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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 16

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Part 16 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chav’s and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Steve must settle his weed debt with Jack in a strange way.

Steve really wants some weed and although he’s now working, he is skint from holidays and parties. He goes to see Jack and says that he wants some more gear. Jack is in a bad mood and says you already owe me £200 Steve, and you want more? Steve says, ‘yea I know Jack, but I am good for it.’ Jack seems to be distracted and Steve says, hey this is your mate speaking, what’s a matter Jack? He says, it is Katie, my girlfriend, she is driving me mad! Over what lad, Steve asks? Well, she wants to have a kid and I have been shagging her almost every night and sometimes twice. Still no joy, and she has been to see the Dr’s and she seems all good to go, so she says it must be me. I said it isn’t but I am just too knackered to keep putting out, you know? Steve smiles and says, I don’t have that problem and laughs. Jack says, yea well I know you will shag anything with a pulse, but even so, you would get fed up with it all. What about me as sperm donor. Maybe I can cum in a tub and you can get it inside her with a syringe. Jack says, I can’t see her going for that, she wants it natural. Steve says, you want me to take over and laughs again. Very funny Jack says. Steve thinks, and says no seriously Jack, If I was to get her up the duff, it would put you in the clear, and I know my swimmers are good, cos of a few near misses. Jack thinks and says, well not sure Katie would go for that either, and then it’s not my kid either. Steve says, she might do if you get her in the right mood, and mate as far as everyone knows, the kid is yours. Well, I guess I could think about it or talk it over, she did mention a sperm donor at one point, and I guess you would be the nearest thing. Why don’t you come over tomorrow night and meet Katie and maybe see what happens after some weed and some drink. Ok Steve says, yea that will be fine, so can I have some bud now then? Jack reaches into an inner pocket and gives Steve a bag of weed.

Jacks’ girlfriend Katie is several years older than Jack at 33. She is getting to the stage in her life when she really wants a child but fears that time is running out. The thought of IVF of some other sort of treatment seems maybe the only way, but she is reluctant to go through it all as she has read that it can all be very stressful. She is determined to make it happen and it means that Jack has to perform when she is at the right time and he is ready too, but it seems that Jack feels drained and almost forced to perform. When they first met 4 years ago it was hot and steamy sex, now the flame has burnt out. Jack is at home for the evening, and they are watching TV. There is a knock at the door at Steve arrives. She looks at the 19-year-old lad and assumes he has come just to see Jack and then go. But Jack invites Steve to stay and introduces him to Katie as a friend. They start to chat about things and then Jack gets out some drinks. At first it is just a rum and coke for the lads or a vodka and lemonade for Katie, but then Katie is getting doubles without her realising. Then the lads light up joints and Katie joins them. She normally stays away from the weed but sometimes she will join in for a one-off puff. But this time it seems that drinks and puffs are flowing Katies way. The talk turns to sex, and Steve starts to talk about his sex life with Sam and the occasional other girls. Katie lets it be known they are trying for a baby but no luck yet. Jack says that they are having to have sex regular. Steve makes a joke about that not being such a bad thing. And Katie smiles. She is getting quite high by now, and then Jack says he needs to go and take a piss. He heads out of the living room and Steve slides over right next to Katie. He just comes out and says, so what about it then? She says what do you mean? He grabs a hand and says, what about having some of this and shoves his hand into his lap and presses it again his thick semi hard cock. She says, we can’t, Jack would never allow it. Steve says I am sure he would if he joined us and then started using her hand to rub his cock hard. Oh, it’s so big she says. Yes, says Steve, it is so satisfying to women and I cum loads too. I bet you really want my cock in you and to swallow my cum. Before she realises what is happening, they are both kissing hard. Jack returns and looks at the both of them, Katie looks over, not sure what Jack will say at being caught and it smiles and says let’s go to bed. They get into the bedroom and Steve kicks off his trainers and pulls off his top and drops his trackies. Jack is kissing his girlfriend and they both undress too. Katie occasionally reaches over and look at his thick large cock, and strokes it. A small drop of pre cum is at the head of his cut cock. Katie gets on the bed and Both Jack and Steve get on the bed also. Jack heads for Katies head and Steve her pussy. Jack is stroking his cock and Katie takes it and puts his 7 ½ incher into his mouth. Steve starts to give oral delights to Katie, and she is giving a stifled moan with Jacks cock in her mouth. After a short period, Jack says let’s swap. Jack heads for her pussy and continues on the oral, while Katie has the chance to suck on his large cock, which is much more a struggle to suck on that Jacks. Jack, slides up the bed and rubs his cock against her pussy and after a few passes, plunges in and starts to fuck her. She is now sucking on Steve’s large pole while Jack is servicing her. Jack looks up at Steve after a few minutes and Steve smiles and then goes over to towards the bottom of the bed and Jack and Steve swap back. Katie is likely thinking more oral sex from Steve, but she is in for a shock when he slides his cock deep into her and she lets out an almost scream of pain, pleasure, surprise and shock at what’s happened. Jacks cock is now getting back inside her mouth, and she is forced to suck him while she is feeling her pussy stretched with a long, thick, hard cock. Steve starts to speed up and is really fucking her hard and fast now. He can often keep going for a long time, but in this case, he is happy just to shoot his load. He is now getting so near and then feels his balls tingle and his cock throb as he moans loudly, presses deep against her cervix and shoots 2 days’ worth of baby batter into her sex. He starts to slowly pump but with deep shallow strokes and continues to coat all of her pussy and cervix with cum, his cock throbbing and his cum tube pulsing with its delivery. He pulls out and says to Jack, come on Jack finish in her. Jack is not sure he wants to get sloppy seconds, but Steve says, come on Jack, make her pregnant. Jack moves down the bed and Jack slides his cock into her pussy. It is a new sensation in that it is very slick, almost like when he has used lube, but in this case, it is cum. He starts to pump fast. The sucking and the hornyness of the situation mean he isn’t going to last long. Within a minute he is stroking hard and short strokes timed to match his shooting cum. He collapses on top of her and for a minute he recovers. They kiss while Steve sits perched on the edge of the bed. They all look at each other and smile. Steve says quietly to Jack, so we now won’t know who made her pregnant, but she’s got to be now. With that they all get redressed and go back downstairs. Steve stays for a little longer, then heads home.

Two days later and the doorbell chimes and Katie goes and opens the door. It is Steve. Jack is not in Katie explains. That’s ok Steve says, I have come to see you. And comes in and smiles at Katie. I hope you enjoyed the other night Steve says. Katie says that she did though she was pretty drunk and a bit stoned so she cannot be sure of exactly what went on totally clearly. Steve smiles and says, enough that you enjoyed it and you cum, and so did I. He smiles again Katie says, yes was definitely something different and good and you have a nice cock. So, what are you here to see me about then Katie says? I thought you might just want to have a little more Steve grins. Katie is unsure what to reply. She has a few moments to think and says, I am not sure that’s a good idea, with Jack not around. Steve says, so he won’t know then will he, come here and he starts to kiss her. They are enjoying each other’s snogs, and then Steve pushes Katies head down to his groin. She pulls down his trackies waistband and his hard, long, thick cock springs out. She takes it in her mouth and starts to suck on it. Steve groans as he feels her mouth wrap round his big pole. She continues to suck for a while, exploring his cock, and then he grabs her, bends her over the arm of the sofa and reaches under her skirt and drags down her panties. He drops his trackies slightly more and then grabs his cock. He spits onto it, then licks his hand and rubs it on her pussy. He then slides his cock into her pussy, within two strokes, the head is inside. She moans and then he starts to feed it slowly more deeper at each thrust. Eventually he speeds up and is pumping furiously at her pussy. His feet flexing in his Nikes on his feet, pressing on them to give him the traction he needs to pump deep into her. She starts to shake and then moans loudly. He feels her pussy contracting around his cock as she orgasms. This brings him to the boil, and he shoots deep inside her with the first deep thrust into her cervix entrance. Unlike last time he continues to pump fast, his cock pistoning her with jets of thick white cum. Eventually he slows down and pulls out. He grabs his cock and feeds it under the waistband and then pulls his trackies fully back up. Katie has regained her composure and is pulling her panties back up. They will end up wet from all the cum he has deposited in her leaking out. There is a flow of thick white cum onto her fabric panties. Steve says, thanks that was fun, and your hot babe. He sits on the sofa to recover, and she sits next to him with just her boyfriend’s t shirt on and her panties. They talk for a little bit and then her hand again reaches for his cock and starts to stroke it, soon enough it is hard again, and she is lying on the sofa with him on top and he fucks her again, pumping away at her swollen entrance. She starts to beg him for his cum, which turns him on even more and he starts to tell her, he is going to cum in her and then with speeded up thrusts he blasts another batch of thick white cum inside her. It is now time for him to make his exit, he has drained his balls and with her still lying on the sofa catching her breath, he says see you around and heads to the door and exits into the street. She watches him go, looking through the front window. Two days later, she takes a pregnancy test, and it is positive. The Dr confirms she is pregnant a few days later and soon a bump will grow. She is left to wonder who the babies’ real father is, and if he or she will look like either of them. She also thinks that she would like another baby too after this one, so Steve might have to visit again. I find out what has gone on from a call with Steve and Jacks sister. To me it seems strange that Jack has failed to get her pregnant all this time and then a visit from Steve and she is going to have a baby. I conclude from that, it must be Steve’s, but we will never know, I can see some similarities in the faces. I am sure that there are times that Steve visits over at the house again, pumping his cum into her, when Jack isn’t there, but she never has another baby after her son is born, so I think she was back on the pill.

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    Most of the kids on the estate are probably Steve’s. What a fucking stud!!