking. I looked at the pants leg of his loose shorts. His cock was poking out at the bottom . I knew he knew and smiled at me and rubbed his cock thru his shorts. He made a huge bulge in this shorts and his cock peeked out more. It looked huge and i was going to find out how huge. WE just flirted the rest of the visit .With mom there its all we could do. Mom did go to the car for just a minute . Jim told me that he wanted to ravage me and fill me full of his 12in black cock and with his black cum. I told him i woulld love that. We did get a big french kiss in.The problem is how to get alone. i hadnt seen his cock but went thought of it being 12 inches long made me so horny and wet. I rubbed off and orgasim all the time. i knew Jim was mobile and did drive. So on one day when mom was going to visit other clients . I told her that i wasnt feeling good and wanted to stay home. She said ok dont go outside. I got Jims phone number from mom client list and called him. I asked Jim do u still want to fuck me. He said more than anything. He told me fucking a white girl will be a dream come true. i told him where i live and get over here. He was there in 10 minutes. To get him going i met him at the door nude. HE picked he up and we started kissing.HE was fingering my pussy as we made out. I so wet and sunk two fingers in me. He felt me winch and said just opening u up for my 12 in black cock. i led him to my bedroom. He stripped down and i started sucking his cock. He got so hard and dripping precum. I lapped it up and told his it is so good. He said theres a lot more for u. He laughted and said i just took a viagra and will be hard for awhile. i laid down on the bed and he ate me some and then moiunted me. He slowly put all 12 inches into me. I was so full of black cock. His cum full black balls were bouncing off my pussy as he fucked me. He let me know when he was cumming in me. i Told him to give me his black seed. and boy did he.. He must had given me 4 or 5 big shots. He was breathing hard and i was afraid he might have a heart attack. U know he has a week heart. He said he was fine and just needed to rest. He inspected my pussy as i laid there. He watched his cum running out of me . He said little girl i filled ur pussy up with potent black sperm. he told me that he hoped he had knocked me up . He alway wanted to knock up a white girl.. He said u might need some more of the cum in my balls. He fucked me twice more that day. He had me over flowing with his cum. When left i was happy but very sore. He said the next time i see u maybe ur belly will be growing with my baby. i didnt see Jim for a couple of months. On one day i was alone again all day. I called him and said do u want more white pussy, . He said i sure do. He was there right away. I met him nude again and he looked at me and said i see little girl that ur belly isnt swelling . I guess we have to try again. He fucked me three times that day and gave me a big load each time. When he left he said maybe i knocked u up this time. He looked me in the eye and kissed me. He said that one day i will knock u up and u will have my black baby. He never knocked me up. BEcause i went on the pill. I ended our relationship he was getting to demanding and as i aged i dated boys from school. Alot of them were well hung black boys.

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