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New Scouts

Mixing the girls into the Boy Scouts is leading to several opportunities and problems for the Troop leaders #

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Work wire returns

After I left the company (please read the Minnesota Goodbye) I decided I had, had enough of work wives. Call me soft but the reality of leaving Claudia like that really hurt for a long... # #

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Dirty old gits

My grandpa and his friends gang-raped and gang-banged me when I was 14 years old, and I enjoy it a lot. # # # #

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Expect the Unexpected-10

Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/expect-the-unexpected-9/ ). Now let’s continue… He chose some gowns to quickly wear over them if there were any unexpected visitors.... # #

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Femboy sissy

Mom and I lived in a small town in the mountains of northern US. I was very feminine for a boy and had long hair and kept my eyebrows done thin and my body completely smooth and hairless... # # # #

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After my divorce pt 1

I m thirty two I have a great body firm and nice with 30d tits,my divorce had finially gone through my ex husband had been cheating on me. I decided one evening to go out and have a... #

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Some time at the beach

I m a twenty five yr old woman with a great body very ahtletic with 32 dd tits,I had just boken up with a guy who wasn t good for me and I needed some time away ,so I went to my friends... #

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Little girl on the swing

She must of been like 10 or so. I was walking through the park seen this little thing on the swing set she was giggling I looked over and when she swung higher i could see she had no... #

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Lucy’s summer Holiday #2

Part 2 Lucy was tired hungry and in agony. Her mouth dry from the four panties stuffed in her mouth. Her lower face heavily wrapped in duct tape Lucy’s screams could only be heard... # # # #

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Men Love My Tits

The only way a man could see my tits is at my birthday parties or if he was fucking me. That all changed when I met my ex. He has a huge cock and he loved to fuck and cum all over my... #

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Training Samantha part 4

The weekend finally arrived. The first time I would meet Karen. I was a little nervous and then the Volvo pulled into the driveway and out comes a short stocky woman with a cute face.... # #

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Older woman young bbc

I m a forty yr old single woman with 34 dd firm tits and a firm slender shapely body, I work fom my apartment, one day I ordered some food and was having it delievered I was only wearing... #

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Girlfriend and daughter

One Saturday my girlfriend and I was having drinks when her daughter came home and said I will have a drink with you guys so I got up and got her a drink when I went to give her the... #

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My girls

These two are my pets one owns my heart and old hers the others body is worthy of being my bestfriend even if she wasn’t delightful # #

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An adopted asian girl pt 1

I am a fifteen yr old asian girl with nice 28 c tits a slender body and a nice ass , I was almost going to be sent away from the orphange because of my age when an older man of thirty... #

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