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Mrs Stein gets a new pupil

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How I enjoyed my Milf teacher for the first time

My name is Mark and I am just 15 having had my birthday last week

I go to Durham school where I have a beautiful sexy milf geography teacher .
She had the most fantastic tits and the rest of her is sexy too

I always look forward to her classes not because she is a good teacher ( which she is) but because I have recently realised that she often does not wear underwear. She does her best to ensure her nipples are not prominent enough to see under her tops but she can’t hide the way that her boobs sway when she walks and they hang freely when she bends forward

As for her bum – there is often no vpl so it’s either a string or nothing – but she is sometimes careless ( or deliberately flashing) when she crosses and opens her legs and I have seen very quick glimpses of her pussy – you bet I want to see more – and even better she has no hair she is smooth .

There are rumours in the year that two of the lads have a “special relationship “ with her-they visit her during breaks and lunch and on one occasion after they had called to her classroom she was seen buttoning up her dress which opens fully down the front.

Needless to say this intrigued and excited me – the thought that my sexy teacher is giving sexual favours to two young lads – my age as well – gives me an erection and I have wanked to the thought on a lot of occasions .

I have taken pictures of her ( Jan Stein by the way ) on my mobile but never in a compromising position much as I have tried.

This frustration melted away a couple of days ago when I was in the corridor outside her room – I knew she was in there – and I saw two lads open the door and slip into her room – the two lads who are the subject of the rumours

I hid in an alcove down the corridor and saw the two boys come out of the classroom after about half an hour one of them tucking his shirt in his trousers as they walked away .

My next lesson was in Mrs Stein’s classroom so I opened the door – quietly- and at first the room seemed empty . Then I saw the door to the stockroom was open – the light was on – and Mrs Stein was in there her button fronted dress was completely open.

I could see her breasts hanging beautifully topped by two erect nipples and she was wiping along her slit with a tissue – several more used ones were on the side and there was some cum on her tummy and mound .

I got my phone out and started the video recording as she continued to clean herself her labia protruding as she continued wiping herself . I realised that she was also wiping her anus which appeared to also have cum round her hole

I couldn’t believe my luck my teacher who I had lusted after all year was effectively naked in front of me but not only that cleaning herself after having sex with two pupils .

She must have felt my presence and looked up seeing me – instinctively covering herself as best she could

I smiled – put my phone in my pocket and reached and touched her nipple circling it and then cupping her heavy tit.

She looked me in the eye and smiled “ you know don’t you “ she said “ yes “ I said and moved my left hand to her other breast kneading the soft flesh then squeezing her nipple between by thumb and forefinger

“I know you are fucking my classmates and I have them on my camera walking away whilst you try and clean yourself up”

“Don’t try too hard I said – you will shortly have another load of spunk in your pussy – this time mine “

As I said this I pushed her back onto the edge of her desk – her back arched and her lovely heavy breasts jutted out from her chest demanding more attention

Chapter 2

I parted Mrs Stein’s legs and saw for the first time close up her engorged lips – holding them with my fingers I parted them – her inner lips had been visible with her legs closer together but now I could see them . I pulled them gently – they were still wet with the boys cum and it was seeping gently from her cunt and running down over her puckered secret hole

I couldn’t resist touching inside her slit with my tongue exploring her – she moaned as I ran it along towards her mound over her pee hole and pushing under her hood to her still hard clitty.

“You love this don’t you you dirty slut “ and she nodded her head back her eyes closed enjoying this new attention .

I sucked some of the remaining spunk from her leaking hole savouring another boys cum for the first time – the saltiness on my tongue .

My cock had been hard since I first opened the classroom door and saw my naked teacher but it was almost painfully erect now and I moved to her side and she fumbled for my zip unbuckling my belt and buttons and pulling my trousers down

She grasped my stem rubbing her thumb over my circumcised engorged helmet parting my pee hole with her wet tongue .
I gasped as she entered me with the point of her tongue and I reached down parting her again and feeling her increasing moistness.

Her outer lips were puffy as I parted them her pinkness was glistening and under her hood her hard clit was demanding attention. She lay further back and first my tongue then my teeth found her hard nub – I gently bit her clit and she moaned and squeezed her tits pulling on her nipples extending them still further

“You want a third teen cock this lunchtime don’t you “Miss” – you are still hungry for cum aren’t you – she moaned again and said “yes Mark – I need your hard young cock and your cum – fuck me – fuck your teachers gaping cunt – fill me “

I leaned over her running my cock down her soaking slit lubricating myself as I neared her cunt – I pressed my helmet to her opening and her fuck tube welcomed my cock for the first time

She was so wet from her juices and the lads spunk that I slipped in so easily moving deeper inside her as she flexed her muscles on me squeezing me and welcoming me – I was surprised how tight she still was as her warm wet walls embraced my member

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  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    I can be contacted on kik JanetteStein

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      Can I add you then Jan

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    Satanist your talking through your hat if you’ve had an email from me then you can email me

    • Atheist Satanist ID:1m5g6q5qrj

      I can, but I won’t…..I don’t do liars

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    You said you wouldn’t tell anyone loiner49. Blackmail is a sin. More students will be a problem for me

    • Atheist Satanist ID:1m5g6q5qrj

      40????? That’s a lie Jan and you know it…..I have it on email from you saying 50…..if you recall,after you sending a pic….I said 60

    • Loiner 49 ID:1dfvhybgmha0

      Jan you are playing with fire – you might just get a little burnt

    • Loiner49 ID:1eiuha2kmgpk

      Yes they will Jan and I will enjoy them abusing you !! It’s what you deserve !!

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

    I’m told there is more to come

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      I do hope so

    • Loiner 49 ID:1dfvhybgmha0

      Yes about to post chapters 3 and 4?

  • Reply Atheist Satanist ID:1m5g6q5qrj

    Lol Jan Stein ..is that old battleaxe still lying about it’s age? Ask for a pic….gotta be 65 plus lol

    • Jan Stein ID:mp1ng4spusi

      Old battle axe. You cheeky bastard I’m only 40. I hope your balls drop off

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      Sounds like the kind of teacher I craved for in the 90s 💦

    • [email protected] ID:1dsuiieg3c1v

      Yeah, same here.

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      If only hey

    • Big poking part ID:305cn3i6ik

      Jan, if his balls don’t fall off, you could bite them off.

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I got an A+ for sucking off my math teacher !

  • Reply PO469 ID:305cn3i6ik

    Mark got an A+++ on his next graded paper. Jan’s fun and nasty thoughts have been the reason for many fun stories.

    • Loiner49 ID:1e86x9y2k79w

      Yes she is certainly an inspiration

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I am sorry ! I will be a good girl now !!

    • Loiner49 ID:1e86x9y2k79w

      Dont be good be superbly dirty

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    This story made me wet !!

  • Reply Rocky ID:5m8fvdv1

    I ducked my math teacher from junior high until she moved away when I was 21. It all started when she asked me after class to clean her pool. I went to her home and she came out in this skimpy bikini. She had huge 44dd tits. What a great fuck she was. The secret to fucking a teacher, keep your mouth shut.

    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      This could become the making of a very good story