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I bet she started to enjoy it

On July 18, Lorie S., 36, and her four children, ages three months to fourteen years, went to look at a house that they were interested in purchasing. Lorie and her husband were looking... # #

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The laundry room

So let’s recap what happened. I fucked my sister and then dry humped her. My shorts were full off jizz and her yoga pants were all moistured. Like I said it would only be a a... # #

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Catching Sister of guard

So you may have read my first story already and like I promised I will tell you even more. After that training day I was really looking forward when she was wearing a skirt again. I... #

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My brother and I…

…Didn’t have what you would call a traditional childhood. We had a single professional mom, and she was extremely practical when it came to kids… # #

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Surprised sex

I had sex with my sister. And I will tell you how it happened. First of all, I never thought about having sex with my sister. It just happened. But it was not a one time thing. After... # #

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The curse

My name is Sarah, I’m 5’3, reasonable B cup breasts and other than that quite a nice slim body with long blonde hair, my glasses sometimes make me look a bit nerdish but I like... # # #

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My religious mom

I’m Rakesh from Mumbai 17 yrs old live with my widow Ramia 33 yrs old short slim little tiny ass with big boobs .It has been 2 yrs now my dad passed away so mom been without sex... #

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Just Being A Nice Cousin/Pimp

My cousin wasn’t able to bang her swim coach. She was depressed and embarrassed. I couldn’t let her suffer when I knew there was someone else… #

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Auntie Christa

A brother, and sister visit their Aunt in the country, and learn about their family history… # #

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Sweet revenge

Since l started studying in college my life changed, i was innocent in high school because my classmates were old Friends and hood boys, but now i feel like strange and lonely, my first... #

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Another ride

Part 2 of “The ride” 16 yr old nympho meets a high school hunk. Each one as sexy as hell, but together they are orgasmic. Sit back and grab your dicks #

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Peeping x part 2

So i been peeping through these holes I made to see my sisters friend Vanessa naked but she wasn’t around and I had the chance to see my sister this time. I could’ve have before... # #

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Peeping x

So I was feeling horny and remembered seeing these clips of someone’s POV looking through small holes to see girls changing and those turn me on seeing a nice body getting unclothed... # #

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Sibling love

Taking younger brothers cum whenever parents aren’t home. (This story takes place when parents are away for a week, so I have to babysit my brother) # #

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my sisters friend

So my sister had this friend how was 13 – 14 and she had some tits like a d cup. I always fantasize seeing her nice body and she would constantly wear v cut shirt and that would... # #

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A couple of minutes go on and I can feel my heart beating and as a 17 year old male I was getting horny just thinking about her body. # #

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Sibling fight escalated

I have read a lot of accidental penetration story’s but I can assure you most of them are fake. I will tell you my story about how I accidentally fucked my sister and how it came... # #

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The ride

13 year old girl doesn’t want to ride the bus to school, so she begs her older brother to take her. She’s willing to do anything and does. # # #

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Happy Father’s Day

On June 21, Gill Armstrong and his wife Jane were traveling with their infant daughter from Virginia to their home in Florida. They stopped at a hotel off I-95 in St. George about 11:00... # #

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Fuck my neighbor son

My 13 years old neighbor son used to come by me to do homework, his parents wasn’t home, mine wasn’t home too neither, so I finished his homework, then he was copy it down,... # #

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Pretty little flower

After spending her life as an orphan Emily is reunited with her father, but what does he want with a impressionable young girl. # # #

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