Young love

Me and a young boy learn more about sex… #

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Screwed by my wife’s dog

Frw years back we adopted a 110 pound boxer outburst mix. I was down in the basement naked laying on the floor on a mat stroking my cock with our little mixed dog we had adopted eating... # #

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Dogs tongue

Like every boy I discovered masturbation and did it frequently. One day I was sitting on my bedroom floor with my hand running up and down the shaft of my young hairless cock with my... # #

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Grandpa Walks In

My grandpa and grandma were staying with us for the week and I was left home alone.. or so I thought. # #

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The Sweetest Whore

Story of a woman who decides to live her life to the fullest. Living off grid with five men and a dog. Chosing a life of bliss passion and lust. # # #

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My first sleep over

When I turned 12 my parents finally let me go to a sleep over at my best friend Anna’s house. Anna was the same age as me and had a 17 year old sister. She and her sister with both... # # #

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Blackmailing Mom

I think they left the blinds open, so they could keep a lookout. I did that, sometimes when I had the house to myself. So, I could look up dirty stuff on the computer, and [x] out the... # # #

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Raped by my neighbors dog

I was in my Junior year of high school (now I’m a senior, 17). I’m a 30B with a small waist and large hips. My hair is curly and red, and about 3 inches past my shoulder. Most days... # # #

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My bf and I went camping we were robbed and I was raped. #

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