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My Wife Shared Me

My wife died on May 2, 2014. She was only 53 and we had enjoyed an awesome 30.5 years together. In all that time I can only remember having one argument that lasted more than a couple... # #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part IV

Chapter Sixteen: “Where have you been?” her mother demanded. I hadn’t noticed before, but she spoke with a slight accent, something that sounded a bit Slavic, maybe Russian, but... # #

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My mom in the mask

The morning started almost like any normal morning except when I rolled over in bed I thought my wife would be next to me but she wasn’t, no one was. I looked at the clock and... #

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Hooked on watching

I think I’m hooked on spying on people having sex, because I always seem to be at the right time right place to witness the most intimate and wild sex between whoever. I was in... #

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Queen of Ass

The Mexican queen i am makes me a horny girl on the inside. Im young at 19, and am the most attractive girl anyone could feast their eyes on. Ass, body type, you name it. I never chose... # #

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My pee around the house

Mainly just the Attractive latina girl whos naturally treated as a queen by everyone, im living out the life of a princess at just 16. i just turned 16, 1 month ago and have been overwhelmed... #

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Open Mom’s House

I am a middle aged man who is still somewhat attractive, with salt n pepper hair, goatee, tattoos and stocky build. I’ve been told by my two ex-wives and countless lovers (men... #

432 words | 3 |2.98

Rent-A-Daughter – Part III

Chapter Eleven: I didn’t plan on it, but when we saw each other again, once more we took things to a new level. In my apartment, she started to undress again like it was an everyday... #

8892 words | 9 |4.86

Sister’s hot ass

Ok, first of, I’d like to describe myself. I’m 15, 169 cm, athletic and around 45 kgs. I have a 9 inch penis This happened a year ago. My sister, Jen was 16, and she has... # #

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My Virginity Taken by my Dog

I figure I’ll start this off with telling you details about myself. My name is Victoria. As of today, I’m 18 years young. I’m about 5’1, and maybe 120lbs. I’ve... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part II

Chapter Six: When I came out, I found Maddy lying on the very top of my couch, arms outstretched, like she was flying. It was adorable, and I smiled genuinely. She grinned back at me.... #

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Black fraternity party

My name is Melissa and my boyfriends call me Mel for short. I’m a single white female, 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about 5′ 2″ and 115lbs,... # # #

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Divorced mom having sex with her son

I’m a 41 year old divorced mom. We struggle to get by but manage to keep the bills paid. I’ve only been on a few dates since the divorce 6 years ago. Several months ago,... #

401 words | 302 |4.28

Improving My Husbands Future

I’m 32 and have been married to Andy for 11 years now. As far as I know, Andy has always been a faithful husband and I have no reason to believe that he has ever cheated on me. I,... # #

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How a Dog Forced me into Submission

I was helpless as my simple tanning session turned into my dog taking my virginity. Let me give you a little background about myself and my situation. My names Alyx and I’m 17, a... #

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My Dog Raped Me On My Birthday

This is an account of what my neighbour gave me for my thirty-second birthday. My husband had left for work (he’s in the Navy) only two weeks earlier. I missed him dearly and would... #

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Blackmailing my sister for sex

I was lucky enough to catch my sister giving her boss a blowjob. It was the summer after my high school graduation and I had nothing to do till I started college in the fall. I had... #

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I bet my wife in a poker game

I was getting ready for our weekly poker night when my wife asked me what, the “wife`s chip” meant? Stunned I fumbled for my words not really sure how to answer. You see... #

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Call Tyrone Damn.. why do you feel so good… so fucking right…” I mumbled into her neck. Cupping her ass I pulled her even closer and kept kissing... #

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Teacher Trapped By Blackmail

In my high school years I had fantasies about my Advanced English teacher, Ms. Johnson. She was the total tilf at our school but to make things better she was my neighbor. First she... #

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The Trucker’s Compensation

Ashley’s body is offered as payment for a trucker’s help. The sign along I-80 read fifty miles to Joliet, which meant there were only eight hundred and thirty more miles... #

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Me and Chanel

Hi, my name is Josh. This is a story/fantasy that gets me hard thinking about it. I hope you enjoy. This takes place in my highschool. All people are depicted as 18+. Me and this girl... #

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dog raped me

I am a 13 year old girl. My mom has a big Great Dane that licks me when I sleep. One day when my mom went to work early I woke up to a wetness between my legs and when I looked, my... # #

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change was NEEDED

My husband and I had been married for 17 years, we had (have) 4 boys, I love my husband he has great hands and takes great care of me and our boys, but I was just not satisfied complexly... #

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My wife the couger

My wife is a beautiful women, 54 yrs. old, yet her tits while not huge have stood the test of time, still a nice ass and beautiful hips to round off her 5’4″ 120lbs frame.... # # #

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Nailing My Sister

Mom had started suffering migraine headaches during the divorce process. The doctors told her it was psychosomatic but it didn’t help moms headaches. Sometimes she would be awake... # #

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My Son’s Friend

If I would have known what was going to happen, I never would have agreed to let my son have the party. Let me start from the beginning; my son turns 18 at the end of the school year... # #

2609 words | 18 |4.34

Cun loving dog

As with most adolescent boys I was very curious about sex and of course very horny. My family had a large woods behind our home, I would often take long walks into the woods and sometimes... #

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The Night I Raped Mom

I was drunk as hell, I was on a date with a little college cunt. This bitch was so sexy, long blond hair light blue eyes, tits that could poke your eyes out. Her ass was so tight she... # #

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What Best Friends Do Best!

I’ve been masturbating long before I even had my first sex. I really like touching and rubbing my clits until I cum. Me and my best friend, Dan, have been best friends since childhood.... #

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Cats on the Roof

It was my boyfriend’s 16th birthday when I gave him my virginity. We set up a place and time where we’ll have sex and he will bring some porn DVDs from his older brother’s... #

220 words | 3 |2.22

My Bosses Son

My boss, and close family friend asked me to watch his son overnight while he and his wife went out to spend time with each other. His son was at that age where he gets curious and... #

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A lonly day with my dog

A young teen takes masturbation to a new level. It was a lonely summer for me. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and didn’t feel like doing anything except watch T.V., play with... #

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She could have been older

SHE COULD BE OLDER (A true story) So here I am , alone again. England, Midsummer 1979. It’s going dark, just started to rain lightly and I’m in the middle of nowhere. Well actually... #

2063 words | 4 |4.70

The Bad Girl

by Sara After Jeffry and I got married, I overheard him tell a friend that I was “shy, sweet, innocent, and submissive,” and maybe that’s true; at least the submissive... #

1595 words | 3 |4.19

Fucked by boss and friends

by sandyshah Hi, I am Geeta , 24 years old. I am working in a Software company. We got a new Project Manager at work and already 3 people were fired. I knew I was going to be fired... #

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New Desire

My wife and I have been separated for about 1 1/2 years, we still date go out and still spend time together. recently we were at our home and doing some yard work getting g it cleaned... #

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I watched From My Wheel Chair

Another great wife turned slut story. by N Stevenson I was in a car accident a year back. I,m happily married with a 2 year old baby son. I’m 29 years old and as a result of my... # #

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My wife fucked the dog

My life as a long distance trucker kept me away from home quite a bit. I thought my wife had taken a lover as our sex life was hitting the bottom. I had installed a camera and video... # #

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Having sex with my father

when I was a little girl my father and mother got a divorce ‘so it was just my daddy and me I was going to middle school I had a few boyfriends but never had one come over to... #

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My husband’s boss is handsome!

The husband is sent off to a business trip and his boss goes to visit his lonely wife, he definitely wants to make her feel good and offers her something she just can’t refuse…... #

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Wife Ruined

Chris couldn’t wait for him and his wife Jamie’s hot date tonight. They had planned it all week for their fifth wedding anniversary. They were going to a club dancing and... # # # # #

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Only One Night

by Karen Kay A housewife makes plans for a romantic evening with her husband. They get into a heated argument and she leaves to go out bar hoping with her girlfriend. They get wasted... # # #

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Wife’s family

This all happened about 15 years ago and yes it actually happened. My wife and I (in our early 20’s) were dating at the time and staying at her mom’s house for the weekend.... #

569 words | 8 |4.36