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Gamer Girl

If you ask incels on reddit, and read the comments on Youtube, the illusive “Gamer Girl” is a myth, but don’t listen to those guys. # #

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Emiley wants more

Shortly after midnight on May 16, Todd M., 38, commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd.noticed a young... # # #

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My Near House Aunt

An sex that done between my near house aunt,My sister also have enjooye the sex.We all have enjoyed the sex whole day. # #

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On the evening of June 22, former Lawrence North High School students Justin, Drew, and Serena, all of whom were nineteen years old, were watching the movie Traffic in Justin’s apartment... # #

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Yves’ Drops

“Shuck!” That’s what it sounded like, when the roofers scraped the shingles off the roof next door. Then, “Flap!” They fell off in between our houses.... # #

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New invention goes wrong

This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life. I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places. I’m a straight guy but I love prostate... #

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She loves sqad dick

In April 2015, Sandra was living in an apartment in Groveport, Ohio, with her fiancé, Gary, and was then in her mid 20s. She was on her way back to her apartment sometime before 5... # # #

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A black gift for Christmas

On Christmas morning, at about 11:30 a.m., Robert M., a doorman at the J.H.Building in Chicago, was on duty. He noticed a black man enter the lobby and approach the “marquee.”... # #

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The Reverend’s daughters

Reverend B., an ordained Baptist minister, and his wife could not take their two daughters, Debbie, age 14, and Sarah, age 13, on their annual visit to the State Fair. Rev. B. suffered... # #

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Mother and daughter

On October 28, Adrian, Trae, Alexander, Michael, and Demetre were at an apartment in Indianapolis where they drank liquor and smoked marijuana. The five men drove to a liquor store... # #

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Girlfriend is my Doberman’s bitch

This all started when I asked my girlfriend if she would be willing to have sex with a dog. To my surprise she admitted to having sex with her family dog when she was younger. We talked... #

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Money or pussy

Mary was employed at G. restaurant located in Salt Lake City. She worked as minimum wage counter help, taking orders, cleaning tables and running the cash register. She had no supervisory... # # #

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Family get together Part 1

this Christmas Eve 2019 my family always has Christmas get together. This year it was hosted at my house one of my Nieces Reyna (Rey) who is a 12 year old (2019) and is tall for her... # #

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Lick Me, Like Me

When I was 13, I discovered pornography, but it slowly just started becoming darker and darker until I found bestiality and dog porn. At first, it was just a fantasy… # #

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Back to Animal and Body

After two weeks of my beach holiday nightmare I lost completely the control over my sexuality. It had been just two weeks back home. My sister had left already the first day –... #

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Would a Dog care?

It has been another years since my dog rape experience and the babysitting incident, which both made my sexuality and brain twisting. # #

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Babysitter plays dog

So people have maybe already read my story about how I got raped by dog and how this scarved me psychological. This is what happend afterwards. # # #

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Blacklight (Mg Mole)

I know, you might call, me a “Drug Dealer,” but seriously, it’s just a little pot. I got a Medicinal Marijuana prescription for my Social Anxiety, but that’s... # #

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Good Selective Kids

Nobody has met Patty’s boyfriend until now. No wonder. She’s a secretary for our church, and her boyfriend is her father. They’ve been fucking since she was a teen. Lucky! # # #

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Unwanted Dog Sex

This is a true story and I will try to explain everything in the most detail as possible. So it all started when I was 16. I’m male and straight. I have never been in animal sex... # # #

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The Barn

Jilly tested the cuffs that held her down on all-fours, they were secure, of course they were, her husband Bill had snapped them on before walking the half-mile to the village pub.... # #

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All in the Family

On the evening of January 26, Mr. Willis visited an apartment where Nelyen M.,a distant relative of his , lived. Living in the apartment were also Nelyen’s 13-year-old son, Rasheed... # #

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Grandma Madeline

My grandma Madeline was one of the best sex partners I’ve ever had. She passed away quite a few years ago and I’m ready to share our forbidden love stories. #

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Pounding my daughter

I live alone with my daughter as my slut. She comes home from school and gets fucked all day by her own father. We are both addicted. # #

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Father’s day

On Father’s Day, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Sally, a 48 years-old senior curator for an Art Gallery at T. University, heard a knock on the door, and a voice asked: “Can you... # #

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Hotel Robbery

On June 16, Victoria, a married 48 year-old from Ohio, was staying in Room 1718 at the M. Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, while she was in town to attend a conference of the National... #

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Jill’s abduction

On April 1, 2010, around 1:00 a.m., Michael C. and his girlfriend Jill W. went to a bank ATM to withdraw money and then drove to their residence on Paramount Boulevard in the County... #

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Raped by aboriginals

On the first of May, Anna and Amanda arrived in Alice Springs in a Pajero 4-wheel drive en route from Perth to Cairns, they were touring Australia. Anna is a 21 years old girl from... # #

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The retired school teacher

Last year, on the night before Easter Sunday, Laura, a fortyseven-year old former school teacher, returned to her home at about 9 p.m. Laura is a small woman with shoulder-length red-blonde... # #

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A cooperative woman

My name is C. and I want to tell you what happened a long time ago, when my life changed forever. At that time I was 38 and my husband was a rich banker. It was the evening in which... #

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