Jared and Amy 2

Read Jared and Amy to follow along I was 8 and Jared was 16 in the story. I was blow drying my hair when my stepbrother Jared comes in. He comes behind me and kisses the top of my head.... # #

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Jared and Amy

When I was a little girl of 6 when my dad remarried. He married a woman who had a son, Jared who was 8 years older than me. Ever since we me met I adored Jared. He was tall and athletic... # #

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Sex Toy

There’s nothing quite like being kidnapped and raped in someone’s basement. Nothing quite like finding out that your captor is, in fact, a woman, or that she has a massive... # # # #

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Excited to be 16

This isnt your usual sex story. As the title suggest im excited to turn 16 and let me tell you why. I got my first buttplug which I couldn’t buy myself because I’m 15m atm... # #

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