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The Little Spy – Chapter 3

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Coming of age story of two sisters; one a budding Dom, the other a blossoming Sub.

Chapter 3
She was right, Mom was home. I had just enough time to stash the flash drive in my room before she called me down to help with dinner before the game. I must have been noticeably distracted because Mom asked me twice if I was ok. I told her I was fine. In reality I couldn’t shake the sexual tension of Sara fingers working on me, getting me so close, only for her to take them away. It was a strange feeling of frustration, but there was an underlying feeling too that I liked in being so horny, as Sara put it, but not cumming. At least not yet. I couldn’t stop thinking about the flash drive she’d given me and wondering what was on it. I couldn’t wait to when we got home later to see.

At the game I couldn’t take my eyes off my sister. It was an away game so I wasn’t sitting with my friends from school like I did when the game was at home. I had to sit with my parents although it didn’t matter because I wasn’t paying attention to the game at all. All I could think of was Sara standing behind me earlier and rubbing me in just the right spot. I’d been so close! The feeling was bubbling up again and I squirmed in my seat. Mom could tell and asked me why I was so fidgety. Dad leaned over and told me he was nervous too, it was a very close game. It didn’t matter to me as I continue to focus on Sara. She looked so sexy. I noticed how the other cheerleaders would gather around her when they weren’t doing a cheer, reaching out, touching her in a way that seemed innocent, but was it really? She’d told me that morning she played with girls too. Was she talking about the other cheerleaders? How many of them were like me and had felt her fingers rubbing their aching pussies? How many had she made cum? How many of them called her Mommy too?
The more I watched her, the more thoughts flooded my head and I just wanted to push my hand into my pants and relieve my aching pussy. I wanted to cum so bad right then and there and I didn’t care if my parents or the whole gym saw me. What made it worse was knowing that flash drive was waiting for me when I got home. What could be on it? It had to be something really sexy and dirty otherwise she wouldn’t have warned me like she did. I squeezed my legs together and felt it putting pressure on my throbbing clit. It wasn’t enough to make me cum, but once again it brought me to the point of being oh so close, just as my sister had done to me earlier. I was starting to really like that feeling.

The game finally ended and our team lost. Everyone on our side was disappointed. The players walked off with their heads down and the cheerleaders hugged and cried, all of them except my sister. Why wasn’t she as sad as the others? I hoped it had something to do with her having more time now. More time to spend with me. I hid my feelings too because I was secretly happy. With her cheerleading over she would be home every day after school. My head spun thinking about us being home alone together and what she would do today, and what she would have me do to her.
It was about a half an hour ride home and I must have been noticeably quiet. My dad asked if anything was wrong and I answered no, I was just tired. If I told the truth I would have said I needed to cum so bad it ached. The moment we walked into the house I said a quick goodnight and headed up the stairs. My parents thought it was odd I was going to bed early but thought a good night’s sleep would be good for me and said goodnight. Their bedroom was on the main level and at the opposite end of the house so I didn’t have to worry about them coming upstairs to check on me, they never had before. Nevertheless, I locked the door and retrieved the flash drive from my dresser. Undressing quickly, I grabbed my computer, turned out the light, got on my bed and put in my earbuds. The flicker from my computer lit the room and on the screen I was treated to a sight that almost made me cum without even touching myself. A very busty blonde was naked and laying on something that looked like an overstuffed dentist chair. Jutting out from each side near her head were two sections that made it look like a cross. Her arms were strapped to it on each side. At the bottom her legs were spread wide and her feet were strapped. Her pussy was also spread wide and glistened with wetness. Beside her a very pretty brunette with a perfect body, dressed in leather with holes for her boobs to pop out, was kissing her and caressing her entire body.

“Does my little whore need to cum?” the brunette asked.

“Oh yesss,” the blonde hissed, squirming at the brunette’s touch, “pleeease.”

I immediately identified with the blonde, wanting to feel exactly what she was feeling with the brunette’s touch. It wasn’t lost on me that I was blonde, and short, and while my boobs weren’t big, I was more developed than the other girls in my class. My sister, of course, was a perfect bodied brunette getting her looks and body type from my dad while I was destined to be short and busty like my mom. I continued to watch the screen, more like mesmerized by it really, and I started to imitate the blonde’s actions by spreading my arms out and locking my hands around steel rungs of the headboard of my bed. I couldn’t strap down my legs like hers but I spread them as far as I could and looked down at my pussy, open and bare, begging to be touched.

“You need your little pussy fucked?” teased the brunette.

“Oh god please,” the blonde moaned. She squinted her glassy eyes and looked straight at the brunette. “Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard. Own my fucking cunt.” Her words were meant to prod the brunette into giving her what she needed.

A small smile came across the brunette’s face. She had pushed the girl to her limits and both of them were pushing me to mine. I fought the urge to let go of the headboard rungs and attack my pussy and clit, but I wanted it all to last as long as possible. I wasn’t going to allow myself to cum until the blonde did. Our mutual desperation connected me to her, like we were cell mates. I looked down at my plump pussy. All the pleasure in my life and all my desires went through it now. It was like I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t consumed with feeding it with my fingers, and hopefully soon, my sister would treat me just like this. Isn’t that why she gave this to me?
“See what you can do with these,” the brunette announced before putting the middle and index fingers of one hand together, holding them up for the blonde to see. With one swift move she shoved them deep and hard into the blondes dripping hole.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuuck,” the blonde wailed. “Now fuck me, please fuck me.” It was hard to tell whether having the brunette’s fingers in her was making her anguish better or worse.

The brunette chuckled slightly at the girls pleading. Her fingers were buried deep inside the blond but she held her hand still. “I’m not wasting my energy fucking you,” she said. “You want fucked, you fuck yourself.”

The blonde immediately started to move her hips and butt, trying to work her pussy back and forth on her captor’s fingers but with her hands and legs tied her movement was limited. Her breathing became rapid panting as she worked in vain. Without even realizing it I was moving my hips and butt too, only I didn’t have the pleasure of two fingers in me. I was just fucking the air and the misery was almost more than I could stand. Realizing she couldn’t cum on her own the blonde began to beg. “Oh god please, make me cum. I want to be your cum whore. I’ll do anything for you.”

Sara had to told me to pay attention to the words they used and I could see why. I started to concentrate on them. I didn’t think it possible but listening to them took me to a higher level of desire.

“I’ll suck your pussy every day,” the Blonde continued to bargain. “You can ride my face, fuck my mouth with your cunt. Anything you want. Just oh my god please….”

I immediately thought of my sister putting her fingers in my mouth while I sat at the breakfast table, telling me how I was going to suck her pussy. My right hand let go of the headboard and I put two fingers in my mouth just as she had done with hers. I moved them in and out of my mouth while I continued to gyrate my hips. The blonde has inspired me and I started to talk just like she was but to myself, barely above a whisper in case my parents were outside my door, saying the words Sara wanted to hear me say and I wanted to say them.

“I want to suck your pussy Sara. Teach me how. I want to make you moan. Push your pussy into my mouth. Cum like you did in your room. Teach me Sara. Teach me to suck your pussy. Teach me how to be your little slut sister.”

On the screen the brunette had heard enough. She removed her fingers from the blonde’s pussy making her groan. “You’re such a pathetic little slut. Look at you trying to hump my fingers when they’re not even there.” She was right. On the screen the blonde pumped her hips even harder trying in vain to make her dripping pussy cum without any friction to make it happen. The way she was moaning and panting I could tell she was only seconds away from sobbing.

Watching her desperation was amazing. I pumped my own hips harder needing it as bad as she did. Gripping the bedpost rungs tighter and placed my feet flat on my bed and lifted my butt up pushing my pussy toward the ceiling. Up and down I went, grinding on nothing but the air. I felt like I was half out of my mind. “Fuck me Sara,” I pleaded to my empty room. “Fuck my pussy. Oh please Sara. Fuck my little bald cunt.” The dirty words poured out of me with no thought to them. They were a product of my sheer desire and rolled out of my mouth with ease.

“Ok slut, if you’re going to cry about it,” I heard the brunette say through my earbuds. I turned my head toward the screen but didn’t stop trying to hump the ceiling. The brunette grabbed the blonde by throat. “You better make it good,” she snarled. “You better cum fucking hard because you’re not going to get it again for a long time.” Without giving the blonde time to respond she brought her other hand up to her pussy and using her four fingers began rubbing fast over the whimpering girl’s entire pussy. The blonde’s response was immediate and intense.

“Fuuuuck,” she groaned, the sound coming from deep in her throat. Her eyes were glassy and her body tensed. “Im fucking cumming!”

“Cum you bitch!” the brunette screamed at her, not letting up with her assault to the girl’s pussy and her other hand appeared to squeeze her neck harder. With that the blonde went into full convulsions.

“Auuuuuugh!” Her scream was primal, even animalistic. Her entire body shook uncontrollably. Watching her I felt myself on the brink of my own orgasm. I pushed my pussy even higher and pumped even harder, frantic to drive myself over the edge.

“Fuck me Sara,” I begged again, forgetting for a moment to stay quiet. Letting go of the frame I grabbed my discarded panties next to me on the bed and shoved them into my mouth. They were the closest thing within my reach and I couldn’t trust myself to stay quiet. The way my impending orgasm was clenching my insides it was like my guts were turning inside out and I couldn’t have my concerned parents burst in the room hearing me scream for my sister to fuck me. My panties were damp and the musky aroma filled my nose. I could smell my sex, my desire, my need for her and it was the last push over the edge. I copied the brunette’s movements on the blonde’s pussy, though I didn’t need to, I knew just how to make my aching pussy cum. My fingers attached my clit, which stood proud from my pussy lips, beckoning to be touched.

“Fuuuuuck,” I grunted through my panties, practically like a rooting pig. “You’re fucking me Sara. You’re fucking my cunt.” It was all I could get out before my orgasm hit me. I thrashed all over the bed my fingers rubbing even harder and faster at my button. I was barely aware of the sound I was making, it was just like the blonde.

“Auuuuuuugh,” I cried all the way though. I felt my orgasm subside but only slightly, my fingers still working at my now dripping slit, unwilling to let up. Then the feeling was back, building again quickly. I was going to cum again. “Oh Sara,” I cried my, teeth clenching my panites, “please don’t stop. Make me cum again….oh don’t stop….please Mommy….make me cum again.” The sensations were all too much, from how my own fingers were attacking me to the string obscenities I was saying that were coming from a place I didn’t even recognize as being me, it was more that my sexually worked up body could take. For second time in as many minutes I was climaxing and announced to the empty room, “Oh Mommy….I’m cumming! Gawwwwwwwwwwd!”

It’s hard to remember what happened after that. I know I took my panties out of my mouth so I could breathe. I was panting heavily, my bare chest rising and falling rapidly, the nipples on my growing tits were hard and stuck straight out. I took out my ear buds and closed my computer no longer caring about the blonde. She had nothing on me. I was anxious for Sara to come home to tell her what I had seen, and what I had done. I knew she wouldn’t be home for several hours but I wanted to stay awake. That proved to impossible. My orgasms had left me feeling drained as if every ounce of energy had been siphoned from my body. Sleep couldn’t be avoided, or maybe it was more like passing out. I woke up some time in the middle of the night, still naked, laying on top of my bed spread. I wanted to go to Sara’s room but thought better of it. She’d kill me if I woke her up at this hour. It would have to wait until morning now. I was cold and wiggled under the covers to drift back to sleep but before I closed my eyes I split my pussy lips with my middle finger. I was still wet. I brought them to my mouth and took my time to savor them, working my tongue all around them. It felt so dirty to suck my own pussy sap. I could only imagine at this point how dirty, and wonderful, it would be to suck Sara’s juices, but not from her fingers, by putting my mouth right on it.

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