My Sister and Her Daughters Part 1

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My sister needs a place to live and I need somerhing too.

I am Tyler (28/M). I am 5’10” and 180lbs. I am decently muscular and athletic. I live alone. I was married for a few years but we divorced about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I haven’t really dated much, choosing to focus on my career of financial consulting. I am well off and own my own condo but I am frequently lonely since the divorce.

Late last night I recieved a phone call from my sister Lexi (24/F). She is leaving and abusive relationship with her two little girls. Mia (10/f) and Amber (12/f). She told me that they were on a train and needed a place to stay. My sister and I have always been very close so of course they can come and atay with me!

I only have one extra room for guests since I live alone I rarely need it. I got it ready and I also got the couch ready too assuming they would use that too.

A heard a knock at the door. Excited to see them I ran to the door. I opened it to my sister who stood with a couple of suit cases. She looked at beautiful as she always did. Her light brown hair was pulled up into a ponny tail and her 5’4″ frame was slim and also athletic. She was probably around 120lbs.

Behind her was two slender little girls. I haven’t seen them in a few years so they have grown a bit. Mia is small, only around 4’6″ and Amber is just under 5′. They all looked tired as they each wheeled a suitcase into the condo.

Welcome home ladies! They all smiled and hugged me on the way in. They seemed relieved to be here. They settled in and started to relax. The girls took the spare room and Lexi set up on the couch.

We will try not to impose for too long. Lexi said solemnly. I just had to get out of there. We ate dinner and then the girls went to bed. Lexi and I sat on the couch talking and she told me about how Dan had become more and more physically abusive to her. The final staw was when he through her down their patio. Luckily she didn’t get too hurt just bumps and bruises but enough was enough.

You can stay as long as you need. I love having you around. It has been a while. I gave her a hug and we went to bed.

I was laying awake thinking about when we were younger. When I was about 13 and 14 Lexi and I had a different relationship. We had been apart for a while so I didn’t know if she still felt the same. Her and I lost our virginity together. She has always been my first love and I have never forgotten it. It was part of the reason I am divorced. Anyway, as I lay there thinking about it for a while I eventually drift off to sleep.

I awake in the middle of the night with a warm body pressed up against mine. My sister was in the little spoon position and was pressing her but against me. My arm was already around her and I sqeezed her close. She looked over her shoulder toward me.

Are you okay? I asked in a low voice.

Yes… I just couldn’t sleep. She replied back.
Do you remember when we were kids?

My mind immediately started racing but I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the same thing I was thinking so I tried to play cool. I cleared my throat a bit trying to speak. What about when we were kids?

She giggled and said You must remember. With that she wiggled her ass on me and then I realized my body was already betraying me. My cock had already gotten hard and she just wiggled it into her ass crack with surprising finess. She reached back and put her hand over my bulge over top of my boxers. I inhailed sharply.

You know…Ive never forgotten, she said as she rubbed me gently with her palm.

I didn’t know if you still felt like that. Its been 14 years. I thought you had moved on. I was trying to keep myself from mawling her already.

She turned over toward me looking into my eyes. I have never moved on. I only started dating because I didn’t want our secret to get out. And then you started dating someone and then I thought you were moving on. I have always loved you Tyler.

I ran my fingers through her hair and palmed the back of her neck pulling her toward me. She didn’t hesitate and planted her lips hard against mine. It was like when we were kids all over again. Lust and love rushed back between us like it had never left. Our tongues found each other and entwined. I gripped her hair and pulled her against me. She swung her leg over me and straddled my waist as we kissed passionately. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and ran my fingers up the hem of her panties onto bare skin. She had filled out so much more then when we were kids. Her breast pressed against my bare chest through her night shirt. I ran my hands up ward into her night shirt and cupped her left breast. Her C cup was so hot and felt so good to hold. My other hand was grabbing her ass and the kissing seemed to intensify. Suddenly she popped up from the kissing and her shirt flew up over her head and she threw it to the floor. Both of my hands rapidly reached for her chest. I found both of her nipples between my fingers and we started kissing again.

I was afraid you wouldn’t feel this way. She said between breaths. I was afraid my feelings would be rejected. I was afraid you would send me away.

We both stopped for a moment and looked at each other. She knew and I knew that this was always the way it was and the way it will always be. Our love would last the ages and her eyes turned back to lust as she reached down into my boxers and pulled my cock through the hole in front. In one smooth motion she held my cock slid her panties to the left and plunged my whole 6 inches all the way in. She was so wet and horney that there was no resistance. She accepted the full length of me into her pussy and started sliding up and down moaning. Her hands planted on my chest as she bounced on me. My cock was slick and warm. Her boobs were bouncing in front of me with every thrust. Her hips were grinding on mine and I could feel that she was beginning to tighten. She took a deep breath as she began orgasming. She lost control of her legs as her whole body tightened so I grabbed her hips and started thrusting upward. I planted my feet under me and like I was bridging began to rapid fuck her pussy hard. She started screaming and moaning. It was so loud I knew we could be heard by the girls. In fact I was pretty sure the neighbors knew what was happening. I didn’t care though and in her moment of ecstasy she gripped the pillows above my head and dug her fingers into them. When her orgasm subsided she looked down at me. She knew that I had not cum yet.

She slid off of me and for a moment i was disappointed. She stood up next to the bed and took her panties off. I quickly removed my boxers. When she crawled back onto the bed she turned around on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me. Her long hair cascaded to one side as she put her head down on the pillow and reached back and spread her ass for me to see. I gripped my cock and guided it into her pussy and started fucking her again. Holding her hips and pounding forward. She was face down screaming into a pillow as the sounds of my hips slapped her ass over and over again.

Cum in me!


Cum in me like you used to! I want it! Cum in me!

With that brief exchange I couldn’t hold back and I knew that was exacly what I was going to do. Slapping her agaist my pelvis again and again I felt my balls tighten up. My arms felt stiff. I was breathing heavy. With one last deep thrust I splashed her with cum. Flooded with spirts of goo I emptied into her. My cock was pulsing with each squirt. 4 or 5 sqeezes later and I inhailed sharply. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath.

I pulled out of her pussy with a pop and my sperm started dripping out. She reached between her legs and scooped some with her fingers and sucked it off. Spinning around she opened her mouth and enveloped my cock with her throat. She rapidly sucked it clean. I held onto the back of her head as she moaned onto my cock. When she was satisfied she popped my cock out of her mouth and climbed up and kissed me deeply. I could feel our passion.

This was a new beginning…

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  • Reply olddreamer ID:1ensieiqvhkw

    LOL! So the sister had her first daughter when she was 12 and the next one at 14…cool enough. Or, maybe you needed to “modify” the ages of your nieces to comply with the rules here… Still, OK.

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    Lucky guy.

  • Reply akroho ID:7xsdkeqk

    Good story so far. My sister and I started fucking when she was 11 and I was 14. We fucked many years as adults too when could get away with it. Horniest girl I have ever known. Miss her. RIP.

  • Reply Golden ID:1d2xzu7828ar

    This is amazing, so many memories. Goldenbiguy on proton.me, telegram or discord

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Beautiful 😍 🤩

  • Reply Janna ID:8ibhd5pm26u

    Good family. Love part 2

  • Reply BroNSis ID:jl00jpz49b

    Amazing story. I had similar experience with my sis when kids. I feel like she moved on since long time… But who knows… Maybe still into it. Should find it out, as you did

  • Reply Wow ID:a6rth499

    Hot you should get the kids to join and breed all of em