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I raped my classmate

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When i was 13 i raped a girl in my school

When i was 13 i was a real pervert,still am honestly. Sex was all i thought about,i masturbated constantly and women were always on my mind. There was a girl in my class named Kylie,she was very sweet but also kinda dirty,not nearly like me and the other boys though. We would occasionally talk at lunch or something and i would slip in a dirty joke or comment to see how she would react and she usually just laughed. Eventually i worked up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend and surprisingly she said yes. My fist thought was to kiss her and see what it was like so we found a secluded place outside the school and kissed. It was amazing! And i got sooo horny from it! I rubbed my hand on her leg and moved it toward her pussy. I was so eager to see what it would feel like but she stopped me,she pushed my hand to the side and said no. I was so mad! I was really horny and i wanted to have full blown sex right now but she wouldn’t let me! I ignored her and shoved my fingers in her pussy. I covered her mouth with one hand and fondled her pussy with the other,just the the bell rang and we went back inside. She looked scared and sad at the same time. I was worried she would tell so i said “if you tell anyone ill fucking kill you”. She didn’t tell.
That night I thought about the inside of her cunt and how good my dick would feel inside it. I made up my mind to fuck her the next day whether she wanted it or not. I was to horny to care about how she felt. The next day came and she avoided me. It kinda made me mad but i liked it at the same time,i liked that she was scared of me and that she couldn’t do anything to stop what was coming. I followed her outside and i dragged her into a bush. I covered her mouth and groped her tits and cunt. I was so horny i couldn’t stand it!!! I threw her on the ground and jerked her pants off,she tried to scream but it was muffled. She had pink panties on,i tor them off and fingered her for a short while. I unzipped my pants and took my rock hard cock out,i told myself she was a whore and it wouldn’t really bother her,and besides theres no way someone could not want sex. So i pushed my dick in her pussy,it felt amazing!! I had waited years to actually fuck a girl and now i was!! I fucked her like an animal for about 30 minutes,she tried to scream and escape but i was pretty big for my age so it was hopeless. After a while she stoped struggling.I told her that she was a whore and she belonged to me,but i also told her how beautiful she was and that i loved her,then i felt it, an orgasm coming on,i humped faster and faster as euphoria overwhelmed my body and i groaned as i pumped my cum deep in her cunt!! I rolled over and told her to dress herself. I took the torn panties as a trophy and we walked back in the school like nothing happened. I told her on the way back that i did that because i loved her and she was the most beautiful girl in the world. She didn’t say anything,she just looked scared and confused. I fucked her every day at school after that. Sometimes i would make her suck my cock,sometimes i would fuck her. But she never told anyone,maybe she was to scared,or maybe she secretly enjoyed it. Im cool either way.

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  • Reply Oluwa

    You are so good but wicked

    • That one guy


  • Reply Someone

    2 minutes silence for those who thinks it’s real

    • Oluwafemi

      Now Leave Your Comment…hi

  • Reply Chris

    Ride on


    Do a part 2

    • That one guy

      I might just

  • Reply That one guy

    The amount of people who think this is real is scary

  • Reply Nathan4886

    Hey wants your snap I wanna talk about this with you

    • That one guy

      Give me yours

  • Reply Notr34lname

    Hopefully this is fake, I jerk off to rape porn for the fact it’s not fake. Rape is actually disgusting and I know how ironic that sounds. But if this is real and you truly believe what you said, go fuck yourself

    • That one guy

      Its fake fuckwit

  • Reply AP

    The fact that you have the audacity to call yourself “cool” is just lame as fuck. If this was about CNC roleplay, this would be different but you raped a girl who was clearly uncomfortable. Go get yourself a therapist, you seriously need one. As for why she hasn’t reported you to the police, I hope she has the courage to report you now.

    • Psiberzerker

      If this is at all factual, there’s no therapy for him. This is the kind of perp that doesn’t want help, and doesn’t want to get better because he can, and he likes it. There are real monsters out there, and if this isn’t one of them, then he’s really damned good at faking the mindset.

    • AP

      I don’t know If I should feel flattered or concerned I have a split personality. I don’ remember taking any Ambien…

    • That one guy

      Holy shit is fake dipshit

    • AP

      So then say it is fake you fucker.

    • Yessirr

      AP STFU u community cop

    • AP

      That was the ‘other’ AP.
      The real one (me) knows it’s just words and no one forced anyone to read them.

    • That one guy

      Enought fuckwit. AP just say you have a persobality disorder. I dont fucking care just stop sounding like a smartass

    • Ew

      Bro u go get a therapist all you do is comment on underage stories while 12 year olds fucking wank