My Wife’s Rocked World

As I unlocked the front door, I asked my friend and neighbor to keep it down just in case my wife was taking a nap. He sat down on the couch opening a cold one while I slipped into... # #

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Watching mother fucking

I was so little boy that I could not tell my age because I am not sure what is the youngest I could talk about, But I was abused by my stepsister at very tender age, I have had a problem... #

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The Phone Booth

I was just beginning my senior year in college. It was the day before classes were to begin. My school always had a meet and greet on that day in the commons area. There was food and... #

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The Boss Make Her Pregnant

Hi I am Sonu here writing my 1st story if there is any mistake forgives me. I am 25 yr well built fair 6feet height 6inch dick and first of all I will introduce her she is rich women... # #

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My first taste of dog

I was living with my friend as my apartment was getting ready for my movie in date, He had a very playful dog that requires alot of attention, I would usually walk the dog in the evening... #

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Thinking of my ex-swinging wife

Many a times I am thinking of all the fun we had with my wife. We started swinging after we were married for 15 years. One of the best stories we had was in Venice. My fetish was to... # #

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My Wife Shared Me

My wife died on May 2, 2014. She was only 53 and we had enjoyed an awesome 30.5 years together. In all that time I can only remember having one argument that lasted more than a couple... # #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part IV

Chapter Sixteen: “Where have you been?” her mother demanded. I hadn’t noticed before, but she spoke with a slight accent, something that sounded a bit Slavic, maybe Russian, but... # #

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My mom in the mask

The morning started almost like any normal morning except when I rolled over in bed I thought my wife would be next to me but she wasn’t, no one was. I looked at the clock and... #

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Hooked on watching

I think I’m hooked on spying on people having sex, because I always seem to be at the right time right place to witness the most intimate and wild sex between whoever. I was in... #

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Queen of Ass

The Mexican queen i am makes me a horny girl on the inside. Im young at 19, and am the most attractive girl anyone could feast their eyes on. Ass, body type, you name it. I never chose... # #

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My pee around the house

Mainly just the Attractive latina girl whos naturally treated as a queen by everyone, im living out the life of a princess at just 16. i just turned 16, 1 month ago and have been overwhelmed... #

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Open Mom’s House

I am a middle aged man who is still somewhat attractive, with salt n pepper hair, goatee, tattoos and stocky build. I’ve been told by my two ex-wives and countless lovers (men... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part III

Chapter Eleven: I didn’t plan on it, but when we saw each other again, once more we took things to a new level. In my apartment, she started to undress again like it was an everyday... #

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Sister’s hot ass

Ok, first of, I’d like to describe myself. I’m 15, 169 cm, athletic and around 45 kgs. I have a 9 inch penis This happened a year ago. My sister, Jen was 16, and she has... # #

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My Virginity Taken by my Dog

I figure I’ll start this off with telling you details about myself. My name is Victoria. As of today, I’m 18 years young. I’m about 5’1, and maybe 120lbs. I’ve... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part II

Chapter Six: When I came out, I found Maddy lying on the very top of my couch, arms outstretched, like she was flying. It was adorable, and I smiled genuinely. She grinned back at me.... #

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Black fraternity party

My name is Melissa and my boyfriends call me Mel for short. I’m a single white female, 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about 5′ 2″ and 115lbs,... # # #

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Divorced mom having sex with her son

I’m a 41 year old divorced mom. We struggle to get by but manage to keep the bills paid. I’ve only been on a few dates since the divorce 6 years ago. Several months ago,... #

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