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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition (When mom Goldie seduced) Part-X

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As Honey directed Her mom Goldie to make Abra total sex free and have sex with not only her but also with Sunda and Kamia. Now as per plan Goldie have sex with Abraham on previous night and she was perfectly satisfied with his performance and now Goldie started to seduce 21 yrs. Abraham. and now Abraham advance to Goldie.
Now this hotel have tent outside the hotel in the jungle afor their guest and both Goldie and Abraham decided to stay at tent in the night so both of them started for tent keeping all their belongings including mobile at Hotel if they again get lost in jungle.
Today in the evening Goldie wore tight jeans and a deep low cut sexy top. It was very cold in the jungle at night, They reached their tent., then Abraham took out a bottle of whisky from his pocket and took a peg and also gave it to Goldie and decided in mind to fuck Goldie. Thinking this, Abraham came towards Goldie’s tent. There was a lot of movement in Goldie’s tent. Abra saw that Goldie was changing her clothes. She took off her top and then her bra. Then Goldie started removing all her clothes one by one and became completely naked and then she wore her clothes. At that juncture Abra entered Goldie’s tent and saw that she was lying there in nude. She was engrossed in finger fucking of her vagina with her hands in between her thighs were clearly visible. Because of being nude, her big voluptuous breast were swinging from one side to another side. As soon as Goldie saw Abra, she sat up in shock and meanwhile her breasts started shaking due to which Abra’s penis got erected saluted the pussy of Goldie.

I was trying to see her voluptuous breasts and pink pussy. Her attention also went towards my erected humongous penis and she said laughingly to me – Abraham, what is the matter…? You are not feeling well, yes…? I also said – Oh dear, you are a sexy, I understand. When Goldie started smiling after listening to Abra, then his courage increased. Then Abra touched her nude body with his hand.
Honey came closer to Abra, her eyes started closing. Abra also moved forward and moved his lips towards her lips. He did not say anything and I also moved ahead. Then I took her juicy lips in both my lips and started kissing her. By now both his arms had also encircled Goldie’s shoulders. Then Abra felt big, strong voluptuous breasts came under his grip and started fondling of Goldie’s boobs with sucking of her lips and pinching her nipples. My hand would touch her nipple once and then press and caress her breast. Her sexposed breasts are god gifted as it is so taunt, round and firm.. When I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked it, Goldiesaid “Aah hah.”. I too got sexcited. Taking one hand between her legs, I inspected her pussy. It was not a pussy, it was a velvet teddy bear. Absolutely smooth and soft. So juicy and cool. Swollen like bread. I started moving one of my fingers in the crack of Goldie’s pussy, teasing her nicely.

“Ooohhhoooo..ch eeeaahhh. ..” A voice came out of Goldie’s mouth.. I stopped sucking her nipples and placed my lips on her lips again and removed my finger from her pussy and then I started massaging her nipples. Goldie’s hand started coming towards my shorts. She started massaging my hard penis over the short itself. I got up a little and started removing my shorts and then she also immediately sextended her hand and started helping me in removing my shorts and then quickly slid the short down making me completely naked. My muscular and erect humongous penis had started hissing in front of her, then she slowly placed the front part of my bulbous penis on her pussy, then I sucked her beautiful round breasts and rubbed the thick tip of my penis on the clitoris of her pussy, she started moaning and started pushing her pussy on my penis. I was getting a lot of pleasure in torturing her like this. I continued rubbing my penis against her pussy lips in the same manner.
And just then I suddenly gave a strong push and the powerful thrust of my penis sexcited her and held me tightly. After that I slowly gave several thrusts one by one and with every thrust she started pushing her ass from below and also started screaming strange sounds from her mouth.
While fucking, I kept kissing her and biting her in between and she also responded to my every kiss with her own kiss and also bit me and hissed. It was a very interesting scene there. Her and my lust was reaching its peak but no one was ready to accept defeat. Suddenly she caught my tongue in her lips like a lollipop and started sucking. When I pressed her right breast again, she screamed… Baby, come… just slow it down… I feel like you will kill me today darling. She stopped sucking my tongue and spoke sensually, so I started rubbing her breasts lightly. Then she also took out her tongue and both of us started rubbing our tongues. She looked at me in a very sexy manner and started licking my tongue with lustful eyes. On the other hand my penis was busy making a hell of her pussy. . Her pussy was still responding strongly to every thrust of mine. Both our penises and pussies were filled with energy.We are fucking life husband and wife instead of mother in law and son in law
Then I realized that it was not too late for my sex jism to release. I kept fucking her with my humongous cock and while fucking her pussy I asked her – Goldie.. baby.. my cock can blast any time… should I put my semen inside or come out? Goldie hugged me tightly and said – Aah… put it inside, oh… aah… soak it inside me… aah… aa… aa… ohh… make my pussy get drenched with your sex juice. .. Aah.. Aahh.. Ahhh.. When I heard this, I continued fucking her – You my whore, suck my sex juice today… …” I said, she also screamed from below, oh yes… faster… Eee …ooo…bb.b…mmmm…..aaiii…. … … I releases my sex jism and then she also released the pussy juice… and Goldie told laughingly instead of your mother in law I may get pregnant by your love juice darling.
Abraham replied no problem dear Goldie my sweet whore mother in law.
Bu all these sex show is being peeped by Sunda and Kamia in their tent and they were masturbating each other pussy by seeing the humongous cock of Abra. Let’s see.


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