Cat: Teen

Call Guy

“I’m a bachelor, too!” I tried to tell my dad, “I don’t even have a girlfriend,” but he said I was too young to go to the party, and instead, I had... # # #

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Hard anal sexting

story about how me and my bf have been sexting and been having video sex during quarantine. #

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I became a family slut

My name is Leslie. I was 12 year old. She 45 year old. We are mexican. I was the only daugther, my dad died in a shooting in Mexico. My mom met a guy in his 65 a black guy. He has a... # # #

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First time on instagram

The day I turned 11 was the day I begged my parents to let me get social media. They were reluctant at first but eventually said yes. I thanked them a thousand times before going up... # # #

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Lonely Pleasures with a rapist

My name is Becca, I’m almost 13 years old and I’m ridiculously horny. I’ve never had sex before and I’ve always wanted it, but I can never get pleasure from my boyfriend. He... # # #

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Bad idea

My three dogs ruined me!! I was 17 when this happened I’m now 19 and I still do beastlality it’s very enjoyable # # #

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Teen Modelling

In our very early teens my twin sister and I modelled from the age of 6 to 13 and it was shortly after 13 that we decided to walk away. # # #

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So, after school, Kelsey came over to my house, we finished our homework, and then we’re texting, checking our messages when mom came in, and said: “It’s a nice day,... # # #

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