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I had woken up late in the morning an went to the kitchen. Mom said after I ate and showered that we were going somewhere. I said where? She said that it was a surprise. Well I said... # # #

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It had been a couple of days since I let duke fuck me. My mom was off for a couple of days but I was horny to get fucked by him again. I was in the kitchen with my mom Duke fallowing... # # #

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When I was 13 I was staying over at a friends. Her name was laura she was white and a lesbian and 13 too. I always thought she was beautiful. She had beautiful white eyes a nice butt... # # # #

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My husband doesn’t know…

I’m a 30 year old stay at home mom. Been married for 12 years now, and our two kids are 8 and 10. Both sweet little girls. My husband works on the oil rig, so most days I’m just... # #

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This is the Gods honest truth about the night I had sex with my mother. # #

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