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Amy Tale/s – BBC Weekend Pt. 2

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My husband finally agreed, and I was getting nervous, and anxious to fuck his friend’s big black cock again.

Picking up where I left off, I was taking a shower at a hotel. My husband’s black friend just finished fucking the shit out of me with his big cock. He is almost ten years younger than me, and I am more than a handful of years younger than my husband. I came out of the shower, dried off, and went back into the room totally naked. They were talking, and my husband’s friend was still naked, but my husband had put his shorts back on. His friend got up, and went to the bathroom, and I heard the shower come on. I could not help but look as he walked by; even limp, I wanted to touch that big dick again.

I was really tired now, and I just got in the bed, and fell asleep. We had arrived at the hotel around 7:30pm, and it was about 1am now. I was feeling, so satisfied, that I just conked out. I woke up just before 8am, and they were still asleep. I got up, dressed, and stepped outside to make a phone call. I had called my parents last night (they were babysitting for us) and told them my husband was released late, and we just got a room since we were so tired. I told them I would be back sometime today.

I went back inside, and my husband was still asleep, but his friend was up, and had already dressed. I sat down on a couch, and was checking messages and email on my phone. My husband’s friend asked me if I slept good, and I said, really good, as I looked at him and smiled. He wasn’t staring at me or anything, but I wanted his attention, and my leg shaking and me fiddling with my hair was probably a dead giveaway. I knew it was a one-night stand, but I really wanted to fuck that big black cock again.

Our talking woke my husband, and he got up, did his bathroom business, and got dressed too. He came over and sat next to me on the couch, and he asked me, do you want to stay another night? Do you know that feeling you get when you are scared back into consciousness, and you breathe deeply? I did that, and my eyes widened, and I said, yes. So, we went and ate breakfast, picked up some supplies, snacks, drinks, and such, and came back to the hotel. As soon as we got through the door with our goods, my husband stopped me from putting stuff away, and he set the bags we were carrying on the floor inside the door.

My husband told me to take my bra off, and my shorts and panties, and I said, why? He said, I want you to go get us some ice in just your shirt. I said, no, my shirt is too short for that, and he said, put the one I gave you on, then go. I fussed around for a few minutes, then in just my husband’s t-shirt and my flip flops went and got some ice. I came back, and said, did that excite you, and he said, did anyone see you? No one did, but I know how my husband’s mind works, so I said, yes, there was a guy at the vending machine that stared at me. My husband wanted to know details, so I made some shit up.

He got up, and drew the curtains back, then he told me to, get naked, and put the stuff away that we bought. I protested, but we were on the second floor, so, I just decided to do it. My husband was really getting excited watching me walk around naked with the window open, and his friend was just sitting on his bed in silence with this dumfounded look on his face. I finished and sat on our bed, and my husband closed the curtains. A few people had walked by, but nobody took the time to stop and look. I think it is the thrill of the possibility that excites my husband. It was about noon, so, I called my parents and told them we were staying another night. When I was done, my husband came over to the bed, and he asked me, what I would like to do?

I thought for a bit, and my imagination got to churning, and I decided on something that I wanted to do, and I was getting all anxious inside to do it. I told my husband that I wanted him to just sit on the couch, and let me fuck his friend by myself. We were kind of whispering to each other, so his friend did not know what we were talking about. My husband whined about wanting to have some fun too, and I told him, you asked me what I wanted to do, and that is it. For me, it wasn’t as much fun with my husband in the mix, I am so used to his desires and wants. There is really not much of an added thrill, and last night, it was more of a distraction.

My husband finally agreed, and I was getting nervous, and anxious to fuck his friend’s big black cock again. My husband told me that his friend was more gay than bisexual. I told him, that I still wanted to fuck him alone. He told his friend what was going on, and he agreed to let me have my fun, and I was so happy. I was still naked, not that it mattered, because his friend did not pay that much attention to me. But I was excited anyway.

I walked over to my husband’s black friend (who was standing), and I started unbuttoning his shirt, and I ran my hands up his chest and over his shoulders to take it off. I ran my hands again over his shoulders and down his arms and pulled his hands around me and he began to rub down my back and my ass. I undid his pants and pulled them off, and then the same with his boxers, but more slowly. That fucking big cock of his wasn’t hard, but it looked so good. I stood and stepped in close to him and he put his arms back around me, and I did the same. I tiptoed up, and kissed him, really hard, harder than I had even kissed my husband in a while. I pressed my soft white body and breasts into his black chest, and I could feel his cock against me.

His cock wasn’t hard, but there was a lot there to feel. I kept kissing him and I reached down and started rubbing his cock and his balls. He was still rubbing my ass, so I took hold of his hand, and placed it on one of my breasts. He rubbed my breasts for a bit, but I wanted him to rub down to my pussy, but it was like I was training a 13-year-old. Finally, I took his hand again and moved it down, and he started fingering me. I was already wet. I turned him and gently pushed him back onto the bed and he was sitting.

I got on my knees on the floor, and I started licking his balls and sucking his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, but I liked the feel of his semi-erect cock in my mouth. He was trying to be excited, but I was sure now that he totally gay and forcing his excitement. I quit caring about that, I just wanted to suck and fuck that big black cock again. I stood up and we moved all the way onto the bed, and I turned on all fours and straddled my pussy over his face, and I went back to sucking his cock. He was getting hard, and I looked over at my husband, sensually, as I sucked and stroked that big dick. My husband had already taken his pants off and was stroking his cock. I could feel his friend turn his head every now and then to look over at my husband as he ate my pussy.

I slid my pussy down his chest and stomach with my back still to him, and I took his cock, and I started rubbing my pussy with it. I was thrusting my hips back and forth with my pussy cupping his dick, and every now and then, I would rub the head of his cock vigorously against my clit as I clutched that cock with my hand. I used that big black cock in one hand to forcefully rub my clit, while I caressed my breasts with the other hand until I got off.

He was so hard, I wasn’t sure if it was me, or him watching how excited my husband was getting at watching us, but now I wanted that big cock in my pussy again. I turned around and stayed on top, and I guided that dick into my pussy. I set my weight back on it, and I started up and down, and I can say this, that was the biggest fucking cock I ever had in my pussy, and I was loving it. He was touching something inside me that I did not know was there, and my verbal noises were letting my husband know that.

After about 10 or 15 minutes of this, I was getting lit, then all of the sudden, it happened, I started having cascading orgasms on his cock. I fell flat on him, and I was trembling, as the trimmers played out with that big cock deep inside me. My pussy was throbbing, and my thighs were quaking uncontrollably. I was squeezing down on his dick with every muscle in my body. I laid there for a bit, until the trimmers subsided, and then I moved off him. I had never got off like that before, I mean just fucking a guy’s dick, I did not know it was possible.

I had been selfish with what I wanted him to do to me, now I wanted to make him cum. I laid down beside him rubbing his chest, and I looked over at my husband, and motioned for him to come over. I said, I want both of you to eat my pussy. My husband got in a 69 over the top of me and his dick and balls were in my face, and his black friend moved in between my legs, and they both started kissing on my pussy and thighs. I wasn’t trying to get off again, I was just enjoying the attention. I licked on my husband’s balls while they gave their attention to my pussy for a bit, then I reached down and grabbed his friend’s muscly biceps, and I started pulling him up to my breasts. This forced my husband to sit up, and when he did, I moved his leg so that both his knees where on one side of my head.

I began cupping my husband’s dick in my mouth and sucking the shaft and licking his balls and he rubbed my tits. His friend was kissing on my breasts, and I was eyeing my husband’s black friend intently, as if to say, are you watching me lick my husband’s dick? Do you want it? My husband’s friend was absorbed with what I was doing, and I could tell he wanted my husband’s dick. I took my husband’s cock in my hand, and I pushed it in his friend’s direction, and while I held it, he started sucking it. I was being playful with my husband’s dick, I was rubbing it around his friend’s lips and in and out of his mouth. I reached up and took my husband by the thigh and moved him so that he was straddling my face again, and I started licking his balls.

At this time, his black friend took hold of my husband’s cock, and I slid down a little and grabbed his friend’s big cock and was rubbing my pussy with it again and jacking on it. Damn, his cock was so much bigger than my husband’s dick. I kept thinking to myself, how can I fuck my husband’s little dick anymore? I reached up to my husband’s back with my other hand and I rubbed it, and I said, his dick his so big, if you fucked me now, I do not even think I would feel your dick.

My husband replied, I want to see, and they switched positions, and my husband started fucking me, and I started rubbing and licking on that big black cock and staring at my husband. I was enamored with that big cock, and although in my husband’s mind I was a faithful wife, I knew I wanted to find some way to feel the way that big cock made me feel on the regular. I quit staring at my husband and started thinking of every black guy I knew back home, and to be honest, there were none. I was determined to find some big cock to fuck behind my husband’s back.

I did not make any noises while my husband fucked me, compared to the chorus that rang out when that big black cock was fucking me. My husband was still going while I was lost in thought, and he said, how does that feel? And I lazily looked up at him, and I said, oh, I was thinking about something else, to be honest, it feels like you are fingering me. His friend chuckled and my husband said, I guess you want his dick back in you, and I said, yes please. My husband is such a push over when it comes to me, so he moved over and told his friend to fuck me hard.

Now, his friend’s dick wasn’t completely hard anymore, and I knew that the only thing that would excite him is gay stuff. I looked over at my husband, and I said, why don’t you suck his dick to get it hard for me? He looked at me, and said, no, and then he looked at his friend and back at me, and said, Amy, my friend and I discussed this before you picked us up, and I knew he was gay, but I told him I would let him suck me, but that I was not interested in doing him. He agreed to do you on my behalf and under those conditions. His friend was still beside me on his knees and I grabbed his semi-erect cock, looked pitifully at my husband, and with a pouty face said, he is not hard enough to fuck my pussy.

My husband said, I will let him suck my dick, okay. So, my husband moved to the head of the bed and on his knees, and his friend started sucking on his dick. They were beside me, and I slide under his friend, and started stroking and sucking his cock and licking his balls. After about five minutes of this, I noticed that his friend wasn’t getting rock hard like before, so I stopped. I asked his friend, do you want my husband to rub you dick? He looked at me and nodded, yes. I looked at my husband and I said, will you rub his cock for me?

My husband said, I will do that if it will help, and they repositioned on their sides and I got behind his friend. I was rubbing his friend’s back and ass, and my husband was being hesitant about grabbing his friend’s dick. I said real sexy like, grab that big cock and get it hard for my pussy, and I reached over and rubbed my husband’s shoulder. I took hold of his hand, and I moved it onto his friend’s cock, and his friend was licking my husband’s dick, but he was looking down at us. My husband took hold of that big black cock and said, fuck, that is a big dick, and I said, I know, feels good doesn’t it? He said, it’s a handful, no doubt, and I put my hand around it too.

His black friend was getting hard, and I said, look, you can still get another hand around it, and I told my husband to use two hands, and with my one hand and both my husband’s hands, the head was still sticking out some. His friend was rock hard, but I wanted him excited too. We still had our hands on his dick, and I told my husband, lick the head. He said, nah. I looked at him pleading nicely and said, please, do it for me? He said, I will do it once, okay, and he leaned in, and with his tongue, he licked once up the head of that big black cock. I won’t lie, this gay stuff was getting me aroused now.

I let go, and started fingering my pussy and rubbing his friend’s ass and thigh, and my husband was long stroking his friend’s dick. I said, put his whole head in your mouth, and he looked at me and shook his head slightly no. I begged, come on, put his dick head in your mouth, I said, my pussy is getting so wet, you are really turning me on right now, I really like it, I need a hard, hard cock to fuck me. It was getting me excited, but what I really wanted was that big dick to get rock hard, fuck the shit out of me, and cum in my pussy; I wanted to feel that big cock throbbing inside me again.

My husband leaned over, opened up his mouth and stuck the head of his friend’s dick in his mouth, and before he could pull his head back, I pushed his head down, and I said, don’t stop, keep going, and I fingered my pussy and said, this is getting me so fucking hot right now. He kept going, and I said, don’t stop, and I will lick your balls. He loves to have his balls licked, so I moved in between my husband’s legs, and started licking his balls like I was eating a girl’s pussy, at the same time his friend was sucking the shit out of my husband’s dick. I looked down at my husband, who wasn’t giving it as much effort as his friend, and I said, suck it harder, like he is doing to you, and he got a little more aggressive. All of the sudden, my husband rolled flat on his back, and the efforts of me licking his balls and his friend sucking his dick, made my husband get off, and his friend just kept my husband’s dick in his mouth while he came.

I moved my pussy into my husband’s face in a 69, and I said to his friend, fuck me hard, and I will make my husband lick your balls. His friend came up behind me, and stuck that big cock in my pussy, and it was hard, but I did not want him to lose interest. I looked back under me, and I said to my husband, lick his balls, and my husband started licking his balls. His friend started pounding, but not with a speed that I would consider enough to ejaculate. I looked again at my husband, and he was just sort of, holding his tongue up as his friend’s balls moved back and forth. I reached back under my husband’s head, and I shoved his face up into his friend, and I said, make him cum in my pussy! I want to feel that big dick get off inside me.

My husband got the picture, and he made a more deliberate effort. I wrapped my arms around my husband’s waist and laid my head in his lap, spread my knees, and stuck my ass in the air. I was fucking moaning, and grunting, I was going oh god, fuck me harder, fuck me harder. His friend grabbed really hard around my hips, started short stoking deep inside of me, then it happened, I could feel him get off, and I could feel that dick throbbing in my cunt, and I said, push it in deep, don’t stop, and he did, and his body was vibrating against my ass in a frenzy. I said, don’t take it out, just wait, and I pushed my knees down so that I was flat on top of my husband’s face, with his friend’s big cock in my pussy, and he laid down on my back. I said, just stay like this, and we did.

After a few minutes, his dick started going limp inside me, but unlike those white dicks I had fucked before, it wasn’t coming out. They started fidgeting and wanting to move, and his friend pulled all the way out and got up. I leaned up, but I rubbed my pussy all over my husband face and mouth, back and forth, and I said, ooh, that big cock felt so good, you are going to have to get me some more. He grabbed hold of me and moved me off, and got up and went and washed my pussy juice and his friend’s cum off his face. My husband started getting dressed while I was lying there, and I said, where you going? He said, well, it’s after 6pm, I am hungry, I thought we could get something to eat. His friend was in the bathroom, but heard us, and he came out and started to get dressed too. I said, give me a minute, and I went into the bathroom and took a shower, and we went out to eat. I will continue BBC Weekend in part 3, the conclusion.

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    My wife took a few pics of our daughter losing her virginity and sent them to me. I couldn’t stop beating off looking at them.
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