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Boys will do boys

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Several boys unite over one thing”SEX” with each other!

When I was growing up it was not uncommon for boys to fool around with other boys.I first started being sexual with boys I was in second grade. Me and another boy would go behind the bushes at recess and compare are little dicks.This led to touching each others buns and having him spend the night.

During the sleepovers we would sleep in are family room downstairs in are basement.We would wait till everyone was asleep and stuff are sleeping bags with pillows and go in the bathroom and lock the door.I would stuff a towel under the door so no one could see the light.We would both strip naked and lay on the floor fondling each other and feeling are buns.We tried sucking cock and both loved it.We both hopped in the shower and he peed on my leg so I spun him around and peed all over his back and crack of his ass.

Speed forward to fifth grade and when the sex started. There were two older boys are in our neighborhood one was 15 and the other was 17 both in high school.They both introduced us younger boys into adult sex.They had a 13 year-old boy they knew Who would come with them to are fort and suck both of them.One day the three of them came inside and asked four of us if we knew how to fuck.Of course we all said yes.They had us locked the door to are fort.They have the younger boy get on his hands and knees in front of us and Another boy put his cock in his mouth and had him start sucking you. The other boy squeeze some stuff on his dick and on the kids ass and started fucking him in the butt.We all sat there in shock we have never seen that before and it was kind of getting us hard.The older boys started pumping harder and then pulled his cock out and sprayed cum all over the boys back.That’s how we learn how to butt fuck.

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