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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister

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I knew by our second date that this relationship was going to be quite the ride.

I was set up on a blind date by one of my roommates and decided to go even though I’m not a big fan of blind dates. For this story, I will call her Brenda and she was a senior in high school. Brenda was 17 and quite a good looking girl. (I was 26 at the time and very nervous dating someone so young). She was about 5’6”, thin waist, long legs, cute little pert nose, big brown eyes, full pouty lips, and light brown hair down to her shoulders. A set of C-cup breasts and a really hot, firm looking ass. I liked what I saw so far. She did have a slight speech impediment, a little stutter, but it was something that you could look past and it didn’t seem to bother her at all. We went out for dinner and to a movie and had a great time. When I took her home we agreed to meet again the next evening and just hang out.

She was on Christmas break from school but of course I still had to work. Picked her up around 7:00 the next evening and asked her if she would like to go to an impromptu pre-New Years eve party that one of my friends from work was having at his home. “Sure. Sounds fun” she said. We were having a good time and Brenda was getting along with everyone even though most everyone was way older than her. Couple of hours into the party and she has had a few beers. I’m sitting in a chair at my friends bar and all of a sudden she slides over on to my lap and starts grinding he butt into my groin. It was somewhat subtle but enough that she and I both knew what she was doing. I am starting to get hard and she could feel it through my pants. She just smiled and kept up the grinding. I was divorced about a year and a half before this and I wasn’t getting much pussy up to this point so it didn’t take much for me to get excited. I suddenly remembered that I had to go feed my parents dog as they went to Florida every winter and I would take care of the dog for them. Dog was a good watch dog so that is why the left her there while they went south all winter. I just went and fed the dog and checked on the house every day. So off we went.

Got there, fed the dog and checked on everything to make sure all was ok. Turned up the furnace to let it run for a bit as it is winter and I wanted to make sure that was working properly. All of a sudden here is this drunken 17 year old hottie standing in front of me and she grabs my dick. I am a little surprised. She looks me right in the eye and growls, “I want to fuck you”. Holy shit! “Hang on. Let me check on something” I said. Ran into my parent’s bedroom and pull back the spread on the bed. Yup mom had left the sheets and electric blanket on the bed. I flipped on the blanket to start warming up the bed. I turned around and Brenda is standing right behind me. She pushes me backward and I fall on the bed. She then jumps on top of me and smashes her lips to mine and sticks her tongue into my mouth. She is just squirming all over me and by that time I am rock hard. We start ripping each other’s cloths off and get to the point where I am naked and she has just her panties left on. I flip her onto her back on my parent’s bed and just dove into the beautiful firm tits. I was all over those things and she is stroking my cock like crazy. I reach down to her crotch and her panties are just soaked. I manage to get them off her and her pussy was just like a waterfall from her lady juices. It’s been some time for me since I had been laid last and I was ready to mount her right then and there. See knew it and stopped in mid frenzy and looked at me and said, “Not so fast mister. I have something in mind for you. Lay on your back”. Hmmm. OK I said. I get on my back and she kisses me all the way from my neck slowly down until she gets almost to the head of my cock. She then stands my cock straight up and slowly starts at the head and takes it all the way down into her mouth and throat until those pouty lips are planted on my pelvic bone. Now I’m not a huge guy but it is 7” and reasonably thick with a really nice mushroom head on it and she goes and bottoms out on the thing. My first thought was, “How in the hell does a 17 year old high school senior know how to give a blow job like that?? I don’t remember any girls in my senior class that could give head like that”. She starts to go up and down on my shaft using her tongue and lightly scraping her teeth on it. It doesn’t take long and I am ready to blow a wad into her mouth and I’ll be damned if she didn’t know I was getting ready to cum. Suddenly, she takes her mouth off my dick, lays on her back and says. “N-N-Now eat my pussy like this will be T-T-THE last time”. Who was I to argue? I climbed between those slim, beautiful legs and stuck my face into her pussy and just went to town. OMG! I have never seen a pussy that wet and it just kept coming. It wasn’t 30 seconds and I felt her tense up and she just stared screaming “OOO GODDD, FUCK, FUCK, OOO GOOODDD” and all the while her pussy is just pulsating and streaming out her juices. She was only half way down from this orgasm and she starting building up another one which I swear was more violent than the first one! I don’t know how she managed to stay on the bed. After about 3 more orgasms she just shouted at me, “PUT YOUR DICK IN ME NOW AND FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME”! Yup. Not gonna argue again. I climbed up on her as just slammed my dick into her as hard as I could. As soon as I hit bottom, she was cumming again. Holy shit! This chick is 17 and fucking like there is no tomorrow. After about 10 minutes of this, and me being surprised that my parent’s bed hasn’t broken yet, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I sprayed rope after rope of my seed into her. I didn’t know I could come that much. I fell back on the bed completely out of breath as was she. After our breathing became somewhat normal again I asked her. “How many times did you orgasm?” To which she replied, “I lost count at 12.” “I better get you home,” I said. By then it was 1:00 AM, past her curfew. Needless to say we were fucking almost every day after that.

Next up, Part 2 – Here’s where the little sister enters.

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    That pussy sounds delicious!

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    Experienced Jailbate. Where were girls like that when I was in High School?

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      To this day I wonder the same thing.

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    Ready for part 2

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    Hurry up with part two!


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    It’s not my wife and her mom f****** ones they were 69

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    Best storie ever

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    My wife is a bbw pear shape big booty and nice big tits. We were dating I went to her house and her parents said she was in her room I walked in on her on her bed when she was 19 and her 15yr sister was behind her strapped up with a big thick black dildo and was pounding my girlfriend. They forgot to lock the door I didn’t say anything just locked it behind me and sat down in a chair they stopped of course and was so embarrassed