Dating Advice: First Date

It’s sister’s first date. What should she expect? Spoiler alert – This part sets up the story, she won’t be going all the way on her first date. # #

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gloryhole first time

When I was young, I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 so I could go to an adult bookstore to buy some porn videos. So, the time came, and I finally turned 18 and I wasted no time... #

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Jenny and Amy: Part 1

I was on the couch with my sister Jenny. I was 10 and she was 7. I watched her laying there. She was so skinny and cute. I wanted to see her privates. I gently pulled up her pajamas... # # # #

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16 Year Old Nympho

I am 16 years old (02/007) and have over 20 bodies. I know this isn’t very impressive since some girls in my grade have more than 30 yet I’m still very proud of myself. My oldest... # #

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Uncle David Part 3

David was working in the garage when his dad walks in. “Brought you somebody!”, his dad said. Molly comes running in. “Oh hey! There she is! My bestest buddy!”, he said excitedly.... # # #

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The girl on the train

I had been to reunion of former football club friends. I got to the train station in tme to get me home by11pm. I entered the carriage and there was about 12 people in it. Only 3 were... #

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How dare she

A girl humiliated my son in front of his entire school, so I gave her what she deserved, and my son got what he wanted from her. # # # #

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