Day 2 away from the pink playhouse

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Filthy little whore takes any cock she can get

Day 2 away from the pink playhouse

The day before I had fucked Bailey three times. I sat in school and thought about him pounding his knot into my pussy all day.

When the bell rang I RAN to my bus. I couldn’t wait. I already asked my Grandma and Mrs. Rainy for permission to play with Bailey after school today. I was all set and pre approved to play until 6pm again.

I took my seat on the bus and daydreamed about Bailey. I smiled to myself as I thought and wondered how many times I could take his knot before 6pm. I was hoping for at least 3 loads, but we were gonna try for 4 loads today. I needed as much cock and as many orgasms as I could get.

I caught myself with my hand inbetween my thighs, pulling my dress up and slowly dipping into my already wet panties. My fingers danced across my thighs, then slipped right into my dripping wet pussy. I bit my lip and quivered. I slowly picked up the pace, and was so close to cumming.

Just then, some movement caught my eye. The boy across from me had woken up and was watching me play with my pussy. He was staring wide-eyed and rubbing his little teenage cock through his pants. I smiled, opened my legs, pulled my panties to the side so he could see my tight little cunt. The excitement of him watching me made my whore pussy cum, and I spewed slimy pussy juice all over the leather bus seat.

The boy made a funny face, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and I knew he had cum in his pants. I loved it that I drove him that wild. Suddenly, the bus came to a halt and it was his stop. He stood up wobbly, I giggled at his crotch and the cum spot that covered it. He quickly covered it with his book bag, I winked at him and he scurried off of the bus.

I looked up over the seat to see the bus driver smiling at me, I knew he had seen the show I put on for the boy. We made eye contact as I licked the pussy juice off of my fingers. Then the bus stopped. It was my turn to be free. I quickly slipped off my panties and tucked them into the bus seat. This was becoming my slutty bat signal. I used it to let older experienced men know, my pussy craved their experienced cock.

After planting my whore calling card, I stood up, strutted up the bus isle and turned to look at the bus driver. I said to him

“Thank you Mr. Miller for such a fun bus ride” I winked at him, walked down the bus steps and made sure my ass swayed as he watched me walk away.

I crossed the street, ran to the field where Bailey was and started petting him. Mr.Miller watched me closely and seemed intrigued as he pulled away.

Bailey and I ran back to the woods. I was out of breath by the time we got to the pond. Without the hinderance of panties, I was ready to get down to business. I sat my ass down on the hay bale, opened my legs and pulled up my dress.

Within seconds Bailey was licking my pussy, whining and humping the air.

“Dang boy, already dying to get your knot into my hole, huh?”

Who was I to deny him, after all, while Mr.Mike and Max was away, I was his filthy bitch in heat. I stood up and assumed my position on the hay bale. Bailey jumped onto my back and almost instantly his cock found my slut hole.

Bailey hammered his knot into my cunt viciously. I was amazed at how tight my cunt stayed despite the constant abuse it had taken over the last few weeks. Then I felt it. The small baseball knot slipped past my tight ring and I immediately came all over his knot like the slut I am. With my pussy vibrating and clenching on his cock, Bailey growled loudly.

“Ha ha ha, caught ya red handed you little fucking dog whore” I heard a raspy deep voice say from above me. I picked my head up from the bale of hay to see Mr.Rainy standing above me with his massive cock in his hands.

Mr.Rainy wasn’t very attractive, but his dick sure was. Not quite as long as Mr.Mikes, but definitely at least 8inches long and probably close to 2inches around.

“You’re gonna get as many loads as you can take tonight, slut. Me and Bailey here are gonna have all the turns we want with your mouth and cunt. If we have time, I’ll take you to the stallion barn and let them use your cunt too. From now on, you’re my little whore to breed whenever me or my animals need to empty our balls”

After Mr.Rainy finished speaking, I opened my mouth willingly to receive his first load in my mouth.

“Good whore” he said as he shoved his cock into my throat and then fucked my face mercilessly until he blew his load in my throat. He pulled his cock from my mouth, walked around me and lifted up Baileys tail so he could look at my tight cunt squeezing his knot. I could feel his knot pulse and load after load spill into my greedy cunt.

“Boy that pussy must be good, Ole Bailey boys ass is throbbing hard”

Just then, Bailey jumped off of my back and pulled his knot out with a wet plopping sound.

Mr. Rainy didnt skip a beat. As soon as he could, he shoved his rock hard cock into my cunt to the hilt. His cock pushed all of the dog cum out of pussy which made a sloppy sound as he drove his cock into my tight hole. It felt so fucking good to have my whore tunnel full of human cock.

“Goddamn little one, had I known you needed cock so bad I would’ve fucked you years ago. This pussy is the best I’ve ever had even after that big ole dog knot and load”

Mr.Rainy pumped my cunt from behind and cursed loudly “fuckin goddamn tight whore” he dug his fingers into my asscheeks as I felt his old cock erupt in my cunt. Seconds later like the slut I am, my pussy clenched down on his cock and DRENCHED him in cum.

He held his cock in me while my cunt throbbed, which caused him to get hard again. He pumped my cunt for another good 20 minutes until he came in me a second time.

After Mr.Rainy removed his cock from my cunt, Bailey jumped back on top of me and knotted me again. They took turns with me for 3 hours. Mr. Rainy dumped 2 loads in my mouth and 3 in my cunt. Bailey knotted me 3 times and dumped a big load in me every time.

Mr. Rainy let Bailey clean up the mess they made of my cunt and was even kind enough to allow me to cum while he did.

“You little whore, I am going to use you as much as I need for myself and my animals. You’re in for the time of your life you little slut”
he said as he smacked my ass and pulled up his pants.

“Can’t wait until tomorrow, Mr.Miller called me after he dropped you off and asked if he could join us tomorrow”

I smiled and said “thank you Mr.Rainy, my little kitty is always on fire and you know just how to make it feel better”

“Of course little one, I’ll make sure it’s taken care of” Mr.Rainy said as he shoved his finger into my cunt, took it out and then shoved it down my throat until I gagged.

I ran back to my Grandmas without panties, already insanely horny and ready for a triple dose of cock tomorrow.

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