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It feels good

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Growing up incest was a common thing in my household and town (im not gonna say) but if was okay to walk around naked infront of my cousins and uncles and if my dad needed somebody to fuck while my momma was out he could use me and i could shower with my older brother and if any elders as in men wanted me to let them feel me up id say yes at a young age too and it was right i still think its right and rape is too if a man wanted to ram his cock in me id enjoy it beacuse its nature men have needs god made women for men to dominate so stop bitching and resisting and start taking cock.

Reminds me of the time I’d take loads up jizz up my cunt by my uncle in front of my fami!y and i loved it i loved having a cock in my mouth and getting my breast fondled my strangers I’ve even let my aunt play with my asshole and my intersex cousin fuck me when i visited

I masturbate to incest porn on a daily and im so glad im visiting my home!e town next month i can’t wait till my uncle and dad paint my face with jizz and maybe I’ll get breed by one of the farm.boys who work for greg

Maybe I’ll tell stories idk

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  • Reply 15yr old

    Hey I’m 15 u interested you talking?

  • Reply Bruh

    I’m 15 guy and down for anything (mainly women) add me on Kik @burntmustard

  • Reply Jane

    I got fucked by my grandfather since I was little can’t remember how old I was but he did finger me. I also gave him lots of blowjobs, when I turned 12 he puts it in and takes my virginity!

    • Deadson.com

      That’s hot

    • Lauren

      Fucking hot

  • Reply my ig is _dapper_apparel

    drop your insta or email

  • Reply Johnny

    What town is this i need to move there with my family

  • Reply Dm me on insta @meme.sfunnyaf

    Pics of you or it didn’t happen? Idk, im just really horny and I want to get laid but it’s not really a possibility right now. Im 14.

    • hey ..

      just added you lol

  • Reply redsopine

    wish i lived in your town would make getting laod eaisier lol

  • Reply Sherri

    Incest is good. I remember my first time with my uncle when I was 11.
    At 14 I became pregnant. My son could be my uncle or my brother

    • Devilgirl01

      Incest is the way of life i remember having my dads cock in my mouth at 10

    • Bama

      Wish it was mine

    • Lauren

      I started at 11 with my dad and pregnant 2 days after l turned 13. I’m currently pregnant by my dad again.

  • Reply Mommy

    Tell us of your first time

  • Reply Naughty Knight

    What’s the town, would love to visit!!!

  • Reply Twerkmaster666

    did your uncle fill you pussy up? did you ever get pregnant?

    • Devilgirl01

      My brother was the first to breed me then my uncle