A Week Away From The Pink Playhouse

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Little slut seeks comfort in any dog cock in her week away from Max and Mr.Mike

My mother had me riding the school bus to my grandparents after school this week, so I couldn’t walk to Mrs. Lisa’s to see Max or Mr.Mike this week.

My pussy was in agony. I craved to be properly fucked. After Mr.Mike showing me how good a real man can properly fuck, and Max shoving his knot into my cunt, nothing could satisfy me.

I had tried EVERYTHING. My cunt had so many different objects in it over the last week and nothing helped. A shampoo bottle, a zucchini from my grandmas garden, the shower head. Nothing helped scratch that itch. The closest I came to satisfying my desperate pussy was sitting on the zucchini and fucking it while Bruce ate my pussy.

Bruce was better than nothing, but anymore his little tongue bored me. If anything, after him eating me out I was more frustrated. I tried to get the dumb bastard to mount me, but he just can’t figure it out no matter how hard I tried.

The bus at my grandparents dropped me off about 3/4 of a mile down the road. I had to walk from there. It was hot and I was wearing a dress, ever since becoming a slut I see why dresses are so great. I am so horny all of the time, it’s so much easier to reach under my dress, pull my panties to the side and make myself cum.

I was walking and day dreaming about Mr.Mike and Max. While watching bestiality porn the other night I saw a video that drove me wild. A little girl like myself climbed on top of a man’s big dick and rode it. While she was riding his cock, the man pulled the little girl down close to him and a big Rottie came and mounted the girl. I was confused at first because no way both of their dicks were going to fit in her little snatch.

Then I remembered Mr.Mikes words “I’m going to fill up that ass with cum”

The dog mounted the little girl, and pounded his massive knot into her tight asshole. She cried and screamed, and I think she eventually passed out for a few minutes. The Laying there limp, the man with the massive cock pounded her little cunt from below and moaned loudly. The Rottweiler on her back had his full knot in her, you could tell he was filling her up with cum because his ass was pulsing as jet after jet streamed into her tight asshole. After they were done, the dog pulled his knot out and the man pulled his cock out. The little girl grabbed her feet, spread her legs and showed the camera how the cum was dripping out of both of her slutty holes.

How I LONGED to be that little girl. A loud bark snapped me out of my daydream, and I saw the farmers dog running around their fence line. It was a black and white border collie they used to herd their horses and cattle. His name was Bailey. He was a pretty playful dog who I had played with before I became a dog slut.

While looking at him I felt my pussy juices start to drip down my thighs. This was ridiculous. My panties were soaked. Day dreaming about that girl getting double stuffed had me unbearably horny. I needed a cock in me, PRONTO.

I had a wicked idea. The Rainys had a pond way out in the woods behind their house that we had permission to fish. It was in a very private spot and not many people were allowed back there. Mr.Rainy was a really nice old man and was friends with my grandparents. That’s why we were allowed.
I was going to take Bailey back there and fuck him. Hopefully.

I walked up to Mrs.Rainys door and asked them if it would be okay if took Bailey to the pond to play fetch and slip rocks. She said “of course, my dear” and then I used their phone to call my grandparents and let them know what i was doing.

My grandma told me I needed to be home by 6 for dinner. Awesome. 3 hours to have fun. I thanked Mrs.Rainey, ran outside and yelled for Bailey.

We ran through the yard to the tree line, then started on the trail that went through the woods to the pond. I was so excited my pussy would not stop dripping. At this point, it was getting uncomfortable to wear my panties. Thankfully the pond wasn’t too far ahead.

We stepped into the clearing and in the center was the small pond. Mr.Rainy kept two lounge chairs with a square hay bale inbetween them for a stand.

Bailey was running around the pond sniffing the air and jumping around with excitement. I reached under my dress and pulled my panties down to take them off. They were absolutely soaked with my pussy juices. I set them on the hay bale and sat down on a lounge chair. I pulled up my dress and started slowly rubbing my pussy in the warm sun.

I watched Bailey, he sniffed the air, tilted his head and started trotting towards me. I smiled coyly. He smelled it. The unmistakable scent of a bitch in heat.

As Bailey came walking up to me, I stuck out my hand for him to smell. It was slimy and covered in my pussy juice. Bailey sniffed it and immediately started licking my fingers. He licked them until they were completely clean. My pussy was pouring juice onto the chair beneath me. Bailey started sniffing down my body searching for the scent of the juices he loved.

Bailey licked my nipple and I moaned, so he licked it a couple more times and wagged his tail.

“Good boy Bailey” I said as I petted him. His hot doggy breath on my stomach got closer to my thighs, so I laid back in the lounge chair and spread my legs to either side of the chair.

Bailey was getting closer to his honey pot and started licking my juices off of my inner thighs. It felt so fucking good I moaned and bucked my hips. Bruce had such a small tongue and it wasn’t enough for me anymore. While Baileys tongue wasn’t as big as Max, he made up for it in excitement.

Bailey licked my pussy like a crazed beast. He even nibbled on my clit a couple times, causing me to squirt all over his snout. After a while of licking my pussy Bailey started to get impatient. He jumped up on the lawn chair humping at the air.

“Awww Bailey boy do you need to pound your knot into my cunt?!”

Bailey was running around me barking at me non stop. He needed to fuck his new little bitch in heat. So I laid down on the hay bale on my stomach, made sure my ass was hanging on the end and spread my legs. Then I slapped my ass and yelled
“Bailey, Cum!!” As I giggled to myself.

Within seconds, Bailey was on top of me hammering away trying to find my wet hole with his red rocket. After a few attempts, Bailey found my tight cunt. His slimy little dog cock started hammering in and out of my wet cunt with a sloshing sound.

I was in heaven. Baileys dog cock wasn’t as thick as Max’s but it was better than any other cock I’ve had in the last week. The whore in me was just happy to have her hole filled with cock.

Bailey was whining as he was trying to pound his knot past the entrance of my cunt. I was too tight for him to pound it into me. I wanted his knot in me so I thrusted back to meet his cock, which was just enough force to make it pop into my wet cunt.

I moaned loudly as Bailey growled with pleasure. My snatch exploded with a huge orgasm and I gushed all over Baileys rocket. My pussy quivered so hard I was basically vibrating on his knot. I felt Baileys knot get rock hard in my cunt and swell up to the size of a baseball. Then, I felt the pulsing start. He was filling up my cunt with his doggy cum.

Bailey was FULL of cum. He definitely had more built up in his balls than Max. The cum was gushing out of my cunt and down my thighs while Bailey just kept filling me.

After about 20 minutes of being knotted Bailey pulled his cock out of my pussy with a plopping sound. He obsessively licked my pussy clean until he got hard and fucked me again. In those couple of hours, we fucked three times and I was a happy little whore.

My pussy still longed for Mr.Mike and Max, but at least the rest of this week I would have a cock to keep my holes filled for the time being.

It was getting late so I cleaned up and headed to my grandparents. We ate dinner and afterwards I started getting horny so I reached under my dress to touch myself. That’s when I realized I left my panties on the hay bale. Hopefully a wild animal would smell my pussy scent and drag them off.

However That wasn’t how it happened, Mr. Rainy found them just like Mr.Mike did.

That is a story for another time.

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    I wish I was mr Mike. I’d stuff that little pussy full of my thick cock any chance I had. I tried to get my ex into letting a dog lick and fuck her. It’d be sexy to see her or my daughter knotted