dog sitting for a friend

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this is a true story from years ago, i was asked to care for my friends dobie while she was out of town. i had key to back gate the dog had doggy door so he could come and go when he wanted. he was a very nice dog loved to go for walks or ride with his head out the window. i would go over in the am and again in the evening. about the forth day i went over in the evening went thru the back gate then in the sliding door and no dog came to meet me strange i thought so down the hall i went to see what is wrong. shocked at what i found lady friend on all fours nude dog on her back banging her for all he was worth . ..just stood there watching then he knotted her and stopped humping ,thats when she turn her head and saw me the look on her face was total shock to say the least. my friend had come home early and didnt call me to let me know . well after the knot relaxed and slide out we had a long talk about her and the dog .she told me he was her second dog to fuck her since the first died and she got this one.and has been having sex with him for about three years now. she says it the best sex she has ever had nine inches plus the knot and no strings. we have been friends for years and have fucked a few times, so i got sloppy seconds that day and it was great pussy .and we had many more days like that . she took me to a fuck party four other ladies and their dogs, i got to watch some hot fucking and i got to fuck two other gals that day will never forget that. one lady had a great dane longest cock i have ever seen and she took it all plus the knot, she says the tip reaches her cervix and in a little bit i asked her to fuck and she was tight it was wonderful hope to go back again.

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      I’d love to help you but in USA

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  • Reply Wendy the Dogs Bitch ID:1d1l3bym7upy

    I really enjoyed your story, it made me wet just reading it. I’m a married 36 yo Female I have 3 kids and no sex life. I was really sore from working, took a nice hot bath and a muscle relaxer. When I entered my bedroom I closed and locked my door dropped my towel and flopped down on the bed I fell asleep naked. Sometime later I was awoken by having my pussy getting licked by my dog. My foggy brain thought I was dreaming. I realized it was really happening as I was having a great orgasm. I pushed him away I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I’d been licked by the dog. For a few days I thought of myself as a slut for having let him lick me to an orgasm. But the more I thought about it I realized that it had been one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. No I was just Horny and Lonely. A few day more passed and I had to know I let him lick my pussy again. OMG it was fantastic, he had me moaning and gave me multiple orgasms. A couple of days later I did it again and he had me begging to be his Bitch. He mounted me and actually fucked me. He entered my pussy so fast it shocked me and I froze. It hurt a little bit but then he started fucking me so fast and hard. I was screaming and moaning and had a great orgasm. Then he started pounding my pussy hard and I felt something larger pushing into me. Then I felt it swelling up more. I was in a bit of pain and it hurt. I thought oh fuck what have I done! But then it started to feel good and it was hitting every sweet spot in my vagina. My nerves were raw and it felt amazing. I had another great orgasm. Then I felt a Fire hose spraying my insides with huge amounts of hot cum. OMG so much cum! I had another orgasm! It was just incredible, this was absolutely the best sex I’ve ever had. No man even comes close to what I was experiencing pure ecstasy. I wish I had been getting fucked by dogs my whole life. Being a dogs Bitch is actually amazing. It’s insane how good it is. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

    • Emma .H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Wendy great reply sounds a bit like my life, but as I live on a hobby farm in Australia I’m lucky enough to fuck my dog and my ponies with my daughters, cheers Emma. And your right about a fire hose spraying in you, should try a pony.

    • Bitch who knows ID:4bn00en3fia

      Wendy, (probably a wanker pretending to be a bitch ) you’re talking nonsense. U don’t have any idea how dog cock works.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story

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